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  1. Today, someone logged a find on one of my caches, saying that she stayed in the car because it was too cold out (high today was near 50*, but I don't know what time they got there. Doesn't matter anyway...) The guy she was caching with found the cache, and logged his own find under his own name. But she logged it as found under her own name! I deleted the find, and emailed her suggesting she can log it as a note if she likes, but this is not a drive thru cache, and cannot be logged as a find from inside a car. Since she is a newbie, I was nice, but jeesh. Just playing her own game? Perhaps. I just have to wonder if she cheats at cards too...
  2. I'm the author - Erik Sherman - and the book is called "Geocaching: Hike and Seek with your GPS". It's being published by Apress (normally a computer book publisher, but I talked them into it). Markwell is the technical editor, and besides the obvious geocaching stuff, it also has sections on navigation, hiking, safety, technology, map reading, and other such things. Thanks and Congratulations! Found the listing on Amazon. Looks like you're a busy guy. I'll look forward to picking it up.
  3. So that we can watch for it, what's the title of the book (and author, if you are so inclined)? May I ask who the publisher is, or are you self-publishing it, or using POD publisher? What's the topic spread? More info, please.
  4. Today, I had to take my car into the shop for a new starter. The guys at the shop were fast, friendly and fun. They took me back and dropped me off at worked, and offered to pick me up and bring me back at the end of the day. When I went to get my car after work, the guy who rang up the transaction (ouch!) asked about my weekend plans. I said, oh, I'll likely go hiking tomorrow, and he said really, he's taking the kids to one of my favorite state parks(Turkey Run in Indiana). So, of course I had to share. He was instantly interested and said he has a GPS that he got free for buying a new set of Firestone tires (anyone heard of that promotion? That was the first I'd heard of it.) Anyway, he said he hadn't found much use for the gadget yet, and said he'd check out caching. Resistance is futile, sayeth the frog...
  5. That's some wild stuff. I have two friends who are avid train lover and collecors of old train stuff. I had to send them your cache link. Hope no one was hurt in today's wreck. Do you have a link to the news story?
  6. lyrics for "100 Years" Five for Fighting 100 Years I'm 15 for a moment Caught in between 10 and 20 And I'm just dreaming Counting the ways to where you are I'm 22 for a moment She feels better than ever And we're on fire Making our way back from Mars 15… there's still time for you Time to buy and time to lose 15…there's never a wish better than this When you only got 100 years to live… I'm 33 for a moment Still the man but you see I'm a they A kid on the way A family on my mind I'm 45 for a moment The sea is high And I'm heading into a crisis Chasing the years of my life 15… there's still time for you Time to buy and time to lose yourself Within a morning star 15… I'm all right with you 15… there's never a wish better than this When you only got 100 years to live… Half time goes by Suddenly you’re wise Another blink of an eye 67 is gone The sun is getting high We're moving on... I'm 99 for a moment Dying for just another moment And I'm just dreaming Counting the ways to where you are
  7. I use a bottom of the barrel Etrex, and it gets me where I'm going. No bells and whistles. No cable for downloading. No mapping software. I cache with a friend who has a Garmin Legend, with lots of added goodies, but when we get close, it seems her Legend has a tendancy to bounce alot more than my Etrex. Q; why is a Meridian an upgrade from Garmin?
  8. Here's my letter. Couldn't resist a little cheap shot of my own! Mr. Turner, Last year I was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and extremely high cholesterol. I was a mess, a walking heart attack waiting to happen. Since discovering geocaching in August '03, I've lost 67 pounds and my blood sugar, BP and and cholesterol levels are in the normal range every day now. Certainly dietary changes made a huge difference, but having been a couch potato TV addict all my life, I was having real trouble staying committed to any excercise program for any length of time. But then I read a newspaper article in the Indianapolis Star that changed my life. Geocaching provided the lure that got me off the couch and out the door for those long painful walks, and the search for the box at the end of the hike made it impossible for me to cut and head home before the goal was obtained. I enjoyed Glenn Zimmerman's segment about geocaching on Detroit's Action News 7. He seemed to enjoy the game, and I think he did a great job. But I take offense and exception to your comment: "...You can get a GPS for around $75... or you can get a life..." Well, sir, without geocaching, I well might not have a life of any kind. Caching gave me back my life, after I squandered the best years in gluttony and sloth. Now I am making up for lost time, enjoying the outdoors with my new good health, working on losing the rest of the weight, and looking forward to what each new day brings. And thanks to caching, each day brings new vistas, new public green spaces that I never would have found without the game, and new friends met in pursuit if the game. You owe Mike Wunderlich, Mr. Zimmerman, and the entire geocaching community a public apology. By the way, in seeing that segment, it occurs to me that you could stand to lose a few pounds yourself. Maybe you should go take a walk in your local park or nature preserve from time to time.
  9. Well. sure. But it was a beautiful Saturday in the midwest US, at least. The first hint of spring weather, 60*, and every body and his uncle is out caching today. No wonder the server is bogged down. Yes, it's evident that Grounspeak's servers are maxed out. So, how about it Jeremy? What's it gonna take to get his puppy jumping?
  10. Went 8 for 8 today with thegreentara. Gorgeous day in central Indiana. 60*, sunny and sweet. I'll go out solo tomorrow and hope for 9 more, as that will take me to 100 finds! But 9 in one day seems ambitious to me, especially since my bum knee is bummed after today's festivities. Still, I'll give it my best shot. I've got the whole week at my desk job to rest the knee.
  11. The first time I heard about caching in a newspaper article last Aug, I knew it was for me. I've always hiked the state parks, and love the concept of hidden boxes everywhere that hardly anyone knows exists. Up until a few weeks ago, I was a solo cacher, but I met a new friend though caching, ( another woman) and we cache together now. She looked up my profile on a new cache I had placed and saw that I was interested in finding someone to cache with, so she contacted me through gc.com, and we go out once a week together. I still solo when she's not available, but I must say, the hunts are a gas with her along. She's a hoot. I wouldn't mind having another person or five join us. The more the merrier. As to stats, Sure, I like seeing my finds climb. (about 85 now). I enjoy placing caches, but don't want too many, as I have seen what happens to the caches when people place dozens of them and can't maintain that many. Tho I enjoy the forums, I can't see ever caring about joining the ranks of the mega posters. I like to talk, but sheesh. Don't think I could ever have that much to say! I love caching!
  12. I almost always log my DNFs, because once in a while, I'll plan a DNF day, and spend it seeking those I've missed in the past. The DNF logs on my personal cache page help me remember which ones I've missed, and what happened. It's also easier to revisit the cache from my log list, to see if others have had luck after my DNF. If there are more DNFs logged, then I know that one is likely gone, and I will not waste my time on another try. My occasional DNF days are always fruitful and I end up finding every one of my former misses, except the one nemesis cache. Hey, now that the snow is gone, I have to try that one for the fourth time. This time, I think I know the answer, but finding it in snow was not going to happen.
  13. CCD, Love it! In my dreams, I cache in amazing places all over the universe. IRL, I'm stuck in central Indiana. Which is not to say that there's aren't some pretty places here (Turkey Run, Clifty Falls, McCormicks Crk, to name a few) but I'm jonesing for mountains and oceans and deserts. Wish I could afford a destiantion vacation. For now, I cache in my dreams... Thanks for the grin.
  14. Shades State Park, in west central Indiana. Hope the pic link works. Can anyone tell me why my pics always come out so small on these forums? They are much bigger than that!
  15. Well, as Geopic sent me the pic in my email, and I didn't see the bird personally, I can't say for sure. But when I blow the picture up, the feet and beak appear normal in coloration, both yellow. The eyes look black, but it was a very long zoom lens (x800) so it's hard to be sure. Still, no, I'd have to guess it's not a true albino. Still, beauty none the less. Thanks for your comments. We didn't know white red tails were not unusual. I'll have to do some research, I guess.
  16. This white hawk picture was taken by my sister, Geopic, last week in Missouri. (No, birders, I am not at liberty to say where. Couldn't if I wanted to.) We believe it to be an albino red-tailed hawk, as it has been seen in the company of a red-tailed hawk, possibly it's mate. But I had to share such rare beauty. Hope the link works. This is my first attempt to post a non-log pic to the forum. Photo and link removed at request of 2qwerqE .
  17. Geocachers find the gc lingo interspersed in their daily speech habits. The other day, in speaking to a friend (she's a health care worker) I mentioned the DNR (Dept of Natural Resources) and it took her a minute to catch up, because she thought I meant 'do not resuscitate.' At work, I went down to the basement to find something, and when I came back empty handed, my office mate asked what happened, and I said 'It was a DNF.' edit for typo
  18. That's too bad. I'm sure he did a fine job. I remember reading something recently that said he and Turmousour were working on a caching video for school. It caught my eye, as I remember meeting you both recently at your Mohawk school bridge cache. Did they ever finish that video? How'd they do?
  19. and young enough to do it anyway! For the record, 47, and planning lots of plastic surgery to knock off at least 20 years. This last year has me more active and healthier than I've been in decades, thanks in a large part to GC.com.
  20. I do tend to get a bit obsessed with whatever my latest hobby is. 5 years ago, when I bought the house, I went a little nuts in the interior decorating dept. Four years ago, it was antiquing, and a peculiar game my sister started: finding the ugliest thing in the antique mall, and springing it on the other for a bday gift, or Xmas. That got really bizarre and very fun, one upping each other and sending 'it's sooooo ugly....' jokes by email. 3 years ago, it was a seashell collection you would not believe. That took me a couple of years to 'complete,' tho there are still a few specimens I need. 2 years ago, I wrote a novel, and then I went to the doctor, got a scary diagnosis and so a little over a year ago, the 'hobby' became serious weight loss and excercise, which begat geocaching. And so, even tho the novel is finished(barely), I haven't done jack towards chasing publishers to get it out in the world. I'm gonna have to get busy with that, as I know the book is very good, and am confident I can sell it. I kept telling myself, just wait til winter. You won't want to be out caching every weekend and evening when it's cold and snowy. But I did and I do! See: now you've gone and made me feel guilty. Guess I better hit Ebay and look for those shells I still need!
  21. I've been using a small fanny pack, with a separate water bottle on a shoulder strap, but it's clumsy, always sliding off. So I'm thinking about getting one of these camelback type fannies. Anyone use them? Convenietn? Lightweight, even loaded? Or are they bulky and cumbersome? http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PA...&cid=19493&fp=F
  22. Just up ahead in that bush is the Most Dangerous Cache in the World! Let's get closer! You Beauty! Notice the lovely olive drab coloration on the exterior ammo can. Crikey! A naughty little one before me left fresh dragon poo in the cache. Took dragon poo. Left a blood trail. And it was the Most Amazing Adventure of My Life! -- GeoSteve-O
  23. I come in darkness, geocaching I leave the trail, I love bushwacking and with my GPS, I come seeking under rocks and logs I am peeking and the vision that was posted on the Net lures me in I seek the cache in silence. Beneath the moonlight's soft white beams; the coords are off a bit it seems I didn't come this far to quit in vain I'll search these brambles and this flooded plain. Then the flash of a hunter's gun splits the night I turn in flight. And there's the can. I sign in. TeamSimon&Garf
  24. So, my rich sister came through again for Xmas, and now I have a digital camera! For Xmas, she gave me a gift card for Best Buy; I used it for cable Internet access, and then after the rebates and another incentive gift card, I doubled the value of the original gift, and could affors a basic camera. I only have the cable internet for another 6 weeks (can't afford to keep it after ithe intro rate is over) but hey: here's my pic, on the way to place my new cache.
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