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  1. My Colorado Geocoins are up for sale on eBay ending tomorrow


    A few Colorado geocoins on eBay








    Have others also including a


    rare trilobite coin (black nickel with gold glitter)




    2008 activated compass rose



    Crake astrolabe not activated




    Four elements black nickel with spelling error




    Lizard Toad version 1





  2. Very much appreciate this research. Thanks so much


    For my (so far private) database I collected data in July 2014 when only 5724 codes were registered for this coin. So since then, 600 coins more came out (they are sold in different stores world wide right now).


    Back then I found out about 8 editions (5, maybe 6 of them are in the wiki - and two or 3 editions listed in the wiki I couldn't find, probably because they were minted later as part of the 600 coins made since then)


    What I can tell: numbers are hard to find out, because people tend to mention on their coin page what edition they have - but they upload a different picture that looks more or less similar (like: picture looks golden, but text says copper).


    I put down LE250 for your version into my db, but this probably is not accurate - looking at my research again today.


    This version was minted pretty early (I found a picture here: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1293768 ) - this one was activated 2007. Whether it was ever re-reminted, I don't know for sure. There are coin pages where owners write copper as metal but they don't mention the coloring, and/or they post pictures with a different metal. I assumed it was the same version in a remint (because usually, collectors who buy both versions and activate them both, tend to give different names and I could not find any hint of that). If it wasn't reminted, there would be less than 250. If they reminted this edition after 2013/14, there might be more. (but it's not very likely, because the shop didn't have it in the bunch lately: http://www.geoswag.com/dragon-spinner-5-pack.html - I guess those are part of the 600 newer ones, and there are golden ones in other shops). Too bad archive.org has a gap in geoswag-shop-history in January 2007 - if it even was ever sold in the online-store back then. And I couldn't find any selling-advertisement in this forum either (only some pictures of early artwork). Gridlox sold some AE in 2015 and advertised this here - maybe he knows what was minted of his design.


    So I would go for 250 as an estimate. But remember: It's not all about the numbers. <_<

  3. Some financial issues have come up and I am in the process of selling off some of my coins.. I will be listing them on ebay in batches of 5 or so over the next month. Please take a look.. Thanks


    Up for sale on ebay now are the following


    Klingon Cloaking Device Geocoin

    Dragon Spinner Geocoin

    LizardToadz Decypher v.1 - Polished Nickel & Black

    Geocoin Club January 2007--rangefinder geocoin

    Dragon Ladon Geocoin--LE version first mint


    Here is my ebay store...My link



    Unactivated Coins--here are the rest I plan on selling


    EarthCache Master Geocoin - Platinum Geocoin: Volcanic Eruption

    EarthCache Master Geocoin - Bronze Geocoin: Glacial Erosion

    EarthCache Master Geocoin - Gold Geocoin: Subduction Zone

    EarthCache Master Geocoin - Silver Geocoin: Sedimentary Deposition


    Out on the Water, Caching by Boat Geocoin

    Neptunes Compass Geocoin Artic LE



    Hogwild Compass Geocoin

    Astrolabe Geocoin

    Man –vs- Cache Geocoin

    World of Geocaching


    Eye of the Tribal Flower Geocoin

    Eye of the Tribal Flower Geocoin

    Eye of the Tribal Flower Geocoin

    Eye of the Tribal Flower Geocoin


    Ammonite Geocoin set:


    Ammonite Geocoin - Late Cretaceous

    Ammonite Geocoin - Late Jurassic

    Ammonite Geocoin - Early Jurassic

    Ammonite Geocoin - Late Triassic Ammonite Geocoin - Late Triassic

    EUREKA Geocoin

    Suncompass Geocoin



    Compass Rose Geocoin 2007


    2009 compass rose set

    Compass Rose Geocoin 2009 1

    Compass Rose Geocoin 2009 2

    Compass Rose Geocoin 2009 3

    Compass Rose Geocoin 2009 4

    Compass Rose Geocoin 2009 5

    Compass Rose Geocoin 2009 6


    Time and Space Geocoin


    Dutch Microcoins 2009 Geocoin

    Indiana Micro Geocoin

    Flip For It Micro Geocoin (looks like a quarter)

    Atlantic Canada Souwester Geocoin

    Pathtag #8056

    Tag #5146 - January 2007 GCC Tag

    Tag #7857 crabby by briarpatch


    Compass Rose 5th Anniversary Set

    Compass Rose Geocoin 5th Anniversary 2009

    Compass Rose Geocoin 5th Anniversary 2009

    Compass Rose Geocoin 5th Anniversary 2009

    Compass Rose Geocoin 5th Anniversary 2009


    Here are my activated...


    2006 Compass Rose Geocoin

    2008 Compass Rose Geocoin

    500 Finds Geo-Achievement Geocoin

    Brahean Geocoin

    Colorado 2007 Geocoin--sold

    Colorado Geocoin

    Cross Staff & Back Staff Geocoin

    First Geocoin in Orbit --sold

    Four Elements Geocoin--minting error with spelling

    Geo Chat 2009 Geocoin

    Geocaching Colorado (GCCO) Geocoin

    Groundspeak Lackey 2009 Geocoin

    Holiday Adoption - Moon Dipper

    Journey Geocoin

    Mariner's Astrolabe Geocoin

    Nocturnal Geocoin

    Quadrant Geocoin

    San Diego Geocoin

    Sextant Geocoin

    Sextant Geopin

    Snoboardz Geocoin

    Southern Planisphere Geocoin LE (minting error with wrong planisphere in the coin)

    Silver Petrified Wood Compass Geocoin

    Team FIREBOY'S Templar Geocoin -- sold

    Teamhaynes' Christ Centered Caching Geocoin

    TeamHaynes Micro Compass Rose Geocoin

    TeamHaynes Travel Ingot Geocoin

    Tengwar Geocoin

    Theotokos Crown of Thorns Geocoin

    Trilobite Geocoin--gold glitter LE edtion

    Unity Dragon Geocoin LE

  4. I am looking over my coins and noticed something about my dragon spinner. It is antique copper with blue enamel egg. I have searched for minting numbers to see if it is common or rare and I cannot find any info on that particular combination. Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks





  5. Hey all


    I am in the process of selling some of my geocoins on ebay and had a question. If you have a set of coins (5th anniversary compass) is it better to list them as a set or individually. I have several sets and wanted to get an idea of how to go about selling them most efficiently


    And has been said often in here - It's a coin, not a kidney.


    It's been a long time since I read this last. :lol:


    Too bad more people in general never quite got this concept. :blink:


    Yeah, apparently when they steal a kidney you wake up groggy in a bath tub full of ice... With a coin log you just get an email :rolleyes:


    well I have noticed that alot of the posters here, that share your point of view, are counterparts of yours. So just because we are from the same area, does not minimize our point of views.



    What evidence do you have that we are counterparts, and why would that matter anyway?


    This statement seems designed to shut down a legitimate debatable discussion posted in a thread that is solely designed to discuss the nuances of geocoins.


    I started this thread and the only person I have ever met that has also replied in this thread is the original coin owner who stated his preference about the entire issue.


    The only other coiner who has posted that I have had any relationship with (due to playing geocoin fantasy football) has a counter opinion to mine (and she presented her views very well)


    That said I don't think who knows who really matters in this discussion as long as it remains a discussion that is civil and debates the actual points presented. Feel free to support your friends and geo buddies, but please present a logical argument.

  8. Sandy, while what you say is true (and I agree wholeheartedly on every point!), I think there's a legitimate concern with people feeling they have a right to retain logs they post on trackable items. Sometimes for stats, sometimes for memories, sometimes for ..whatever. Point being, allowing the archival (and retention) of historic logs may be a feasible resolution, allowing the new item owner to effectively clear out the public history display on the item's listing page, and allowing posters of those past logs to retain their trackable log history (whether it was discovering, moving, etc).


    Definitely agree with this point. I can't see how Groundspeak can treat a cache log so differently from a coin log... Both and cache and coin are owned by someone, tracked in the statistics of the player, so it would seem there would be some way to balance the interests of all parties.

  9. Yup I started this thread and yup it was just a discovery of a coin that was brought to a cache event by a friend of mine.


    DJ. Rock created a very nice wooden display case for his collection. Funny thing is I was a new cacher at the time and this was my first event where there were really any coins. I attended the event and logged discoveries on quite a few coins that day. After that I became quite addicted to collecting and have purchased many coins and sent out a few on missions. I no longer have the finances to buy a lot of coins, but I do stay active in the hobby and will admit to collecting discoveries and icons as I appreciate the artwork put into coin icons just as much as the coins,


    Now one concern I have is that my thread began with my stating i was annoyed with a log deletion and quickly progressed into a discussion of whether it was appropriate for a log to be deleted. I don't think so and I have presented my thoughts on this several times in the thread. What I find amusing is the number of times the brevity of my log or the fact that it had no miles is discounted and used as an argument against my position.


    I believe these responses lie in the logical falicy category of character assasination in that if you don't like my argument attack me for a boring log or just an icon collector and setup a way to avoid the debate by disregarding the person who made the argument


    I would be much more prone to listening to some of the counter arguments if they were well thought out responses rather than simple dismissals and as FSM mentioned earlier, this discussion is not about a single coin or log but the practice in general


    So I vote for continuing the discussion but let's make it about the entire practice

  10. well...for those of us who live in America...It's a free Country and so we are free to do what we want with our OWN geocoins! As long as the guidelines allow for deleting old logs on a geocoin then I see no problem with it. It's only an Icon FGS!


    Your perspective is noted, but as you can see from the many replies from the above thread there are valid arguments for differing perspectives. I disagree with many but will continue a positive productive discussion of this policy or lack thereof


    Many people have concluded that the guidelines are lacking clarification and even Eartha has referenced that this is a developing Hobby that needs "ironing out". I disagree that the guidelines allow deletion. The system might allow it but the guidelines are unclear or absent with regards to trackables


    Oh, and geocaching isn't just an American hobby so I think the opinions of a larger community are valuable

  11. So my question then becomes who owns the log.....I mentioned this above, but again, in a system that promotes logging, defines achiements by how many caches, gives put badges for various challenges...the log is the essential method of acknowledging many parts of the experience. Allowing for such an easy removal of legitimate logs seems troublesome

    This is why Cache logs can not be deleted. Coins are different.

    That is why this activity is called Geocaching, and not Geocoining.

    I would agree with you if there was a separate and distinct site for geocoins, but they are a merged experience

  12. Well Got to say "Your Feelings" don't mean squat to me. When a coin is just 'discovered' the person logging the discovery has not vested any time with it, they just looked at if for a few seconds. When a coin is placed into a cache and then picked up and moved, well that geocacher has a history with it, so those logs will stay, a discovery at an event does not warrant the same consideration.


    I am not a mod, but I will ask please don't start the attacks..it takes away from the validity of your reasoning.

  13. So my question then becomes who owns the log.....I mentioned this above, but again, in a system that promotes logging, defines achiements by how many caches, gives put badges for various challenges...the log is the essential method of acknowledging many parts of the experience. Allowing for such an easy removal of legitimate logs seems troublesome

  14. It is probably because of the fact that geocoins are collectible that people want to delete logs on geocoins they purchase used. Some people think that activating a coin lessens its value. Others probably feel that having logs may lessen the value.

    We encourage people NOT to delete the logs on TBs and coins when a copy is released, in place of the lost original. But geocoins, being collectible, are often sold, and resold, and you can't then control what the next owner will do with their purchase. They have no connection, or ties, to you, the previous logger. They bought something and like a used car, they want to shine it up, make it look new again.

    I'm sorry to say, it's one of those Catch 22 situations. Someone is going to be unhappy. You can't please all of the people all of the time.




    The adoption should lock all previous logs.

    By not allowing the new coin owner to make the coin their own by getting rid of the old logs, would kill the incentive for buying preactivated coins. I know I would not buy anymore.

    I think that when a coin is adopted over to a new owner, the new owner should have the option to remove All Previous Logs if they wish.


    I am in the opposite camp. I have bought several activated coins and wouldn't dream of deleting the logs. They are the fingerprint that makes each coin unique

  15. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will write an e-mail to the new owner of the coin explaining why he can't just delete logs for a trackable or cache.

    It appears this too, is Wrong?!?! <_<


    Dominos I believe is a volunteer cache reviewer and as such has prerogative to contact members regarding logs caches etc. when he believes there is a problem.


    Based on his status as a trusted member of the geocaching community it speaks volumes to me that the current policiies are extremely unclear so I would hesitate to label his actions as "wrong".


    I know several other reviewers personally as well who seemed unclear as to whether deleting coin logs without there being a fundamental problem with the log itself was acceptable.


    It seems to me that having such an unclear policy is in itself leading to problems and taking sides on this issue.


    I would like to continue this thread as I think this discussion has a lot of merit but it needs some civility and well constructed arguments.

  16. According to Eartha, this coin had traveled ZERO miles so it had no mileage! There was only a few boring discoveries from a single event.


    There should be an option when adopting geocoins, to delete all previous logs without notification being sent to previous loggers, that their log was deleted. This would stop the hurt feelings.


    Sorry if my discovery was boring but I didn't write it for you or Eartha.... but it does count for me and the coin belonged to a friend of mine when discovered.. I find this attitude about intent troublesome..If you knew the DJ he designed a bunch of nice coins and spent a lot of time constructing display cases. This particular coin was in a display case and he carried it to events. This was a small event thus the small number of logs...

  17. It is interesting to see how this conversation has progressed. As Eartha has stated it appears the unstated and highly unclear policy is that owners can do as they like and I accept that I will unfortunately lose a log for a coin previously owned by a friend/neighbor of mine that I physically and personally observed.


    Enough with this specific coin, but rather the whole process creates some interesting problems


    For better or for worse we are all collectors of something. Many of you collect coins, many collect caches, many of you collect forum posts....


    Regardless of what we collect I think it is a problem for anyone to slam that. I unfortunately don't have the funding to collect coins so I have collected coin icons when I have attended events. I enjoy the quality and the artistry put into coins as well as the rest of you folks and do not like the tone of some of the above posts indicating issues with those of us who will sit and look through a binder at an event so that we can enjoy this addictive hobby as well as those who can purchase them.


    Now, my final thoughts on all of this.


    I find it troublesome that Groundspeak would have no official policy on this, but just a set of rules encouraging users to not delete logs. The entire Groundspeak website is setup for logging finds, loggings trackables, and basically documenting a players experience.


    As a premium member, I pay to play this game. It would seem that there would be something in place to protect the user’s experience.

    The way I see it, although I don’t own a specific coin, I do own the experience of having seen it and I do own the log that I wrote (even if all it was was a thanks for allowing me the opportunity to discover) and feel that deleting this experience shouldn’t be this easy.


    I wonder how the community would respond to say all project ape cache logs being deleted. Or all of the logs of discoveries on one of the Mountain Bike Coins. I realize these are much more significant but it isn’t really all that different even if only 10 people discovered this coin.

  18. Wow.. All logs are restored... Didn't expect that to happen. Thanks all...


    Funny thing, I forgot who originally owned the coin and seeing it restored is all the more special. The coin originally belonged to DJ.J Rock who used to be quite a prolific poster and my old neighbor.


    Thanks again all.

  19. It just speaks poorly of the individual's sense of courtesy or even civility.


    I do hope the owner will realize that. I rather enjoy collecting coin icons even if has been a while since I have the ability to geocache or participate in the forums. Too bad it was a log deletion notice that brought me back here :blink:

  20. Just a quick vent... slightly annoyed today...


    The owner of *a geocoin* decided to wipe out all previous logs for this coin and was ever so nice to put up this message on the coin page


    Current GOAL


    This Geocoin is under New Ownership as of 12/06/2011, and starting a new journey


    This Awesome Coin is now under new ownership with a new activation date, all previous logs to the activation date, have been deleted to Start this coin out with a clean slate. If your log was deleted, I am very Sorry, it is not personal. I request that you Please do not post any notes, because they too will be deleted. Thank you for your understanding.


    I logged it a few years ago at an event and since it was in a binder I am sure he wiped out a bunch of finds.


    There I am done :rolleyes:

  21. In theory I like the idea and would love to see a reviewers take..


    I think if the cache was set up then adopted out it might not be a problem and easier to establish.


    As an addendum there is a cache just blocks from where I live that is maintained by a local cacher, but owned by someone who is trying to get establish a cache in all 50 states. I think that as long as there is a maintenance agreement the reviewers who publish his caches don't have a problem.

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