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  1. I wouldn't mind a DHobby V.1 to go along with my Waypoint 15 coin, but the Waypoint 15 was always my most desired coin so I guess I've reached nirvana, lol. More realistically I've been itching to get one of those new Tasmania coins with the thylacine on it and one of the geocaching 7th anniversary coins.
  2. And on the other paw, err, hand 99% of people would love to find a multi-tool in a cache. I've found them before. Heck I won one as a prize at a caching event. Just don't leave explosives or something, lol.
  3. SCP-173


    I thought it was about throwing off the skivvies and... well never mind.
  4. I don't think anyone does worry about it, seeing as how many coins there are that look alike. Just look at how many there are that are shaped like a Garmin 60cs (of which Junglehair was the first to do it).
  5. A year from now people will think 10 bucks is a good price for one of these I bet. For what they are they're pretty slick looking!
  6. A-- 1908 B-- Ford C-- Model T D-- 177 in3 (2.9 L) four-cylinder en bloc motor E-- Black F-- Black leather
  7. I don't post much anymore but I sniff around this forum and I sure wont flame you, I totally agree.
  8. I think you're the first person I've seen in a long time who doesn't think Rochester is part of the Finger Lakes. The same goes with Syracuse. I swear some people think the region spreads clear across NY, lol.
  9. That's not a half bad idea! I have my doubts, but once I've finally got my coins it's at least worth sending Groundspeak an email to see if it's possible.
  10. It's the last day of work and you have a 3 day weekend coming up. I know that's what has me excited.
  11. I don't mean to get hopes up but I really had to cut myself short this morning. Heck I was late for work because of typing this thread out. Anyway, the coins I don't keep for myself I'm only going to sell to people who live in the Finger Lakes. If I can't find enough cachers in that area I'd like to keep them within the rest of NY at least. Ironic since I live in CA now, but I want this coin to be something special for them, just like the Finger Lakes is a special place for me. I just really wanted to share the coin with everyone via thread since it's 3 years in the making for me, with a big long delay in the middle. Now to add some more information. The coin is 1.75 inches, going to be made of antique silver only (except for some antique brass for myself and family members) has epoxy on both sides and like I said there's only going to be 100 made. The tracking number is on the rim to keep that unsightly stuff off the coin itself and it'll be trackable with a custom icon. They've also got consecutive numbering on them, something that's not so common anymore that I really miss. That would be a good idea, only it would give his coins my icon so it wouldn't really work out.
  12. This coin is not for sale, I'm just sharing proof pictures of a pet project of mine that's taken 3 years to actually get produced. Some of you might remember a thread someone made about this coin back in 2006 but it never came to fruitition until now. Previous to this coin I've designed the original New York geocoin and the Vargseld/Team Proline geocoin, but I've yet to make one that was all me because I was either representing a caching organization or making a coin for 2 people (plus lack of money on my personal coin) respectively. This is the coin I always dreamed of making. The Finger Lakes are a chain of 10 lakes in NY that I spent my entire life going to until I moved to CA last October. I've been all over the USA and no place has ever wowed me as much as the Finger Lakes, and my folks place up there was always one of my favorite places to go. There's a lot of stuff in this coin. The map has a star on it depicting the location of the oldest cache east of the Mississippi and on the reverse there's grapes to represent the wine making business that the Finger Lakes are known for (one of the top 5 wine producing regions in the world, I've read). There's also a nod to the Native American presence that gave the names to all the lakes. The plane is the very one flown by Glenn H. Curtiss over Keuka lake when he became the father of flight (oh so much debate around this one!). The statues on the bottom commemorate the first meeting of three women who would become fundamental in the establishment of women's rights, one of which was Susan B. Anthony, who held conventions in Seneca Falls. And most importantly the closest boat coming through the canal is the Stroller, the tour boat on Seneca Lake that my father (Team Proline) captains on some weekends! These pictures are just of proofs. I'm going to have the real coins made in antique silver. There's only 100 of them and they are trackable with a custom icon, so yeah I dumped a lot of money on tracking codes I'll never use but I refuse to make 250 of 'em, lol. I don't want to make something so common. I'll post more info about them from work but I've got to scoot now.
  13. Time to give this thread a little bump because I think I'm the first person to snag one of these awesome coins! While on a road trip with a friend we swung by Helena after visiting the Groundspeak HQ. It was only a short detour. Okay maybe it was a long ways, but we were going to Montana anyway! All I can say is I hope I never have to drive through mountain passes like that again in my dinky little Prius, especially when the whole northeast is having bad snow storms (bad for them, even), lol. Thankfully I have a lot of experience driving in bad winter weather conditions. I'll let my log tell the rest of the story for anyone who wants to read it. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...83-c76eaf6036a5 Two coins I never thought I'd actually have.
  14. The tag isn't available anymore, I traded it for a "banned" pathtag, what a delicious irony and perfect closure to this new learning experience.
  15. Anyone trade pathtags? I couldn't find a thread just for them. There's so many people in my area who leave them in caches that I've started to collect them. I've got an extra of this one, if anyone's interested in swapping for another tag.
  16. One of my most fondest memories of a Christmas tradition is one that we don't do anymore unfortunately. When I was younger and my mother was a teacher she, all the kids from her class (the ones who wanted to, it was voluntary) and myself would go to the nursing home my Great Grandmother was in. We would all sing carols for her in her room, and then do the same for other residents. We did this for a few years until my Great Grandmother passed away, and a couple after that, but as time passed there were fewer volunteers and the tradition became just a heartwarming holiday memory. I'm not used to being so gushy about these things, but tis the season.
  17. I was the other cacher who was with Cyclosarin during the whole night time desert caching in a Prius thing. What a trip that was! I'm glad to see something that's not about kids winning a contest for once, lol. Thanks for putting it on.
  18. Hmm, looks like I can't edit the first post, so here's what's left. Alabama 2005 (silver) $15 Colorado 2005 (activated) $25 Czech $15 darth_maul_3 (bronze) (activated) $15 Delaware (silver) $15 European Union (activated) $8 f0t0m0m (activated) $10 Finland 2006 (activated) $10 Long Island LIGO (the first one that looks like a ninja star) (LE gold) (activated) $25 Maryland 2005 (activated) $10 Midwest GeoBash 2005 (activated) $35 NEFGA (silver) (activated) $10 NEFGA Jeep Club (silver) (activated) $10 New Jersey 2005 (activated) $8 North Carolina (bronze) $15 Ohio 2005 (activated) $10 SirGerald (Gold) $15 Team Badger $30 Tennessee 2005 (silver) (activated) $15 Tennessee 2006 micro $10
  19. Yeah, that's kind of why I wrote this... Anyway I updated the list to show what's still available. Make an offer if you're interested but the price of something is high, the members here will know what's fair better than I would anymore. I also have non-trackable coins that I can't sell, but I'll listen to trade offers for non-geocoin stuff (still collecting WWII stuff) if there's interest in them. Email me for a list of them. I'd much rather see them in an active collection being enjoyed rather than collecting dust in my closet.
  20. I think I've gotten as many trades for militaria as I'm likely to get, so I'm now looking to sell the rest of my trackable coins. They're all 2006 or older. Activated coins can be transfered between accounts, and to be honest I'm not sure what a good price for every coin is anymore so the ones listed are not set in stone. Alabama 2005 (silver) $15 Colorado 2005 (activated) $25 Czech $15 darth_maul_3 (bronze) (activated) $15 Delaware (silver) $15 European Union (activated) $8 f0t0m0m (activated) $10 Finland 2006 (activated) $10 Long Island LIGO (the first one that looks like a ninja star) (LE gold) (activated) $25 Maryland 2005 (activated) $10 Midwest GeoBash 2005 (activated) $35 NEFGA (silver) (activated) $10 NEFGA Jeep Club (silver) (activated) $10 New Jersey 2005 (activated) $8 North Carolina (bronze) $15 Ohio 2005 (activated) $10 SirGerald (Gold) $15 Team Badger $30 Tennessee 2005 (silver) (activated) $15 Tennessee 2006 micro $10
  21. I got a lot of emails from people with offers but they never responded to my replies. Not sure what's happening there. The list is updated and yes the Moun10Bike V2 has been traded away, no need to send more emails about it. The V3 is still unclaimed though. Many people emailed about it, but then quit replying.
  22. I had a thread like this a couple months ago and got a couple trades out of it but still have the vast majority of my coins left. I don't collect them anymore and I'm looking to trade for military items, primarily from WWII but other eras would be considered too. I'll also consider other non-coin offers. I have some very rare coins, and although I don't collect them anymore I would still expect a fair trade. All of my coins are from early 2006 or older. Here's a list of everything being offered, only a handful are being kept. I also have a few of my personal coins left. Most have been given away to friends and family. Please contact me through the geocaching site if you have an offer, not through PMs. 2bugs 2005 Alabama 2005 (silver) AtlantaGal Ver. 1 (silver) AtlantaGal Ver. 2 (silver) CacheDragons Calgary Cachers Camp Explorer (2 tone LE) Camp Explorer (antique silver) Central Coast Geocachers of California - Return of the Natives Project Coinfusion Project Colorado 2005 (activated) CruiserDude Czech darth_maul_3 (bronze) (activated) Delaware (silver) Dhenninger donbadabon (bronze) Emerald Valley Cachers (gold) End Station VTA Mystery Cache European Union (activated) f0t0m0m (activated) FaceDances Ver. 1 FaceDances Ver. 2 Finland 2006 (activated) Fire Elemental (silver) FlyinV (silver) Fox & the Hound ("Paint error" version) FoxFire949 GBA Coin Club microchip coin 2005 GBOTS GD (Great Daner) mystery coins (both round and square) Geocachers of the Bay Area GeoNap Georgia 2006 Hides & Finds Geocoin Club: coin 1 Film Canister Hides & Finds Geocoin Club: coin 2 Stump JayBee LitLens JeeperMTJ JeeptoysRus Kansas 2006 (silver) (activated) KevinG68 (silver) KTAG dog tag Ladycacher Loggerhead (activated) Long Island LIGO (the first one that looks like a ninja star) (LE gold) (activated) LoriDarlin (silver) Lowracer Manitoba Geocaching Association Maryland 2005 (activated) Mauison Midwest GeoBash 2005 (activated) Moun10Bike Ver. 2 Moun10Bike Ver. 3 NEFGA (silver) (activated) NEFGA Jeep Club (silver) (activated) New Jersey 2005 (activated) North Carolina (bronze) Northwest Pennsylvania cachers (The original one with the ship) Ohio 2005 (activated) OKIC 2004 Opticsboy PDXMarathonMan Pennsylvania 2004 Pepper (gold) Rupert2 Rusty O Junk Sgt. Stitches (silver) Shop99er SilverMarc SirGerald (Gold) Son of Cyclops Spencersb Steal Your Face / Greatful Dead SWAGS Christmas SWAGS Margarita Team Badger Team Coy Chev Team Rampant Lion Caching Through the Snow event coin Tennessee 2005 (silver) (activated) Thanks for the Cache The Boys of Ladycacher The Nano Twins The Rubicon Brothers 2005 Twister Dragons United Kingdom 2005 (Proof(?) with "CoinTracking.com" engraved for the name) Vacman (Ver. 2 I think) Washington Counties: Kitsap Washington Counties: Pierce WindRose Wisconsin Coulee Region Cachers
  23. The Moun10Bike coins are being held for someone, but all the others are still unspoken for.
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