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  1. I would also recommend you read the cache description for the LBH before you go, to see if you have to print-out the cache description page (if you are unable to see it on the geocaching app). My LBHs have you start at a particular coordinates, but then you follow the story line to get to the final cache. So if you go to just the coordinates and look for the LBH, you will not find it. It has happened to one of my LBH's and I was going to email the experienced cacher (after the DNF), but they eventually tried again with another cacher who helped them figure out what needed to be done. I have also seen some LBHs that have you project coords/distances from a certain spot at the end of the "story" to get to the final cache location. Good luck.
  2. Hello all, If you are interested, there was a “benchmark” station that was shown in the recent episode (season 10, episode 4) of Expedition Unknown “Lindbergh’s Lost Rivals.” The staton was shown monumented in bedrock. I didn’t pay enough attention the first time to take notes to see if there was an NGS datasheet for it. I’ll have to see if I can rewatch it and get the details about it. How everyone is doing well. Take care, Outdoorsoccer
  3. I found an old one (Agent Burn) and it basically says the same thing as the website. I’ll see if I can find a more recent one.
  4. I never found a specific D/T but saw this posted for hiders on the STT website: What are the rules for hiding a tag? Hide on public property close to parking. Do not place in a geocache. Note the number on the tag. Take accurate GPS coordinates. Snap a photo or two of the location to use in your listing. Make sure the tag is secure and can last up to two weeks “in the wild.”
  5. I did a brief search too and it looks like mainly your forest preserves have strict rules for placement of geocaching. You could contact your local parks and Rec folks for guidance . Your reviewer will have some very helpful insight too. But be prepared to be told no. I asked my town’s parks and rec manager for permission to place a cache in a local park and was denied. I was told the town doesn’t “officially” allow geocaches in the town parks. Luckily my reviewer worked with Gamelands authorities and cachers have blanket approval to hide caches there as long as they are safely placed and appropriate warnings are listed in the cache page. So I have placed a few and plan on placing more on Gamelands. What is even weirder is that towns surrounding us allow caches to be placed in parks. So I have placed caches in those other towns. I made sure to note in my cache description and give my reviewer the information of who approved my cache in the park. My first hide took a bit to get published as the park employee and I went back and forth a few times to find a spot that we both could agree on. It was a fun process and I learned a lot. Good luck and please keep us posted on how your first cache placement goes. Take care, ODS
  6. Hello. Have you checked your regions geocaching wiki? It may have some information that may be pertinent to where you would like to hide a cache. good luck! take care, ODS
  7. I guess the silver one is supposed to be the Moriarty tag. Maybe they have the same design on them, just different color to differentiate them. Hopefully someone who ordered a Moriarty tag can confirm.
  8. A pretty cool article. Thanks for sharing it. ODS
  9. I picked out an easy find for my first disk station. It was in a small shopping center and the Rite-aid had gone out of business, so there was no one around. It was above ground and easy to spot. I have become sort of obsessed with finding them now. Lol. Good luck.
  10. I’m not an expert either, but I believe the mark you located is used to help determine water flow (or height?) , so would more than likely not be on the NGS site. I bet if you posted this on the Benchmark forum, some of the more knowledgeable folks could help you out better than I can. That’s a pretty neat find. I just tried to look for 2 NGS marks near some bridges and both I believe were destroyed when they replaced the bridges. Pictures from past finders show a different looking bridge that what is there currently (assuming I was at the correct area). maybe you can Waymark it?
  11. I just received shipping information from geoswag that my order has shipped. Woohoo!
  12. I never received a confirmation email. I was paying this month’s bill and saw the charge on it. I’ll let you know if I get any real notification. I am waiting on a FTF coin (also on the order) so I can place a themed multi-cache.
  13. Lol. Same here. They did charge my CC, and my order was still on hold when I checked it the other day. I just saw another game was advertised. I like the theme. I so want to get the Sherlock coin, but not having finished the Templar I am not sure I can do it.
  14. Not me, but did check on my order and it still shows as being on hold. So maybe the game will start later than expected?
  15. I thought about emailing them to ask what they did with un-redeemed tags. I think the 2 mammoth tags I hid 2 games ago were claimed but never got redeemed. Or at least I never got an email about it. I got an email message from the agent of dawn game that the 2 tags I hid were claimed and then redeemed. Maybe another new change to their system.
  16. I saw that there was also a gold supporter coin that you could buy if you wanted the coin, but didn’t want to play the game. That is something new. I finally got the new game alert...so maybe they fixed something as I didn’t get an alert for the past couple of games.
  17. Hi foxtrot_ray, yeah. I’m not going to touch it anymore. It was one of those discovery that caught me by surprise. First time I experienced it and I thought it had been vandalized so I gave it a slight push down, but it didn’t budge, so I didn’t try to move it anymore. So thanks to Bill (and others) I know what to put in y recovery report and how to handle in the future. Thank you for your advice too. Take care, ODS
  18. Hi kayakbird, funny you should ask. I actually tried to push the rod back down, but it wouldn’t budge. Maybe the ground was frozen as it was pretty cold that morning when I recovered the station. Maybe in the warmer months I will be able to push it back down? What do you think? Thank you for the advice. Take care, ODS
  19. I went back today and took a side view of the station to a get clearer picture of the raised rod for my recovery report to NGS. Is this what you see too Bill? Thank you for the help. Take care, ODS
  20. Yes. I do wish they provided more details in some their recovery reports. I wished they included pictures too of their recoveries especially the older monumented ones. I have tried to take decent pictures of the stations I recover. NGS has used some and not used some in the updated datasheets. Pretty cool to see them. I hope it helps future folks find the station. Take care, ODS
  21. Hi Bill, thank you for the response. I believe you might be correct about the rod lifting by freeze-thaw cycles. I reread the description and it does say rod w/ no sleeve. We typically don’t have deep frost, but over the years we have had bouts of cold weather followed immediately by warm weather. There didn’t seem to be any vandalism that I noticed, but I wasn’t looking for any, soI could have missed it. The rod was still straight when I found it. And it looks like the original steel ball. The USPSQD report from 2017 said they recovered in good condition. I guess a lot can happen in 3+ years. I thought about a picture with a side view after I got home. There are some more stations I want to look for in the area, so I can go back and take more pictures. Thank you for your help. Take care, ODS
  22. Hi all, I recently recovered station EZ1965 (M 218) but am not sure how to report the condition to NGS. From the NGS description it says the rod should be recessed 4 inches below NGS flange with access cover, but I found the rod tip approximately 1-2 inches above the flange. The access cover was broken off and I could not put it back on due to the rod tip being above the flange. Would I report it as being in poor condition? Please let me know your advice and suggestions. Thank you in advance for your time and help. Take care, ODS
  23. Sorry. I meant to Congratulate you too. Did you have to drive (or go far) far to get one? Do you have Agent of dusk? I hid 2 agents of Dawn, so have one already.
  24. So jealous. Lol. Hopefully one will show up around me.
  25. Congrats on snagging one! Which one did you get? Dawn or Dusk?
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