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  1. If you emailed me and your info isn't on there you should resubmit it.
  2. Great, how about just adding something to the bottom saying that I started it.
  3. I've decided to end this project. Too many coins are coming out anymore, and I don't want to spend all my time adding them. If someone wants to take it over just save the html and have at it.
  4. LMAO! That's funny, but after that geocaching workshop at Edith Macy I can appreciate your humor even more.
  5. The coins I'm talking about are both representing countries. Countries that I know have caches. They're ones that I own.
  6. What is everyones opinion on how relevant a coin should be to geocaching? Just recently I got 2 coins that, aside from the phrase "trackable on geocaching.com", really have nothing to do with caching. There's not even a vague refrence to the hobby they're supposed to have spawned from. It's quite dissapointing, because they're both great looking coins, but I can't really bring myself to call them geocoins.
  7. Why don't you buy two and I'll trade you a Twisted Dragon for the second one. I think we know my stance on that issue.
  8. If someone buys 2 and wants to trade for my coin let me know. I'm not going to pay that much.
  9. By the way, there were 325 Twisted Dragons coins minted. I was given that number directly from Twisted Dragons themselves. They're not as rare as he'd have you think.
  10. What a load of BS. I have Twisted Dragons #206, and I've seen ones that are in the 100's. Not only are you delusional, you're also a liar. Additionally, you kept track of Twisted Dragons logs and went around picking up a gross amount of their coins from caches they had just visited. Very poor form on your part. I've never mentioned that before in such a blunt manner, but I think people you're possibly going to be trading with have a right to know what's really going on. I strongly urge no one to trade him for the Twisted Dragons coin. I traded with Twisted Dragons themselves, the way it should be, 1 for 1. Wanting 5 coins for that coin is utterly asinine. And expecting 4 coins for the Harriman coin is just as bad.
  11. The cost of mailers, postage and paypal fees.
  12. Varsgeld, we have new guidelines: "Links to Ebay sales of trackable geocoins are permitted, but only for unactivated coins or sales where the seller is the actual coin owner or the coin owner has granted explicit permission for the sale of their coin." Ahh, I missed reading that one somehow. Thanks for the update.
  13. Am I wrong? Is there something different about this coin from all the other Finland coins?
  14. In before the lo... There's nothing unique at all about that auction.
  15. Isn't that one of the stores that Groundspeak wanted to block from the forums by making the new guidelines? Regardless, that's nothing but a money maker. I love Signal, but I wont be buying those.
  16. I was going to say it's a lost cause, but you made some interesting suggestions. I've never heard of a single sided coin before. That would bring the cost down, and if you made it a smaller coin (less than 1.5"), that would make it even cheaper. I guess that would be a good start for creating a cheap coin that would be likely to move. If you have the funds to flood the market that would be another step forward.
  17. Make sure your coin has something geocaching related on it beyond the text "trackable on geocaching.com".
  18. I'd like to see people have coins with an edition of 100 or less, rather than 500.
  19. No, it's not. You're 100% correct... I've already got a Volunteer coin.
  20. If the caches you did were anything like the ones I did during GW3 you might want to change that tupperware container to a film canister lol.
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