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  1. Great idea, but does anyone else find it odd that a coin like this would have a limited edition metal?
  2. Do you remember the smell of the creosote plant when we'd have to eat on Easter with my crazy old uncle and aunt? (I know at least 1 person here who should understand that) Serious replies: Do you remember when coins only came in 1 metal? Do you remember the days when you actually tried to get "every coin"? Do you remember what the very first trackable personal coin was? Do you remember when the geocoin trading thread only had 10 pages?
  3. I have 2 of the LE Tennessee micro coins to trade. I'm not looking for anything in particular so please just email me if you're interested. I'm pretty much not interested in trackable coins.
  4. Finally got my TN micro LE coins. I must say they're a lot nicer than I was expecting (not that I was expecting them to be bad or anything).
  5. SCP-173


    Micro coins were around long before geocoins... What are you all trying to do, get credit for being the first to pay for a product?
  6. That's a really good looking coin. I have a feeling your icon may not resize to well, though.
  7. Wow, even my now defunct url is on there. At least anyone who clicks on it will be treated to some owls before getting redirected.
  8. Anyone out there looking for a regular 2005 Alabama?
  9. That is a very good price. All things aside, I commend you for making coins that are so much cheaper than the norm. It's a great thing to see.
  10. Thanks. I am a GEOcacher, after all. Nice try, better luck next time.
  11. I still don't get it. All you did was quote me from another thread. Just like kealia said, I don't have to buy them, but that doesn't mean I can't comment on them. Someone has to be the first to say it, and it may as well be me.
  12. Even if the places represented are part of a virtual how is the civil war even remotely related to geocaching? I don't get it.
  13. Pierce County was moved clear across the country today.
  14. Wow, that'll make an AWESOME coin! Can't wait to see 'em.
  15. I've been on both ends of a 3 for 1 deal. Both of them were fair trades, though. I've also done a 9 for 1. I haven't done any of the others, though.
  16. How is that related to geocaching?
  17. But pride doesn't mean it has anything at all to do with geocaching. Unless you put something on there caching related it seems ridiculous to call it a geocoin. The canine coins are a good example of something not really caching related that was spruced up to BE geocaching related. All it takes is adding some text and an ammo box.
  18. Just to clear up any questions you might have, Crake... I didn't want to buy the one I had reserved because I'd made a trade for your coin. Just incase you were wondering... I didn't want my reservation to go to waste.
  19. *Waypoint 15, because it's one of the first, I love the design and it looks a heck of a lot like my avatar. *End Station VTA Mystery Cache coin, because I really like how simple it is, yet it looks better than a lot of other coins. *NWPA (the original one with the ship), because I just can't get over how great it looks. Definatly one of the best.
  20. Hirlas, one thing I had considered doing was adding a counter to that page. I have a feeling it gets quite a few hits. It would be interesting to know for sure.
  21. tada! Looks great! Thank you. Here's hoping you're able to keep it updated better than I was.
  22. I hope you wanted to buy one, because I'm just supplying a confirmation number to get one without being put onto a wait list or anything like that.
  23. The first person to post here can have the confirmation code for the bluebonnet coin I reserved. They're not being sold anymore, and according to the email I got the "coins are IN STOCK and ready to go, and there is a significant wait list for these coins".
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