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  1. I have a Magellan Meridian GPS with V3.12.

    A friend had exactly the same and tired to update to V4.02 from the Magellan site. He ended up with a dead unit. In his words "transmission errors during the transfer" caused the GPS to go dead. He advised me to pay someone to do it so as to avoid the problem. As he does computer for a living I wonder if he got sloppy and overconfident and skipped a step. Any advice, comment or observation would be appreciated as I would like to try to upgrade but, don't want to go through a dead unit.


    Also, I live in the far North of Sweden. There is no detail on the map other than the coastline (and in MapSend Europe the city of Luleå isn't even shown). Is it just that Magellan decided that it wasn't cost effective to have any detail for this area? Suggestions on how to add topo/landmark detail would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks in Advance for Your Help!




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