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  1. Happy 4th! To bad its raining here..
  2. Big container! There aren't enough of them floating around. Its been in my experiance swag tends to be better in "better" caches. More isolated, a large container, and what not all help. There is a cache near my that sits around an old crypt nearly by its self after a very hardy hike up a hill. That cache always has nice swag in it. So, not always does your cache fall to be just plastic snakes and lizards. You could invest in one of those big ammo boxes ( dont know what they are called ) or I've seen things like big plastic storage totes tapped up with a smaller containr in it. Its tricky to get a big containr out there and hidden, but I promise it will be better remembered.
  3. I love opening a large tb hotel and seeing 10 or more tbs staring back at me. Try starting with 3 or 4 then encourage the eye for eye deal of always leaving what you take or more. Like rhelt100 said, location is important. I have a tb hotel about 3 miles from my house. Its pretty big and I very frequently drop TBs there if I know I'm not going caching soon.
  4. You're AGE, your HEIGHT, your SHOE SIZE, the LENGTH OF YOUR HAND, your IQ, your BANK ACCOUNT, your CREDIT CARD, your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, heck while you're at it YOUR PHONE NUMBER!! 19, 5'10, 11, Hand size, 900, 123... WAIT A TICK!
  5. Best swag for me is always tapes and cassettes. Personal favorite is a giant Bartman from the simpsons button. Found about 10 bucks in acache at better caches but left it or traded up. Usually for making a cache, if I'm low on swag I'll make a stop at the peddlers mall and blow about 4 or 5 bucks on nice swag for it
  6. Don't always be so negative! Maybe someone just picked them up and forgot to log or something. I've seen oodles of bugs and coins move along but not be logged till a good time after.
  7. Geocaching instinct, as many call it, pretty much boils down to finding piles or wood or rocks or what not that are just out of place or pecuilar. As you get more and more caches under your belt you can usually start to spot out ammo boxes very quickly.
  8. Micros can be somewhat discouraging at first. Personally me and my friends would go in a group at first to find micros since it can be challenging before you know what exactly to look for or get used to your average "light post caches".
  9. fairyhoney has a tb that has traveled a big 15774 miles. Wow!
  10. Wasn't sure where to post this, but as I dive deeper and deeper into caching and my local foresty I've decided to invest in a walking stick. This brings up the question of what do I look for, where do I go, and how much should I look to spend for something that is worth it?
  11. I have just started placing my own caches and since ammo boxes can be kinda pricey, most of them are micros. Especially since the local wal mart has match containrs for 89 cents. While I enjoy placing and watching all of my caches thus far, I often have thought about how much more I enjoy tromping through the woods or what not to find a nice ammo box full of swag to trade and sig items to sift through. Or even better yet is returning to a place cache of mine and seeing what swag has left and what has came in. This makes me wonder if maybe I shouldn't place so many of the "park and go" kind of micro and focus more in larger containers. I've tried to make my micros into puzzle caches but after the intial burst they don't seem to get many visitors. So my question now is as a cacher do you enjoy the larger finds? or take solice in no go no where micros laying around? I've read and talked to some caches who feel that useless png's ruin the spirit of the game. But I've also talked to alot of geocachers who don't like to hike out into the middle of no where for a plastic lizard.
  12. This recalls my scariest moment thus far. It wasn't nearly as frightening as any of those thus far but man it got my heart beating. Me and my friend were excited to get a email about 9 pm informing us of a newly placed cache a few miles away. In hindsight we should have known this trail closed, but the cache was on a local trail that somewhat loops through some neighbor hoods and through some woods and when we left it was still a little light outside. Anyway, we insisted on being the FTF's and went out to get it and another near by one. I just snagged my gps and flash light and took off but my friend had his caching backpack with some gloves, swag, and what not in it since we had been caching earlier. Well, we found the first cache we went to get and moved on to the second one. After we signed the log and put it back in its hiding spot we saw three cop cars drive by and were like "oh crap". So we quickly hurried back to the car, which sat about a third of a mile away at the start of a paved trail. We didn't see the cop cars so we figureed we were just being paranoid. Well as we got closer some light suddenly flashed on in front of us and we came face to face with three officers of the law. They questioned us ( thankfully one of them had heard of geocaching ) and searched us. As another cop car making four total pulled up, one of the officers began to sift through my friends back pack which in addition to the "suspicious" gloves and a bundle of rope and a dagger shaped letter opener he had traded for from an earlier cache. None of these seemed to lend creedance to us. Based on the back pack another cop decided to call us in and check our records or whatever it is a cop does. So he calls our names in and for some reason the dispatcher ( excuse me if im getting these names and stuff all wrong x.x ) can't get our names but, from memory, she knows my name Zachary Day and informs the officer that I have had numerous warrants out for my arrest but none that were active. Eeeepp! What the heck!? Turns out my cousin, who shares the same first and last name, is quite a "pillar of the community" in his neck of the woods a few miles north. The cops eventually let us off without any sort of punishment but I was certain when they said the bit about the warrants we were in some deep crap. Man thats alot of text.
  13. Not that it bears much to this thread, but oddly enough I just picked one of these out of a cache. Small world!
  14. Moobeat

    10 things

    7. Geocachers know more about lampposts than 95 percent of the population. so true
  15. flask is now my hero. Very nice thread, gave me alot of ideas on things to get and what to do. Gave me some more reasons to invest on a good walking stick. The tid bit about the fake caches was frieghtning.
  16. I do this quite often just because I really enjoy the TB ( and geocoin ) part of the game. Never met a TB i didn't like.
  17. Maybe I am just paranoid but when I first read this topic it flashed into my head that maybe it was a stolen coin that you had found. It would make sense for the purp ot try to cover his tracks.
  18. Both the bands Emperor and Enslaved hail from Norway! \m/
  19. I would love to be the FTR this cache/TB because I was just talking about an idea just like this!
  20. I don't. Would be nice to have the little icon on my page, but I'd rather find someone else with the same coins as me
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