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  1. inventojq, Have a little tolerance. It's an international website after all, and all the better for it. Except, of course, for narrow minded, egocentric individuals whom shall remain nameless.
  2. OT, I know, but I have to ask: Team K-9, how much is Mountain Dew paying you for advertising them on this site? It's a pretty good idea: pay geeks (and I mean that term in the nicest of all possible lights) to use your logo for an avatar all over message boards everywhere. No matter what topic you log into, there you are. Where do I get in line for that gig? Hmm. Maybe I'll sell out for Garmin. Or Camelbak. Wait, I know! Merrell boots. Definately Merrell. Off to scour the net for the logo, and then I'll make my pitch to them. So, how much should I hit them up for?
  3. I used to look like Jabba the Hutt; Now I look like Roseann Barr, in the last season of the show. I'm working on looking like Rosie O'Donnel in her thinner days, but that's a while away.
  4. I enjoyed 'How would they sign?' About how historical figures and celebrities might sign a cache log. Very phunny!
  5. McD's has been offering these in our area for months. And yes, you get a cheap 'stepometer' and a salad and drink as your happy meal. The only thing different that you didn't get before is alot more cardboard packaging and the step counter. Overpriced for extra landfill.
  6. I'm one of those people who have lost lots of weight and improved all my blood count numbers over the last year. Certainly dietary changes played a huge roll in the 70 pounds I've lost. But I was having trouble staying commited to any excercise program, including walking ( I live in a, ummm, urban neighborhood. Walking alone is a bit scary.) I'd be diligent for a few weeks, and then blow it off for weather or any other excuse I could think of, until I was couch potato city once again. Then, last Aug, I discoverd geocaching, and all that changed. Because it was fun. Because I wanted to go out. And I didn't stop at one little .1/ mile cache. I'd keep going, fill up all the time I had, and often do 2-3 miles a day, (4-5 on weekends). I never let the weather deter me, and through the winter, I never missed a weekend. 8 months and 118 caches later, everything's in line, and I feel great. I even found a new friend through caching, and we go out together most weekends. So, why don't doctors think caching's any good for exercise? Well, my doctor thinks it's great, and when I told him what I was doing for exercise, he checked it out and is now a cacher himself. Don't know if he recommends it to other patients or not, tho. It's mostly just walking, after all. Occasional hills to climb (Indiana's not much for hills, but there are some here and there). But it's loads better than driving the remote control from the couch.
  7. Yahoo gives this address: National Air & Space Museum (202) 357-1387 6 Independence Ave SW Washington DC 22.7 mi* near Chantilly VA which when I plug it into Maporama, gives these cords: Lat-Long: 38° 53' 15" , -77° 0' 50" || 38.8875 , -77.014 Hope that helps.
  8. Paypal ripped off my sister for more than $3000. It's a long and hideous story, but American Express said that if it had been a different company than Paypal, they may have refunded the damage, but since it was Paypal, and since Paypal is a never ending source of arbitrations and complaints for Amex, they said forget it. For more fun and info, go to www.paypalsucks.com I am totally serious about this: if you have a Paypal account, it's only a matter of time until you have an insurmountable problem chasing missing money from your credit card or bank account.
  9. Was just beginning a search when a small girl, about 3 years old, took intense interest in watching what we were doing, casting about, following the arrow. I just gave her a little smile and went on about our business. Her mom was busy with other kids, until the girl tugs on her mom's jacket, and whispers very quietly, "Look, Mommy.... Geocachers!' Mom didn't at first listen, so the girl shouts it: 'Mommy! There's geocachers!' And suddenly we were surrounded by Team Z'Cachers, about nine kids, three adults , and three dogs. I love meeting cachers! As for muggles, sometimes, if they look harmless enough, I just say I'm playing a game. Other times, I blither nonsense and talk to my shadow while making some offside remark about meds. They usually find a reason to be elsewhere. I'm just afraid that one day, I'll find myself in a padded cell...
  10. A humble suggestion: Perhaps instead of the burned CD, why not just leave a business type card with a web address on it. Then, they could go home and watch your video clues on your web page. Cheap. Easy to keep dry. And takes up alot less room in the cache.
  11. You've got to try the smaller ones....because....it's a well known fact that a little pussy never hurt anyone. So, Cholo, How's your warn meter?
  12. Also, you might put a note that you are seeking a cache partner on your profile page. I did, and that's how my friend and caching buddy got in touch woth me. she saw a new cache I'd posted, and replied to my note by email. The more you post here on the forums, and the more caches you place, the more poeple will look at your profile... Just a suggestion that worked for me. In fact, two others have emailed me about caching together, but for scheduling reasons, we haven't worked it out yet.
  13. So, if we don't want to put our real names on the box, how about our GC.com names? hmmm... Lowlifes, SparkyWatts, Bad Andy, Renegade Knight... Uh, never mind! wouldn't help at all!
  14. Gives you address and directions from Lat/Log: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/latlong.adp Is that what you wanted?
  15. Hi, AH, thegreentara and I cache together. She uses a blue Legend, and I use a bottom of the line, no frills attached yellow Etrex. Often, her Legend will go utterly blind while my Etrex plugs right along just fine. Sometimes perhaps bigger, newer, fancier is not necessarily better. Perhaps all that extra data slows it down, or bogs it down. Based on the performance of her against mine, I'd have to say that the extra features are nice, especially when we are looking for nearby restrooms, or comparing topographic features to see if we're on the right side of a river, for example. But all that only works if the thing doesn't go blind as Stevie Wonder for no apparent reason. Can't speak to the other brands tho; Garmin is all I;ve used personally.
  16. I also see where there was a large solar flare around 3pm EST yesterday. That's about the time we gave up, for sure, though it had been building all afternoon to that point.
  17. Oh, I'm feeling MUCH better now! I thought our GPSr's were both busted. Same description: horrible bouncing, from 60 ft to 460 ft, standing still. Since we were caching yesterday at a former army base turned state park (Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park, Indianapolis) we began to hypothesize that there was some kind of jamming field in place that they didn't remove when they bugged out. Hey, any excuse in a static field! Hated to DNF, especially when I saw that someone else found that cache the same day, but much earlier in the day. At least I know I'm not insane. Well, about this, anyway.
  18. Oh, it just occured to me that it could be hard to get them to stay on the bottom. They float! Was typing this response as the last one was posted; didn't mean to appear redundant.
  19. Oh, it just occured to me that it could be hard to get them to stay on the bottom. They float!
  20. I've been using Coleman thermoses lately. I figure anything designed to keep liquids in will keep them out as well. I get them for a couple of bucks in thrift stores like Goodwill and Value Village, and then I duct tape the spout so it stays closed. They come on a variety of colors and sizes, from quarts to gallons and bigger. I like the half gallon size, in green or black. They have the added advantage that when you head into a park with one tucked under your arm, nobody gives it a second thought. And I doubt that anyone would find them suspicious. If they see it in the woods, they'll just think somebody dropped their thermos, maybe pick it up and look at it, open it, learn about caching, and it wouldn't likey occur to them that it could be anything nefarious.
  21. I've been using large Coleman thermoses lately. I find them at thrift stores like value Village and Goodwill stores for a couple of bucks. I figure, if it's designed to keep liquids in, then it should be good at keeping them out as well. Haven't sunk a cache in a lake yet, tho. Maybe you could test one out. I'd probabaly calk the spout somehow, or paint it shut.
  22. Now that I've found someone to cache with, it just keeps getting better. I've hiked state parks and greenspaces alone for decades. I stopped a couple of years ago, after a bout of viral encephalitis that my doctor said was likely from a misquito bite picked up along the Ohio River bottomland. That bug kicked my butt but good, and I decided to stay indoors for a time. Then I put on lots of weight, with all the trimmings, and decided I needed to get back on the trail last year. Everything's got risks, but obesity has better odds of doing me in than anything I might encounter on a trail. Then I discovered caching, which just adds a new dimension to an old past time, so I don't see me getting bored with it. I'm quite sure I'll still be slogging muddy trails and creekbeds for many years to come. Stats don't meant too much to me, though I was pleased with myself when I bagged my 100th cache last weekend. I don't guess there's a magic number. Exercise is really the main point for me, and I'd much rather be in the woods that tromping around a mall or a treadmill.
  23. Found the first attempt easily; it's since been archived. For a time, I seemed to DNF about every other one. I was sure I'd try them all again, so in the beginning I didn't log the DNF's most of the time because I chalked them up to lack of experience, and not any problem with the cache itself. But I did come back and find them later (days later, weeks, on one case 5 months later) all save one. It's a Listerine strip container, and it's skunked me over and over. It's 'Water by Henry' and there's nothing there but a bench and grass. I swear there's no place there to hide it, but others have found it... I log all my DNFs now, since it helps me find them again, to try again later.
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