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  1. I don't know about batterys but Hamsters don't do well without oxygen.
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    Must be a record...2nd post is the spelling police, 5th post is the police cheer leader. Jerks one and all.
  3. The Venture HC does not have Auto-Routing capability and i don't think Auto-Routing works off road anyway. It only has 24 MB of map storage so it is limited in the size of topographic maps you can load into it.
  4. I've heard key holders work better hidden Omaha style. You put the key holder inside a ziplock and hide it.
  5. Well since you asked...nothing. It's real hard to get lost in my part of Iowa. Glad your Daughter is ok.
  6. Hypertext Transfer Protocol?
  7. Last time i got pixelated everything looked like that. I don't do that any more, can't handle the 3 day hangover.
  8. YUP, goofy idea, topic closed, lol Not that goofy! Why not leave a few at a time as swag in caches you find? Someone will appreciate them. Omaha style cache is a key container inside a ziplock.
  9. From the Geocaching front page: Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online. How do you use a GPS to kiss a frog? I'm confused (not an unusual condition).
  10. 11,160 miles at light speed, farther at warp 5.
  11. The 24 meg memory is for maps. The cache memory is separate and will hold the full number of caches(500 i think).
  12. Does your computer have a serial port? Most don't and you will need a USB to Serial adapter( more$) to use the e-trex serial cable and the other e-trex model usb cables wont work with the basic e-trex. None of the e-trex allow storage of more cache information.
  13. Omaha style is a magnetic keybox inside a baggie.
  14. Send an e-mail to your reviewer with your cache cords and ask him if the location is ok.
  15. Am i the only one who wonders why it's a cammo container?
  16. Carter Lake was on the east side of the Missouri until the river did what it has always done and went where it wanted to.
  17. Pretty sure you will find it in about 6 months...with the lawn mower
  18. Since i don't plan on calling in artillery fire on any caches (tho it would be tempting at times), i see no benefit in this system.
  19. And this will help me find a Bison Tube in a Pine tree ??? I don't think so.
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