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  1. In swedish Varg means wolf, and Eld means fire, thus wolf's fire. Although Varg in my case is a tribute to someone who used that name while playing with eld...
  2. About the "what other places are innappropriate, especially for children" question. Let me just say that when I see a child that can use a GPS themselves and drive to the cache site alone then, and only then, will I ever make caches that cater to them. As far as I'm concerned geocaching is an adult hobby that kids can just tag along for. Furthermore, I would argue that there is no such thing as an inappropriate place for a cache. As long as it's legal then it's fair game. I've hidden a cache that you've got to cross railroad tracks and a highway to get to, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. I've also hidden caches in a swamp, between highways and one that's on a steep incline with only a small area to walk around above a small waterfall/creek. Someone might say that's not safe, but that's the kind of cache I love to find. If someone doesn't like the conditions then just stay away from it. I make it perfectly clear what's required in my cache descriptions. For me it's usually the "inappropritatly placed" caches that I find the most unique and enjoyable. And for god sake, if your kids can't handle it just leave them at home! I've even hidden some of my caches purposely out of reach of children, it makes it so much easier to have clever hides. I can't think of anything more disgusting then geocaching with a V-Chip...
  3. I begin speaking in archaic tongues, and lose control of myself. I once even ate the person I was caching with.
  4. Now that I've provided entertainment for the night you'll likely never see me again (much to everyones pleasure, I'm sure)!
  5. How can anyone argue with proof like this? It was scarier then the time I saw a yeti.
  6. Has anyone ever seen an old lady dressed up like a ninja, swinging two carrots tied together with string like nunchakus and singing the Barney theme song? I'm just curious to see if anyone else has seen one of these ladies, because I stumbled upon one at a local cache. I was so surprised I took a picture, thinking she might have been a locationless cache, but no such luck. If you have, say so!
  7. All you people with 1,000+ finds better watch out!
  8. In the Southern Tier area of New York, I am with out a doubt the local legend. Okay, maybe not, but I like to blow my own horn. That title goes to Team Ferret, I'd say. Yesterday I had the honor of witnessing their 400th find. Actually another cacher and myself found it, but shhhh don't tell them that! The best thing about Team Ferret is that they're very modest, and don't strike up a band when they're a first finder, or any other "great thing". They take geocaching for what it is, a fun hobby, not a cut throat competition. I'm currently considering having a bronze statue erected in their honor. ~Vargseld
  9. I'm looking for someone to help me complete the locationless cache "Where's In A Name?" (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...px?pf=&ID=12627). As far as I can tell I need to find someone in/near one of these places. Florida: Gainsville, Ocala, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Tampa Georgia: Dublin, Waycross Kentucky: Ashland Michigan: Port Huron North Carolina: Asheville Ohio: Athens, Columbus, Lancaster, Mansfield, Newark, Norwalk, Portsmouth, Sandusky South Carolina: Anderson, Greenville, Greenwood, Spartanburg Tennessee: Greenville West Virginia: Huntington Anyone who'd be able to get a latitude reading that crosses over W82° 37' 730" long. could help me out, and get another log for themselves, too!
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