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  1. Then educate me. I am not aware of this 'shared bookmark list' you speak of. where would I find a list such as my purpose indicates? How does it work? This is news to me. Or is it a members only thing? As stated, I am not well off, (I work not -for-profit for a paltry salary) and I fugure if I've found over 400 caches without paying, then I can find many many more. I am frugal by need, not by by greed, and if I can play the game without the $30, then I will. Please let's not make this about reasons to pony-up the bux. (Been there; read them. ) This discussion is about finding the great location caches when visiting a city not your own. I just really appreciated PARKERPLUS' creative cache idea on my behalf, and thought others might see something useful in the idea. If another way exists, I am not aware, and I know I can't be the only one, since I see posts on the local forums with similar requests often. Thanks.
  2. Fine if you can afford the technology. I don't have a PDA, and don't cache with a notebook computer on my dashboard. It's all I can do to afford the gas. (My basic yellow Etrex was a gift, my computer was a business expense.) 'Wading through' local association pages doesn't alway yield the results I'm looking for, and if they do, they are for the whole state or region, not a targeted city. PARKERPLUS' idea has the added component of letting the locals voice their opinions on their favorites. Respectfully, 2q
  3. In planning a trip to Houston, I posted on the SW forums for suggestions of the best caches in the area. I would only have a couple days to cache and only wanted to visit the best destination caches, the kind that make you say 'Wow. Cool place.' I was also planning to introduce my brother and sister to caching, and wanted them to have the sort of experience that makes a person who's lived there for decades say 'Wow! I never knew!' The response from the Houston area cachers was amazing. Right off the bat, it was twice suggested that we make my visit an event day. (An idea I loved, but had to decline.) Then, through 2 forums (gc.com's SW forum, and Texas Geocachers forum) the suggestions came fast and fabulous. Eveything from woods to swamps to Gulf coast beachfront, to folk art installations, sculptures, formal gardens and a beer can house. So, why bring this here, to the general forums? Because I have seen the same request posted to other local forums, again and again and I'd like to expand my quest to reach across the country. How many times have you planned a visit to a distant city, and wished there was a single place to get all the local's best hides? Here's how: Houston cacher PARKERPLUS created a cache in my honor 2qwerqE's Quest, and asked those who found the cache to post their favorites in the find log. I'd love to see this done across the country and around the world. Obviously, since I cannot create vacation caches across the globe, a local cacher would need to do what PARKERPLUS did, and create one so that visitors to any given city or region can do a search for '2qwerqE's Quest' for their city, and find in those logs the local's suggestions for the best Wow! caches for a visitor to see. For consistency and searchability, the cache titles should include the city or region: '2qwerqE's Quest: Indianapolis' for example. Any cacher can cast his/her 'vote' for his favorite cache and have a say in what visitors will see as caching excellence in that city. What do you think? Anyone want to create a 2qQ for your city?
  4. You could come caching in the Indianapolis area for your bamboo: Bamboozled The cache is hidden in a field of bamboo.
  5. Two weeks ago, I did the Plainfield Park Series in IndianaOne of the 6. It is six micros, individual finds and smileys. On the back of each log sheet are pieces of the coords for the 'Final' I got to the fifth one before I realized I hadn't wriiten down any of the coords from the back of the log sheets, so I started over to get them. Still came up 1 digit short. Oh, well. I tell myself. No biggie, I only have to walk .1mi along a straight line to hit all the possible 0-9 combinations. How tough can it be? Not tough. Gotta be this here bridge, since I think I 'know' that the 'final' is an ammo can, and nothing else in the area will hide an ammo can, just open grass and random individual trees. I search for ever, turning over hundreds of rocks beneath the bridge. Nothing. Then, the nextday, in a conversation with a friend who has already completed the series, I learn that that 7th coord set is not for the final. It's for the first stage of another 6 micros that lead to the final: total 13 hides. I hadn't read those decsriptions very well, but to my defense, there are several logs from others who didn't get that the 'final' was really a separate 7 stage multi of it's own. I'll finish it up in a few weeks. I won't be in Plainfield for awhile yet...
  6. My next caching adventure will be in Houston TX this weekend, where I will be visiting family, and taking my brother, sister and their kids out to cache for their first games. I haven't been to Houston in 20 years, and am much looking forward to caching fresh areas where all is new. So I posted an inquiry on the Tx forum, asking for the best 'Wow' factor cache locations, the type that make even a local say 'Cool. I never knew...' The discussion was moved to the TX Geocaching.com forum, and the responce was so warm and fuzzy, I'm all verklempt just thinking about it! Twice, right out of the box, them friendly TX cachers wanted to turn my humble visit into an event. (I would've loved that, but the nature of my visit makes family time too important, so I had to reluctantly pass on that idea.) Then, through forum respoonses and PMs, I now have a list of more than 40 Wow caches, and it's still growing. The locations range from forest to swamps to folk art and sculpture installations to cool buildings, monuments and even a beer can house. There are several that were suggested because of the unique hide or container, with little or no detail (of course.) One cacher, ParkerPlus, even contacted me by phone. His lists are most intriguing. I will only be in Houston for the better part of 5 days, 2 of which are planned family events. Then I will pack up the family and haul them around Houston and Galveston and seek as many of these fun games as they will let me. Texas here I come!
  7. You might try posting this on the Georgia forums here I tried to find this one in the listings, but came up empty. If it's been archived, we can't see it, but an approver can. Perhaps you can check at the Georgia forums to learn who the approver is, and he/she can try and identify this cache for you. Good luck.
  8. 418 finds as of today, with a basic Yellow Etrex. I do carry a magnetic compass with me, and find it most useful in canyons, tall buildings and deep canopy. If I DNF, I don't blame the Etrex. It's fine, and with a cheap compass, it's all I need. Looking forward to my #1000 with this device.
  9. I once found a lost cache in a flood plain, here, It had been 19 months since it's last find. Turned out that it was stage 3 of a multi that was lost to flood waters. The first 3 stages were found over time, but the final stage, an ammo can, is still missing. And one of my cachesBushwacking With the Beave's Brothers was hidden in a hollow tree on the edge of a precipice. Erosion took the tree, and the cache tree was left hanging by its roots, half way down the bluff face. A month passed and another cacher found the container and created this cache:Lost by 2qwerqE and found by...
  10. WOW. While I would dearly love to make it an event day and meet all lots of Tx cachers, I'm not sure my brother would want to do this all day. He is not a cacher, and this will be his first game day. He very recently lost his wife to an extended illness, which is the main reason for my visit. I told him I'd like to take him caching one day during my visit, and he seemed interested to play, but I also know he is deeply depressed right now, and don't know if he will go through with caching or not. He suggested a day in Galveston, and I said why not cache in Galveston too. He agreed. Thanks for the suggestion. But I am not sure an event would be right for our day together. (we haven't seen one another in a decade.) But I would like to visit some great locations. The kind of caches that make you say, 'Wow, I never knew!' I'll also post to the other board as suggested.
  11. I am looking for locations, neat things to see, cool places that will make my brother go 'Wow! I never knew these places existed! Caching is great!' I'm sure he's in decent shape, and his teenage girls may come along, so hikes under 2 miles round trip are good.
  12. Next month, I'll spend a few days in Houston. I lived there for about 6 years back in the early 80's, but this is my first visit since then. I will take my brother caching, and want to show him some cool places in his own area (and Galveston.) So, Houstonians, who bout it? What are your favorite destination caches in that area?
  13. AH: Its only TEOFYLAYKI. (The End of Your Life As You Know It). Congrats! But the photo link has died. Hope you can repost it. As to whether this is Off Topic, I seem to remember a few threads about what to name a new puppy. If that's on point, certainly this is too. Except that AH didn't give us the chance to name his new little waypoint.
  14. I look til I get discouraged. It's supposed to be fun. When it's a chore, or it's making me tense and hostile, it's time to move on and try another. Occassionaly, I take a DNF day, and seek again caches that I didn't find. If it was summer, I'll check it in winter, with no canopy. If it was winter, I'll try again with no snow. Sometimes, just a new day with fresh eyes is all it takes, but whatever the reason, I find them eventually. Mostly. Unless I don't. Sometimes, on the third try I'll ask for a hint. Often, when I meet other cachers on the trail or at a meet'n'greet, the conversation goes to DNF's, and you can learn something that might help.
  15. I recently received, as a gift, one of those motion-sensor activated cameras. My giftor thought I could put it out in the woods to shoot wildlife, and I will, but I knew that the winter sold would sap the batteries overnight, so I'll wait for warmer weather. I'm also thinking about placing a new cache this spring named 'Ambush', with the camera poised to shoot unsuspecting cachers. I'm afraid the camera will get 'traded for', though, which would really suck. Of course, I will use dymo lable tape to clearly mark it as a not-for-trade (or theft) item, but I know I'm taking a risk if I go through with this idea. But here's the thing: I mentioned this to a few caching friends and a couple of them said they didn't like the idea. It's different than a camera in a cache, where they can choose to shoot themselves or not, thay said. It feels like an invasion of privacy. But I said I'll be straightforward in the cache description, and then they can choose to not seek the cache if they feel that way. So, folks, what do you think of the Ambush cache idea? If too many agree with my friends, I'll probably shelve the idea, so I'd like to know what you all think.
  16. Well, I cached Yellowwood last weekend, and there was very little snow left, only in he places that never see the sun. It was nearly 60*, and very sweet. High water was not an issue, but the dirt roads were very muddy. Still I drive a Toyota Corolla, and was in no danger of getting stuck. If you haven't found them yet, check out these 2 very cool caches in Yellowwood, just east of B'ton. article Worth the hike, and a very nice backwoods hike it is.
  17. Did anyone else notice this one? There's only snow within the fenced yard! Makes you wonder what that snow is made of...
  18. one more, towards the bottom of page 1: thread
  19. Not much of a thread. This was all I found. thread
  20. Gee, do you think that, maybe, just maybe, since this cache IS in the state of Indiana that they might have been put there by (gasp!) a tornado? Hmmm? We may never know......... And if it were tornadoes there would be tree damage in the area, and there's not.
  21. Tornados are one of the scenarios, certainly, and the one that makes the most sense, except: What are the odds of a tornado (or two or three) dropping boulders in 2 mature sycamore trees 100 yards apart on the same creek bed, and then a third boulder 4.4 miles away? Astrofrigginnomical!! That's why the tornado theory is hard to swallow, though we in Indiana have seen twisters do some bizarre things, to be sure. I trying to learn more about the boulders in the trees, I searched the net and talked with 2 Yellowwood Park Rangers. The theories are listed in the article. If you Google 'Gobbler's Rock', you'll find a few more articles about them.
  22. Here's a neat pic, where the growing tree 'absorbed' an iron fence. Not the same thing as the URBs, but cool anyway. tree at the fencepost
  23. Actually, it is a heartfelt question. Who's heart are you feeling? It certainly isn't your own I guess that's be mine. (Siince I wrote the article for TC) Sept1cTank, you can feel my heart any time you like!
  24. Chain of Rocks Bridge This one is in Missouri, near a natural feature called Chain of Rocks Bridge, which is just that: a chain of rocks stretching across the Mississippi River. There is a man made old iron bridge that was part of the original Route 66 that parralels the rocks. You are a braver (or more foolhardy) person than I if you attempt the cross the rocks! When we visited, the river was high and the rocks ended in midstream. But the iron bridge is a tourist stop now. Neat place, to be sure, but our vehicle got broke into while we were caching here. There are lots of signs warning not to leave anything in your car, and there are cameras on the light posts. After the break-in we learned from a friend who is a St Louis police officer that that parking lot is in the top ten list for car break-ins in the city. That, and the true story of some murders that happened here. story Oddly enough, when I went looking for an article about the murders here, I found it on a Chicago news site. Go figure. More about the bridge
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