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  1. Generally speaking, if the requirements were not met it cannot be logged as "Found". Asking someone else for the information needed in order to log the cache is also cheating. If the cache is no longer available to be found, the owner needs to be contacted as well as Groundspeak so the cache can be archived. Your visit needs to be logged as a dnf and there needs to be a comment about how the cache information is missing. Wanting to log it without completing it is the sort of moral/ethical dilemma that has caused problems in the past. On a personal note and a long time cache owner, I've removed people from my caches that logged the cache as found but never did find the cache or sign the logbook.
  2. To my line of thinking, anything between 300 to 500 in a single day is plausible in a given rolling 24 hour period. If it was done alone? Very impressive. More than likely though, you'd be pulling those numbers with a team of other people. Probably would be easier if there were 3 to 4 drivers that do nothing but transport people from cache to cache.
  3. Wow! That's one find every 15 seconds for a 24 hour day! I'm astonished, astounded, and unbelieving. 2,000 finds is one every 7.2 minutes. for 24 hours. Even that is astounding! That's what I'm saying. Physically those kinds of number are impossible. I would have to think they went caching for a whole week or more and dated everything for the same day so they could claim those kinds of numbers. Either that or like what was mentioned above with people re logging previously found caches under a different account.
  4. Thanks for the info though!
  5. Makes me wonder how that's even possible. Most finds in a single day that I've ever heard of is something along the lines of 150. Just "wow"....
  6. Was wondering about who holds some records, like the record for most finds in one day? Another one, who has found the most Geocaches? I know there was an group that had a single account and they had over 10k finds to their credit. Makes me wonder if they all cached separately and gave the group credit for them all hunting the caches at the same time.
  7. Check under pine straw, a fake tree stump, palmetto, or at the base of/inside of a pine tree.
  8. Sounds like a freak to to me. I agree with Flask, log the darn thing as "found" and thats it.
  9. I'm going to have to give this one a shot, should make life a whole lot easier.
  10. Personally speaking, I dont believe there is any way for them to forceably ensure that whoever it is, is acutally ftf. In other words, no they cant place a cache and say so and so is reserved ftf. Once its approved its out there for whoever wants it and whoever actually gets to it first and signs the log is ftf.
  11. Generally speaking if a cache and/or its owner are mia for a long enough period of time and enough people post dnf's for a few of their caches, both the cache owner and their caches will be archived with any of their remaining active geocaches adopted by other people. Not to worry, its something the local reviewer will eventually take care of.
  12. I'll have to keep that one in mind. Found one recently that rates as a 5/5 that I plan on going after. We shall see if its worth the hunt. Its called Tube Torcher 2 gcwa47.
  13. All very good points guys. I think I might have to either go out and place some, or go out and hunt them out of state or even both. Certainly both are valid options. I do really appreciate all the work that everyone puts into the 4/4 and harder caches though. I know its not easy to place those.
  14. Wow. Yea, I mean that kind of difficult. Or even harder if thats even possable lol.
  15. What is the name of the hardest cache in the United States to find?
  16. I've been on one heck of a search lately for any quality 5/5 caches for the state of Georgia and have come up almost empty handed. All but a few (I can count them on one hand) still exist. Its sad that I have to travel to North Carolina for a good 5/5 cache. Anybody know why they seem to be going the way of the dino's? Is it because people are lazy? Or is it because its just that hard to place them? Can anyone tell me of any 5/5's worth trying to find?
  17. This is probably the most funny and interesting thread I've seen so far. 1st - Can honestly say I've never been nude, bottomless or topless while geocaching. I'll leave that up to my girl if I can ever find one lol. 2nd - I dont think any body part on a Jackson is real. I think the petroleum industry will be harvisting their bodies after they die for reusable plastic body parts. 3rd - All the pics on this page are nice hehe. Hope to see you all soon
  18. I am not suprised at all about the fact that law enforcement does not have a way to find where you are at based on lat/lon coordinates. Having lived in the same area for about 12 years now, I have come to know the roads around here pretty well. Unfortunatly, most of the emergency operators and emergency response organizations are not. Fact of the matter remains that organizations such as the police, emts, and fire department have no way of locating you other than the name of the road you are on. With that being said, it all boils down to funding on the part of the state and local goverments. Many of them can not afford to fund a project that would implement a system that would allow them to figure out where an accident occured based on the coordinates given by an individual on the other end. Granted the software would be cheap in and of itself, it would still take months or even years for the software to be installed and for the proper people to be trained on the technology. Mix that with the fact that most people are ignorant about geocaching and coordinates or even what lat/lon means and how to use it. I tend to agree with the common thought here and people are too ignorant about geocaching and coords. I will say though, that I am thankful that the injured parties that were mentioned in the log, were okay after the fact. . I will also say that I belive that more and more people are becoming aware of what we do and are embrassing it with open arms. All it takes is word of mouth and a proper way of explaining it to people who know nothing about it. If we all took the time to explain it to five other people or even one other person, maybe local emergency organizations will start to see its effectiveness and do what it takes to implement the technology where they work. Oldschool
  19. I would like to adopt the following caches, that is if Mack will let me. They are as follows: COLD Cache, Two “Pappas” Are Better Than One, Blackwells Blackbox, Kyleigh’s Mini Stash, Mack’s Multi-Micro’s, Roller Cache, and Adam’s Pipe. Hopefully I will have the honor of being able to continue these cache’s on behalf of Mack’s Nav-5.
  20. I too would like to adopt some of the caches, several of them to be exact. They are as follows: Two "Pappas" Are Better Than One, Blackwells Blackbox, Kyleigh's Mini Stash, Mack's Multi-Micro's, Roller Cache, Adam's Pipe, And Cold Cache. Hopefully I will be able to take these over so that those who have not yet found them can find them and those who have found them can know they are still there and think of the fun times they had in hunting them. Oldschool
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