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  1. In parts of Southern California, out in the desert, my caching partner and I can easily find 50+ caches in a day (and I'm just talking daylight hours) going at a very relaxed pace. Just think how many it would be if we went for 24 hours and kept rushing!
  2. On a side note I wonder how many people who complain about fake coins discover coins at events that they never even see. I'm sure there's some.
  3. I ordered an extra Moga 2009 Antique Copper and would like to set up a trade in advance to swap the extra antique copper with someone for one that's antique silver. Anybody interested?
  4. While on a caching road trip this past week I traded for some wooden nickels I forgot I already had. I may as well trade them since I've got them now. I'll trade 'em for whatever you've got! Wow, I just said trade in every sentence of this post, lol. Fronts Backs
  5. I'm a little late replying but I really dig the look of the front. The caching colors look great.
  6. I like coins that are round, antique finished and sequentially numbered. I almost always avoid shaped one unless they have a special meaning to me. Selling more than one finish publicly is a turn off to me, and being trackable is something I could take or leave, it doesn't matter to me either way.
  7. What a great coin. Having done many caches by boat I'll be sure to get one, as well as one for my father, the captain!
  8. I thought they were remote controlled at first, lol. Pretty slick looking design.
  9. I think who it's from and why AND the fact that many others don't have a Lackey coin both go hand in hand for these coins. I bet that's what makes them special for most everyone who actually took initiative to travel to Seattle or met a Lackey to get one. There's a lot of things, all combined, that made them special. Selling them negates all that for me and I'm sure many others who are just not speaking up. There's nothing special about paying from a computer and getting something in the mail. You see people being upset because their coins aren't special if others can buy them, I see people who think it's a great idea because now they don't have to meet a Lackey or drive to Seattle which (I'm assuming) was Groundspeak's original intent way back in 2005 with the creation of the first Lackey coins.
  10. Yup, that's pretty much the concept behind making something limited right there. Is a penny from today as special as an Indian head penny from the 1800's? Nope. Something you can get any amount of you want just isn't special.
  11. I think a lot of people would be placated if someone from Groundspeak would just take the time to explain why they chose to sell this one when all the others have been something you need to pretty much get by hand from a lackey. Of course I'm sure there's going to be people who say Groundspeak has no responsibility to explain the decision.
  12. SCP-173

    Geocoin club

    Most of those are what I said. With regards to your coin and to clarify on my opinions, I'm sure that it's nicely designed, but no matter how nice it is I would probably be uninterested. Geocoin clubs usually make coins just for the sake of making them. Easter has nothing to do with the hobby, so for me I would find a geocoin that's just about Easter boring. Call me a purist I guess, I like coins that represent a caching team or individual, caching groups, events, certain caches and so on. Not everyone likes the same things though, this is just what turns me off to coin clubs. And to cover the coin clubs doing coins that have been done before part, there already is a geocoin shaped like a Peep.
  13. I think the map itself would be a neat idea. A set of 50 coins would be as unnecessary as the original 50 state quarters, though. It would be much more fun to fill it with existing state coins, but that leads to the problem of not all state coins being the same size and shape. I might be wrong but I can't see many people dropping nearly 400 dollars on something like this. You could just about make your own coin for that much.
  14. SCP-173

    Geocoin club

    I think you have a good idea here. My honest opinion of the coin clubs now is that the vast majority of their coins are either really boring, have been done before or are just plain uninteresting. One every 4 months would give more time to design and work on a coin and would result in something of actual quality, especially if you had a hand in making it all happen. Quarterly seems more like you're trying to produce something cool, monthly is just a money maker in my opinion.
  15. I agree. I drove to Seattle to get my Lackey coin and this makes it less special to me, even if it is a different coin from a different year. Will there be anything unique at all for people who visit the HQ now, or are they out of luck in lue of Groundspeak making a few extra bucks? At least I still have my volunteer coin.
  16. Well that explains it, he was the one I emailed. Now I'm also wondering if with the change to 50 if I could just have the icon attached to 100 of them changed to a new one.
  17. Is it possible to get the icon and name removed from 150 tracking numbers I have so that they're listed as the generic icon and the name "Personal Geocoin"? I emailed Groundspeak about it but I never got a reply. Right now the numbers are useless to me because of the existing association.
  18. As long as it can be adopted over I think it's utterly silly to give the coin less of a value. If you don't like the past history of logs just delete them.
  19. I'm looking for these coins. If anyone has them available shoot me an email and maybe we can work something out. I don't care if they're activated as long as they can be adopted. 2006 Rhode Island PA Keystone counties Ray & Rose 2006 Australia GBES Rally Illegal Immigrant BelKen If there's any other coins with a kangaroo on them that I missed (aside from Kangacacher) I might be interested in those, too.
  20. It is unactivated. It was donated by IowaAdmin to a CITO event last year for a prize drawing. I won it, and forgot about it until a few days ago when I found it in a box. Now I just need to know how to activate it. Giving this thread a bump because I have an unactivated 2005 Volunteer coin as well. Anyone know how to get the activation code?
  21. Wow, so the two in question are the same metal. I wonder how my old one got so tarnished just sitting in my binder. Thanks for helping me find the info.
  22. Let's give it one more shot. I'm pretty sure I've got one of each metal the more I look at them.
  23. A lovely idea for spreading awareness. I've sent you a name as well. Thank you for offering.
  24. I've had a Calgary coin (#104) which I think is polished brass ever since they were made. I got 3 more recently and I'm a little stumped on which is which. My old one is a little tarnished so I don't know if I have two of the same metal or not. It looks like it's polished brass but it's pretty darn close to the polished gold, so with the tarnishing I'm just not sure. I've tried searching but can't find a list of what number ranges are made in what metal. I've got numbers 26, 104, 192 and 1178 now. Anyone know anything about the ranges?
  25. That's funny, I was in Rochester for college when NYGO and I were making the 2005 coin!
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