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  1. Truly disturbing, Torry, and I don't need to tell you which shot. What, no captions?!
  2. Try this, a hiking stick/tripod that's designed to take the weight and wear and tear. I've had mine for well over a year, and love it. They are much less expensive at cheaperthandirt.com TrekPod
  3. Did someone say beaver shot? From Marion College Ecolab. There's a colony of beavers there, and if you get there at dawn and be vewwy vewwy quiet, you'll see them. I keep meaning to put a new cache there. Maybe this weekend.
  4. 2qwerqE

    MOONSHINE 2008!

    gosh says you're welcome I guess.
  5. Thanks, Mark. Here are a few more, from Sunday at Marian College Ecolab. a new cache, GC1AXJ7 drew me out there. I haven't visited it for years, and am so glad to be reminded of this beautiful place!: Great egret: Beaver, the first I've ever seen in the flesh: wooly worm face: The ecolab preserve has amazing old stonework buildings and bridges. Very beautiful adn everyone should visit. Here are a couple to whet your appetite: So, what are you waiting for? Go! visit the Ecolab.
  6. New shots from recent caching: Hummingbird moth. First time I ever saw one. I had to post to the Girls in Geocaching board for the identification, courtesy of Rushkateers and Bad Majec: Wasp on a shish-ka-bob mini totem pole at the Indy Arts Ctr: Dragonfly: Cedar Waxwing. I love these birds! Hummingbird: http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/d4a438...a6dcf146d73.jpg Young buck in velvet: Red-bellied woodpecker:
  7. You could drop in on this event today and give it to someone from Nova Scotia or North Carolina: GC1DGAF
  8. I'm ..... workin' on it? OMG! I'm at work(American Red Cross), taking a brief minute while I scarf lunch at my desk, and I came across this! It's probably not cool while flood and tornado clients are passing by my desk on the way in to speak with caseworkers, and here I am laughing my a** off! Thanks for the break.
  9. Please, please please, Torry, for the love of all that is right and holy: FIND YOUR CLOTHES!!!!
  10. No events posted yet for July, but you can watch this link to see them when they come up. There is usually an event somewhere in IN almost every weekend.: New Indiana caches, with events at the top.
  11. Yes, I know who I are. They look like beefsteak polypores to me. There are several varieties, some as thick as an Outback prime rib, and some as thin as a Walmart NY strip. These almost look like bacon to me! All varieties resemble raw beef, thus the moniker. Thanks! So... who's coming down to my next cook-out? I'm cooking ... steak. Yeah. That's it. Torry, PLEASE don't eat any shrooms based on my amatuer identification. I could be wrong, and with mushrooms that could be DEAD wrong. A professional ID often relies on spore pattern, spore counts and even microscopic study to determine the exact variety. My old eyeballs shouldn't be trusted, especially if you're planning on eating them. The only wild shrooms I ever eat are giant puffballs, because they look like nothing else in the kingdom and cannot be confused with anything that'll kill you or make you halucinate. Even morels have an evil twin (false morels) that will fry your liver. I don't trust them.
  12. Yes, I know who I are. They look like beefsteak polypores to me. There are several varieties, some as thick as an Outback prime rib, and some as thin as a Walmart NY strip. These almost look like bacon to me! All varieties resemble raw beef, thus the moniker.
  13. From Southwestway Park: Kestrel with lunch Baltimore oriole: Indigo Bunting:
  14. Mark, that's beautiful! I once shot a white deer at Morgan Monroe SF a couple of years ago. It's supposed to be bad mojo to kill a white deer, especially a true albino. So maybe this beauty will live a long and happy life.
  15. Thanks for that. could be worse, I think. At least you are given the chance to apply to keep them there. I wonder if you talk to the individual property managers if things would be more conducive to interpretation? I guess that could go either way.
  16. I saw that Lead dog archived A BUNCH of caches and also Blackjohnson. something about a permit I guess. anyway I think it is legit. I get the gist of this: that more DNR caches are being pulled by someone called Upper Wabash Reservoirs. So, is this the whole state DNR, or just the Upper Wabash Reservoirs area? Permit required? Or permits not permitted? I know there was some discussion along these lines, at the recent Indy Diver Roast & Tribute event, of pending changes in the DNR permit policies that would/could/may extend to reservoirs and SRA's. Has something happened? For those of us who haven't received this email, what's up?
  17. Here's my log from a cache just called 'Geocache' at Raccoon Lake near Rockville yesterday. There are more pics on my log here <Here's a story for you about my seek for this cache. This morning, Indiana felt a 5.2 earthquake at 5:27 am. I was searching for this cache when an aftershock, about 4.0, hit around 11:15am. First the trees started dancing. No biggie. It's been pretty windy all day. But then I felt the rumble under my feet, and a frightened groundhog exited its burrow not 15 feet from me, and climbed a tree. I have never seen a groundhog climb a tree before, but he was fairly handy at it. He clung there, more afraid to go back in his hole than he was of me, I guess, since we talked for a time together. By the time we parted ways, he seemed calmer, but he stayed in the tree. >
  18. And I never cache without my camera. I'm a picture taking fool, and post them by the dozems. Check out my profile, or if you just want the highlights, visit my webshots pages: http://community.webshots.com/user/tmcummings A short while ago, I broke my camera in a fall while caching. and tho I couldn't really much afford to replace it, I promptly found that caching without it wasn't half as much fun. When I came upon a hawk or jumped a deer in the woods, all I could do was lament the lack of a camera. So I fixed that with my Mastercard and was rewarded with lion, tigers, loon, grebes, tons of deer and a very wet young bald eagle who is currently showing on the gc.com front page banner rotation (priceless).
  19. I had posted the shot to a thread on the forum about critters on the cache, and MissJenn, who is apparently in charge of adding photos to the banner rotation, saw it and chose to add it to the banner. Made my day! I wonder how long they stay in the rotation? It's been there about 5 days now.
  20. Upload them to your profile page. You can put as many pics in your photo file as you like there, but only one is activated for your profile page. The rest just sit in the background, but it's a place to link from without having to put them on a cache page. Yup, it's slow and cumbersome, but it's free photo storage and hosting that works for this site. Still, if it's a pic from a cache, why not post it to the cache? and if your pic is 'irrelevant' to the cache page, then how is it relevant to a thread about caching pictures?
  21. Those are some great pics, and I am NOT happy that a girl can't be in two states at once to get the most from a pretty spring Saturday. Sorry to have missed the fun. Those waterfalls are beautiful. I had a great time in IL, though, even though there are hardly any caches in IL state Parks. I actually covered miles in that park without a single cache to show for my efforts. The only one in Starved Rock SP is a multi that starts on the other side of the river in Buffalo Rock SP, and we never got over there to do part one. Chris, yes, I still very much would like to see that area, and I'm sure I will.
  22. Regretfully, I have to back out. My sister, who I haven't seen since last October (which is a really long time between us, becasue of her insane new job, and I miss her much) called to invite me to meet her and her daughter in the middle. She's from St Louis, and we sometimes meet in IL to play for the day. So we will meet tomorrow morning at Starved Rock State Park. I'm sorry to miss the fun tomorrow. Have a great time and remember: if you are not wet and muddy up to your pits, then you didn't do it right.
  23. I am in LOVE with my new Panasonic FZ18. That stands for Freeky Zoom 18X optical. Yowza! Not quite small enough for a pocket. Panasopnic makes others that are mega-zoom in small bodies. I owmed their TZ1 til I fell and smashed it in my coat pocket, so maybe pocket size is not so great after all! Anyway, I get amazing wildlife pics, everything from 28mm to 506mmzoom in a single lens. With an LSR, I never seemed to have the right lens at the right time, or would miss a shot for changing lenses. Plus, all that gear is heavy and cumbersome. But this little camera is astonishing. One other valuable tip: www.picasa.com a free photo editor from Google that will fix those fuzzy dar shots. It fun and easy to use. I have used a half a dozen different photo editing programs, including the cumbersom unfrielndly PhotoShop, but Picasa is hands down my favorite. Check my recent gallery to see what this little camera can do. Everything in the last 2 months is from the FZ18. Everything in the previous year is the Panasonic TZ1,
  24. Shydog, I like the way your brain works. I'll come. I haven't done Salamonie area in quite awhile. Lots for me up there, I'm sure. Where and when? and what cache do I use for my pocket query starting point?
  25. I saw this and want to add it to the front banner rotation but I need a link to the cache log which contains this photo. My bad. I actually wasn't caching at the time, since I'd done the cache here a few days earlier. It's close to home in an amazing park, and I was just walking my evening walk when the photo op presented itself. I've posted it to the cache that is very nearby (200ft or so.) Perhaps that disqualifies it. Your call. Here it is.
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