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  1. There goes my budget for September
  2. I googled the toft coin . Nice coin... I know a few people who need one of these
  3. Thanks for the links... I wouldn't have seen the ammonite on The Space Coast coin
  4. Being a Science Teacher (middle school 6-8th grade) one of the coin types I collect is science related coins. I just got a Colorado 2007 (ordered from ebay) and was surprised to see the Fossil Stegosaurus on the back (the state fossil) Anyway... that got me thinking.. are there any other coins out there with fossils on them? I know of only the following: The Colorado 2007 The Ammonite and Triolbites from Tethys Any others???
  5. Looking for a 2007 Compass Rose.. Any edition Time and Space Geocoin.. Any edition... I have to offer Earth Turtle New Zealand Neptune's Compass Artic Edition can purchase directly as well. Thanks.
  6. Update. I have tracked down/traded or been gifted (Thank You SAVOY) each of the above with the exception of the Time and Space Geocoin.. and for 5 i would add the 2007 Compass rose.... So any one have a time and space to trade for....?
  7. From the link... These special coins will be trackable on Geocaching.com with the tracking number individual to each coin printed on the edge of the coin.
  8. I got a chance to see some of these samples when I had lunch with the DJ and Scavok last week. Folks they are nice and well worth it... Glad to see they will be on sale soon
  9. I will have one extra that I can trade out for anyone who missed the reservation.
  10. Thanks for the Cointest.... Congrats FSCOUT and mfamilee
  11. Very Nice coin. I like the edge of the coin, kinda reminds me of a c celtic look around the outside. The whole raven transformation with the three images... Edgar Allan Poe would have loved this coin..
  12. We just got back from vacation, a cross country trip. I was hoping to log all of the caches we got on our trip and this was a rest day after spending a hole lot of hours in the car. So I obsessively checked the site every few hours and in the meantime took care of cleaning out the car, paying bills and taking care of everything else that comes with being gone for a few weeks. Sorry, not very interesting.... Thanks for the cointest
  13. Just ordered 2. These are outside of my usual collecting goals, but are very unique. I might have to add a "functional" category to what I collect. This is a great design and I am eagerly looking forward to their arrival.
  14. I am interested in trading for the following coins... Time and Space Geocoin 2007 Compass Rose Geocoin 2005 Compass Rose Geocoin Theotokos Crown of Thorns I have to offer: Copper/Red Handle MOGA (I have 2 of these for trade) Antarctic 5th Anniversary Compass Neptune's Compass Arctic Edition 2009 Earth Turtle New Zealand Let me know... Thanks
  15. I hope I am around today to get in an entry today. I have been going through withdrawals lately. We were out of town for the last 3 weeks (cross country trip) and wasn't really able to check the forums, and missed being a part of the races.
  16. I am so waiting to see mine. We went on a road trip right after I ordered them and they are probably sitting in the post office waiting for me to return. I am so glad to here all of you folks enjoying them
  17. My Entry 18 Kyle Busch Maybe he can make it two for the weekend Probably not going to be able to watch this one today. And unfortunately I didn't study (Teacher's don't study do they??? And...school just got out )
  18. Thanks for the recommendations from both of you folks
  19. I was checking C&P today.... They have a picture of a Crystal Compass Rose up. No info on presale date, but I am already drooling http://www.compassrosegeocoin.com/crystalcompassrose.php
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