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  1. I have one of those cameras. But the task would be how to hide it so he couldn't find it and steal it along with the ammo box cache. And to know where he palnned on maggotting next.
  2. I've been giving alot of thought to this in the last week, since the last cache I found was not just stolen, as so many have been recently. It was vandalized. Not wanting to give this cache maggot the strokes he seeks by discussing this in much detail, I'll just say this: This is not a muggle. This person clearly enjoys the hunt as much as we do, but his agenda is different once he finds the cache. (yes, it's a he. Has to be, and you can ask me in a PM if you want to know my proof.) This person is seeking attention and would love nothing more than to be villified at length in these forums, so though I have much to say, I won't say it here.
  3. Reviewer Jones just approved my 3 new caches at Cataract Falls, and he did not mention attribute icons at all. Proabbaly it's specific to certain things, not every cache.
  4. Thermos jugs, like Coleman or Gott. I get them at the local thrift stores for less than $1 each, usually. Like this one:
  5. My newest and favorite ever camera ia a Panasonic TZI (also called the 'Tizzy'.) Very small amd light with a 10X optical zoom. Yes, I said 10X, and at it's fullest extension, the lens extrudes less than one inch from the camera body. It also does a great job with macro, and it LOVES sunsets and sunrises. Check my profile for my gallery to see things done with this camera. (every pic posted since Dec 06 is from the Tizzy.) But here's a 10x zoomed shot from a recent caching trip: another 10X zoom shot: Here's a macro example: Downside: it has a proprietary battery. But it's rechargeable and I don't spend money on batteries. But I do carry an extra one with me, since the battery's only good for about 250 shots. And it doesn't have a view finder at all. But the LED display is sharp, large and clear.
  6. Well about 35 of us found yesterday's bracing breezes refreshing as we tromped through MMSF for Trail Mix 8 yesterday. FUN! And no matter what the pigman tells you: he lies. Just wanted to get that in ahead of his wishful thinking out loud here. Here's a pic awaiting captions:
  7. We enjoy the Grant's Trail series. This cache is in front of the clydesdale's pastures. A nice diversion. Grant's trail is peppered with dozens of caches. We also enjoyed the Chain of Rocks area. The cache we found there is gone now, but there may be others in the area. Don't leave anything in your car though. Our Jeep got broken into while we were there.
  8. Happy 1K, Jaypit & Rocky. I'm told the second 1000 goes much quicker!
  9. I have walked 500 miles, and I will walk 500 more... (Proclaimers)
  10. did someone say snakes? Rat snake, Wayside Repose cache, Lebanon IN: Eastern Bullnose snake, Degrees cache, Holliday park, Indianapolis In Rat snake, IN Dunes State Park Fawns, IN Dunes State Prk, Great Blue heron, IN Dunes State Park (lots of wildlife that day!)
  11. I see that last link didn't work. Trying again: Sandhill cranes White doe, Morgan Monroe State Forest, Budweiser Clydesdales, Grant's Farm, St Louis MO
  12. I've posted this here before, but it was such a special thing for me. I went out to shoot the Indianapolis Museum of Art grounds on a pretty snow day. There is an adjacent nature preserve, where I own a cache, and several caches in the formal gardens of the museum. I saw the prints in the snow before I saw the deer, and my fotsteps were so quiet in the fresh snowfall that they didn't hear me coming. suddenly, there she was, not ten feet in front of me. and I hear a shuff behind me, and slowly turned to see another, and realized I had walked into the midst of 5 adult does, pushed out of the preserve by floddwaters. They were trapped in the formal gardens in a wooded corner near the fences of Michigan Rd and 46th St (FAST roads, heavy traffic, inner city.) They had nowhere to go, but were calm and curious and allowed me to shoot their pics. Two of them even followed me for awhile when I walked off. cooper's hawk, 2 weekends ago in Fishers, IN Beware of Cat(s) cache, Cloverdale, IN at the Exotic Feline Rescue Ctr. They had a cougar escape just last sat that is still at large. News article I have lots of wildlife in my gallery. OK one more: Sandhill crane migration, Jasper/Pulaski Preserve, IN
  13. watch This link for newest IN caches; the events all appear at the top of the page with speech bubbles. Two coming up in Indy are the Mini Event and the Wedding recetion event.
  14. 'I Know You're Out There Somewhere' by the Moody Blues I know you're out there somewhere somewhere somewhere I know I'll find you somewhere and somehow I'll return again to you the mist is lifting slowly I can see the way ahead and I've left behind the empty streets that once inspired my life and the strength of the emotion is like thunder in the air 'cos the promise that we made each other haunts me to the end the secret of your beauty and the mystery of your soul I've been searching for in everyone I meet and the times I've been mistaken it's impossible to say and the grass is growing underneath our feet the words that I remember from my childhood still are true that there's none so blind as those who will not see and to those who lack the courage and say it's dangerous to try well they just don't know that love eternal will not be denied you know it's going to happen I can feel you getting near and soon we'll be returning to the fountains of our youth and if you wake up wondering in the darkness I'll be there my arms will close around you and protect you with the truth I know you're out there somewhere somewhere somewhere I know you're out there somewhere somewhere you can hear my voice I know I'll find you somehow somehow somehow I know I'll find you somehow and somehow I'll return again to you * repetitive chorus deleted several times...
  15. I made a DVD slideshow movie of my photography from 3.5 years of caching. Here's the coundtrack of the movie: 'What a wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong 'Blue Skies' Willie Nelson version 'On the Road Again' Willie nelson 'Searchlight' John fogerty (night caching) Oh the midnight Need a searchlight I walk along the rocky shore The place I lost myself I search the water look in the sky I hear the cries for help I trace myfootsteps down to the sea But then the path disappears Here in the darkness I'm runnin' blind Been stumblin' for all of these years 'Wheel in the Sky' Foreigner 'Wheel in the sky keeps on turning. Don't know where I'll be tomorrow....' 'Who'll Stop the Rain' Creedence 'The Long and Winding Road' Beatles 'Looking for It (Jann Arden): We are looking for it We need to find but one thing good And under every star (I'm finding Heaven) In every breath of air (I'm finding Heaven) In everything I have (I'm finding Heaven) In everything I am... oh The world is big, the world is bad But I will find the beauty I see a vision in my head I am looking for it 'Still haven't found what I'm Looking For' U2 'I get by with a Little Help From My Friends' Beatles 'The Bright Side of the Road' Van Morrison Into this life we're born Baby sometimes we don't know why And time seems to go by so fast In the twinkling of an eye Let's enjoy it while we can Won't you help me sing my song From the dark end of the street To the bright side of the road 'Life is a Highway' Tom Cochran Knock me down get back up again You're in my blood I'm not a lonely man There's no load I can't hold Road so rough this I know I'll be there when the light comes in Just tell 'em we're survivors If you're going my way I wanna drive it all night long 'Be Free' Loggins and Messina I Want to get away and live my life in the rivers and trees I want to spend my days making rhymes and be free 'Watching the River run' Loggins and Messina And it goes on and on, oh, watching the river run, Further and further from things that we've done, Leaving them one by one. And we have just begun watching the river run. Listening, learning and yearning to Run, river, run. 'Way Over Yonder' Carole King Way over yonder is a place that I know Where I can find shelter from huger and cold And the sweet tasting good life is easily found Way over yonder - that's where I'm bound I know when I get there, the first thing I'll see Is the sun shining golden - shining rigth down on me Then trouble's gonna lose me - worry leave me behind And I'll stand up proudly in true peace of mind Way over yonder is a place I have seen In a garden of widsom from some long ago dream There were a couple more, but they escape me just now. I thought about using Proclaimers' '500 Miles' but other than the line' I have walked 500 miles and I will walk 500 more,' nothing much works.
  16. Take it to the library and ask them to scan it. Most stores scanner's will simply read it as 'item not on file', but if the library scans it into Wordpad, it should just come up naked numbers. At least, that's how I read a cache bar code before. At least this way, you are actually doing something to solve the puzzle. -2Q
  17. I favor using thermos jugs: This is Calethix clowing around with my cache 'Cataract Falls Towering Pines' container Desigend to be waterproof, wide mouthed, and since I buy them used at the local thrift store, I payless than $2.00 each. Con: Not easily camoflaged, (didn't need to be at this location), but I've used the Krylon plastics psray paint to geed effect.
  18. Thanks for the tip; will have to check that out. Never heard of it before.
  19. There were two whooping cranes when we visited, but they were so distant that my pics were unredeemable(broke my heart, but it's another reason to go and try again,) It was cool to see them though, they really stand out in the crowd.
  20. 'Sandhill' cache, not because it's crazy difficult, inaccessible or hard to find. It's not. But because of the view from Sept-Dec every year when the sandhill crane migration occurs. To avoid a duplicate post warning, This link is the forum topic I posted on the Midwest forum, and has some of my pics. More pics can be found on the cache site linked on the Midwest forum post. Here's a teazer:
  21. My log at 'Sandhill' Cache This cache, GCGYX8, by The M-Team is a must visit this time of year. Tens of thousands of sandhill cranes converge on this place in their annual migration, and there are very few places in the midwest to see anything like this. Hundreds of deer share the field, since the birds are protected and the deer can graze here without fear of being shot at. Bring a long lens camera and/or binoculars. The action takes place about .3mi from the observation deck. But the cranes fly in overhead in long V's and massive flocks. Their song is fabulous, and I dare you not to grin when it fills the air around you. Here's a pice fom last year's visit. Click the link above to see this year's pics. I got a great new tiny camera with a 10X zoom (Pansonic TZ1,) and this was it's maiden voyage. Oh, I think I'm in love! Oh, heck: Here's a couple from this year: So, go! You'll be glad you did.
  22. Winter caching has joys of it's own. Here's a couple thousand more words for you: Indianapolis Museum of Art Gardens, 1/05. 4 out of 5 deer that were trapped in the formal gardens by floodwaters in the adjacent nature preserve. Go out and play i the snow
  23. I too am sorely addicted and drive distance most every weekend to one Indiana forest or another. Morgan Monroe State Forest has had my heart for a few months now. But alas, I have finished that area for now. I even returned to place a couple caches of my own once I had found what there was to seek there. Yellowwood SF and Clark SF and Deam Wilderness and Brown Cty and on and on. I feel so lucky to live in green Indiana. The Hoosier Nat'l Forest is on my horizon. I've been there several times; it's immense an there's plenty to do there. It's nearly a 2 hour drive from home, and I am so addicted I don't care! Yes, I get surly and mean and sad and grumpy when I can't get to the woods on a frequent basis. Winters here do try my patience. I do enjoy winter hikes, but driving distance and then arriving to find that the gravel and dirt roads to the cache are not only untraversable, but can't even be found under the snow at all, well, that's such a supreme bummer. Still Indianapolis has several sweetly wooded parks that can be accessed pretty much any time within a day or two of a deep snow. It's not a vast forest, but it's something. You say you are neglecting your friends? Bring them along! These days, all of my friends are geocachers. Some of them even drive 4WD SUVs. That'll help! One other note: after months on real trails, wracking up one smiley at a time on miles long trails, I gotta say that having to stay local for a weekend and seek urban caches pales in comparison and leaves me very wanting. Yes, I can wrack up my numbers again, but I find that I care less and less and even less about that. Give me woods or give me.... um... I can't think of anything to put there. Nope. Just give me woods.
  24. OK, I have to take back what I just posted because I just checked my list: 104! Holy crap! I suck at this game! But 32 of those I have since found, but only a 3 or so were duplicate DNFs on the same caches. So, it's necessary to adjust my attitude so I can claim my century club coin. So, where's my coin? Yep, I've always been a strong proponent of changing the rules (even if they are my own rules) to reach a goal. I had no idea I was on the cusp of attainment. Hey, I already told you I suck at this.
  25. I believe it's also cheating to still call any cache that you DNF'd at one time, and later found, as still a DNF. I know: they are still on the DNF list on your profile account. But after all, you DID find them. So, given that: now what's your count look like?
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