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  1. Being a VE myself, my advice would be to find a test/upgrade session near you and get your "paper" upgrade. The CSCE is good for 1 year after you passed your test. In the Akron area, there are 2 groups that have VE sessions schedualed for the day after the morse requirement drops, so you go to your local session, pay your $14 and get your General upgrade. I did the same thing when they restructured in 2000. I was a tech plus and passed the General written a couple of months before. You should be able to use your new privaleges right after the session by using a /G after your callsign until the upgrade hits the FCC site or QRZ. Hope this helps. Bryan KF8G
  2. I was using my QSL cards at first, then made business sized copies of my card. But at almost 1200 finds, it's getting kinda expensive!
  3. Another "charity" Extra. I had my tech since April 1996 and upgraded to tech + a year later. I was real happy there for a number of years until the restructuring came about. I took the general test and got my paper upgrade in March 2000. Then a VE started bugging me to help him with test sessions, so I started on my extra and within 3 weeks of study, got my ticket in April 2000.
  4. My Garmin quest has 49,755 miles on it. Of course I use it in my semi when I travel. Bryan KF8G
  5. I've seen several queries about ham radio and geocaching. We recently had a fox hunt that combined the two and it really worked out great. You started out with GPS coordinates to find a micro. In the micro was the fox frequency. In that way, you can have a longer distance foxhunt when you don't think you can get a signal all the way back to the starting point. Bryan KF8G Bryan KF8G
  6. Hello, There are several of us in the Akron Ohio area hunting. I'm Bryan KF8G, and my dad is Joe KC8DKF. He's the one who got me started along with Del N8OFP and Steve, KC8DJV. So theres quite a few in our area. Bryan KF8G Bryan KF8G
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