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  1. So why does Wild Basin not get a direct link like the Math Buddies and now WoW? It's like they don't want us to know about the Wild Basin trackables.
  2. The promotion to receive a trackable was for the US only but I'm sure everyone can log them. I suspect covid-19 is the reason not many are traveling out the US right now. I watch the map like a hawk - there are new ones being dropped every day. Only the ones currently in a cache show on the map (may not have been property retrieved/dropped). I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the pink dot near Dallas is no longer in that cache, been there and looked. If the trackable is in someone's hands it does not show on the map. I have driven over 2 hours one way to get 2 of the 3 I have logged. Nothing but dark blue dots on the map around me but we still have a few months to go, I am optimistic I will eventually get to log them all.
  3. Any updated news on this - when does it go live? I requested a trackable and haven't heard anything yet. I can see on the map that a few miles are being logged but no dots appear yet. Just wondering if it was as popular as the TI Math Buddy promotion? Seems they have a pretty limited market area.
  4. My sister found her 5th TI Math Buddy this morning and so far nothing - no new souvenir for all 5? Maybe it's awarded at the end of the game - not sure. In case it matters - she has retrieved 4 and discovered 1 (all 5 different ones).
  5. Yes I have read it and am asking for clarification.
  6. I have found a really cool geocoin that is marked as collectible - just noticed I have the option to "move it to collection" - what does this mean? I wonder if it was marked as collectible by mistake (owner has very few finds) as it has a clear goal to move from cache to cache or I'm not understanding the proper use of marking it as a collectible. Not being the owner of the coin why would I want to "move to collection"? Help me understand collectibles better.
  7. I love trackables! My first release was this spring in a race to see who can get the most miles logged by 12/31/21. Had a great start and logged about 2000 miles but the past few weeks it hasn't moved at all, I say he's sitting on the couch eating cheetos and drinking beer! I dropped him off local to me and someone picked him up and took him about 30 miles away where he was picked up by the person that still has him. They've made several trips together around NE, IA, MO, IL, & AR but man I sure do wish he'd get back on the road! I had read enough about trackables to know that anything "nice" ends up in someone's binder so I was hopeful at best that my little guy would last til the end of the year. But I do enjoy reading the logs and wished more people would post pics of their adventures with the trackable. I did recently retrieve a trackable that's been out since 2011 and has traveled throughout the US and Europe so I will always have hope. I have since released a couple more with very specific goals but it's too early to know their fate.
  8. I saw this event posted today for the Batesville area - search GC98VN6.
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