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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I had a few comments I wanted to add. I see your point against the group post, as I have yet to place my own cache, so getting the different feedback is the silent reward. But in my post I did mention that each person could still add their own comment/experience to the group post.

    Maybe instead of thinking of it as one post, think of it more as a way to organize and display a group's find. Each person would always have the choice to post their own entry and not with the group.

  2. I had an idea today while out caching with 2 of my friends. It seems kind of repetitive that once we found a cache that we all go home, and then each of us end up writing a log to get credit for find the cache. To me it seems that this just fills up the log. My idea would be to have a group post, maybe it would work like the following.


    1. One person steps forward to write a log, and can then invite others in the group to add to their comments.

    2. Invited person gets a PM/email with a link and clicking that adds them to the group post, so they too get credit and if they wish they can add/edit the comment.


    To me this seems like it would eliminate a lot of repetitive posts that are like, I found this with person x and z, then person z posts and says they found it with x and y, etc...


    Thanks for you time



  3. I think I saw that in previous posts : you need to go to your map setup and turn user waypoints to "OFF". It works on mine...


    Thanks! Cron, that did the trick :rolleyes:


    Just wondering, what does it mean to when you set "user waypoints" to off? I mean they still work, and show so it's kind of a strange naming convention. Oh well thanks again..

  4. Ever since I updated my Garmin 60csx to firmware 2.70, I noticed that if I am viewing the map of an area where I have points of interest(POI) uploaded at, they look like like grey circles, that using the rocker pad to control the arrow, I can't select the POI! <_<


    I used to be able to do this before. Now it seem like the only way I can get to that point is to use the FIND button -> POI-> select the point/geocache from the list.


    Is anyone else noticing this? Any idea if its just me or the software? Thanks!

  5. Hi,


    I am currently traveling and trying to use my 60csx to find an address not in my current area. It seems if I hit FIND - Address - it only comes up with citys that are within a certain distance from my current location. I read in the instructions that you can "change reference" but that only seems to work for current waypoints. Does anyone know how to do this?


    I know I can find it in mapsource on my computer and then mark the waypoint and transfer it to the gps, but I don't have access to that software.


    Thanks a ton!

  6. So I was able to load some geocache waypoints using the POI loader then only thing I don't get is now they don't show up as a geocache with the treasure chest icon, thus you can't mark a POI as found. I did notice if you got find -> POI -> pick one, then say save, then i can change the icon, and it show in the GC list in the find. But I am guessing is this copying it off the card back into the internal memory? Is this defeating the POI loader stuff. I wish ther was a way to have custum POI that are GC as well.. Is there a way? maybe I missed something.



  7. I took was looking into this, but I was thinking it might be better to go for the Navigator package like on Amazon. Since its only like $30 more ($140) and you get a car mount & power cord. The downside is it says it comes with v6, but someone commented on there that they were about to upgrade for free to v7 but that was back in Sept, so I am not sure if garmin will still do that.


    Garmin Automotive Navigation Kit with City Select North America

  8. Doh I think I waited a tad to long, as per the email I got back from lakepowelldiscountmarineelectronics.com <_<


    We do have it in stock, but we are unable to sell it for less than $499 to be compliant with Garmin's new Minimum Resale Price policy. I'm very sorry about this. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you and have a great weekend.

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