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  1. That looks great. It reminds me of this for some reason lol.
  2. Manitoba's not a state, but I still voted for it.
  3. I'm looking for a 2003 Oregon. I have one of my personal coins to offer. Another trade for it fell through.
  4. You could always just put the coin, along with a sheet of paper detailing the goal, into a heavy duty ziplock bag. I've done that a few times.
  5. SCP-173


    I couldn't agree more. I didn't sign up on cointracking to get emails about some guy who can't sell his presidential medals in his coin shop... The pope one is just as bad, too.
  6. LOL, the pic of the screw and nut looks soooo inappropriate to me. I love it.
  7. If everything has an animated icon our stats pages will look like Geocities in 1996.
  8. It's a real coin now. Now to put it on my watchlist and enjoy the hilarity that ensues!
  9. Exactly. People here need to be more forthcoming with what they really think of a coin. And if someone posts about a new coin they want to make and the feedback can be pretty much summed up as "That's a horrible idea, try again" they need to gracefully bow out of producing it. Of course that will never happen.
  10. LOL. Just what I was thinking. I have one of Flask's DVDs with the video of that giant frog statue (Cache Signal Improvinator was the name, I think) being moved from cache to cache and that was the first thing I thought of when I read about the manhole cover. You should definatly do it! And Jamie, if you still need a PC tracking code shoot me an email. Actually I'll just email you. I'll give you one for free.
  11. It's only a matter of time before someone gets stuck with extras. My bet is on the guy making a series of 20,000 coins being the first.
  12. I really hate it how when someone voices their true opinion about a coin others will get mad at them for "not being nice". Smiling and saying everything looks great will just lead to a rash of horribly designed coins.
  13. I've still got an Alabama and 2 TN micro limited editions to trade. I also have a Hides & Finds stump coin that I'll trade for something more limited (just not LE state coins). Please send me an email if you're interested.
  14. There are ways to disagree without being disagreeable, and the old adage that "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it" is always good advice! Ed I've always thought that being blunt is the way to go. If only good things are said then people will think that there's nothing bad, when that's not always the case. Sometimes the truth hurts.
  15. Scarlet Begonias covered by Buffett. Wait, that can't be it. It's the only one I know, though.
  16. Finally! I've been waiting for a Florida coin. I've got so many good memories of caching in Florida.
  17. I've got an Alabama, 2 limited edition Tennessee micro coins and the second coin from the Hides & Finds Geocoin Club to trade. Shoot me an email if you're interested in making a trade.
  18. You'd call something a geocoin just because Groundspeak got their cash for it???? Ever think that Groundspeak isn't always right? My favorite term for them is wannabe coins.
  19. You can also just upload images along with a cache log and use that for the hosting.
  20. They have joined the forums and posted in this very thread but said nothing about this coin being theirs. Even more interesting... I had totally missed that.
  21. I'm sorry, but I don't have any left that aren't spoken for. And I certainly understand the too wordy concerns. You should have seen the first draft I did of my own coin. It practically had the entire Poetic Edda on it lol.
  22. Someone who has 0 finds and just joined has no reason to be making a geocoin. Simple as that. IF they had a decent reason they should have said it themselves, rather than going through someone else in the advertising of their coin. I didn't comment on this coin earlier because everyone knows what my stance on the issue of coins like this is, but this has just taken a turn onto a much more bizarre road. I'm utterly dumbfounded by this new information that has been brought up, and I'm shocked that anyone would support what seems to be someone with no previous experience/knowledge of geocaching making an overpriced, 100% unrelated to caching "geocoin". I'd be interested to see twinbabies2000 join these forums and explain their coin.
  23. I've still got a regular 2005 Alabama and 2 LE Tennessee micro coins to trade away.
  24. I'm just curious about the wording on the back. Is it supposed to read something like "Hike Florida: 1300+ miles of caches"? It just kind of seemed odd to me without any punctuation or breaking up of the words. Looks good, though.
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