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  1. My understanding is that the Project APE souvenir is intended only for those who have found Mission 9: Tunnel of Light. I know that. That's why it boggles my mind how they're a good thing if they arbitrarily ignore all the other ones. What's the difference other than Tunnel of Light is owned by someone associated with Groundspeak and is closest to the HQ?
  2. I guess the APE cache I found isn't good enough to count for a souvenir? Thankfully I already have one, the actual icon under caches found. Why add a duplicate of something that already exists? The World66 map on my profile is easier to look at and see where I've been and that actually includes the entire world, not just a small number of states and countries (which doesn't even include where I live). I don't really see the point of these and would like to be able to disable them the same as friends. It just makes Geocaching seem more like another generic social networking site such as facebook with an only half finished plug in.
  3. I only have 5 more of these left now.
  4. I do still have some of these coins left for anyone who's interested.
  5. My favorite's the only mystery coin I've ever gotten, the Mickey Diver coin but it's certainly a real neat one. I guess that means I'd like to find anything else, haha.
  6. Somehow I ended up with two 2004 California geocoins so is anyone interested in trading for one? I'm not looking for anything in particular.
  7. this one? I was looking for the original round version but I've already made a trade for one.
  8. Me too, one of the best! It's nice, I'm just one of those crazy old school people who thinks coins are round.
  9. As referenced above, they are two distinctively different coins....the Australia 2006 was the first of the batch of yearly coins from down unda, with a trackable and non-trackable version being produced. Shown was the common trackable version. Still think that boomerang kangaroo coin is a winner. Hope that helps, mm Does the non-trackable one look different?
  10. As per the OP photo above. They sound rather cool, might have to get one of them. mm Most photos from photobucket, flickr, and other photo sharing sites are blocked here at work so I had no idea what photo he posted. He referred to it as the Australia 2006 coin and it's usually referred to as the Belken coin, so I thought he had posted a photo of another coin. I posted a photo of 4 coins: 2006 Australia, BelKen, Kangacacher and a Walkabouts pathtag. That roo crossing sign doesn't look too bad!
  11. I now know about the Hunny Bunny roo shaped coin but that's a little too cute for me.
  12. I'd like to find one of the original CavScout coins from back in the day. If anyone has one available let me know, I have plenty to offer.
  13. I'm way out of the coin loop so I'm hoping you all can tell me if there's any geocoins with kangaroos on them that I'm missing. I finally got an '06 Australia coin today so as far as I know this is all of them. I think there's a coin shaped like a boomerang with a roo on it but that one doesn't interest me at all. Are there any others?
  14. Coming to Montana (during a winter storm warning no less) was one of the best trips I've ever gone on. Montana is one of my favorites of the 37 states I've been to and this coin was the reason I went there. I wish I could have spent more time in that part of the US.
  15. You never said you wanted one, just asked about shipping to the UK. I'll send one now if you're interested. There's still some left.
  16. Well it's a crap shoot but does anyone have a BelKen coin with the kangaroo on it to trade? I have my own personal coin from 2006 I'd offer in trade.
  17. Just add another $1 for overseas shipping as in the post. It doesn't cost that much more to ship outside the US.
  18. I designed this coin and have sold them strictly to New York State residents until now. It was my intention to make this a NY state only coin but that experiment hasn't worked out and I couldn't sell them all. That said if anyone who's bought one of these already doesn't like this change I'll buy the coin back from them. Selling details are at the end of this post. There are 30 available. Just 100 total of these were made and they do have a custom icon (it's in the photo). Some other stats are as follows. 1.75 inch coin Antique silver Both sides are 3D and covered with epoxy The tracking number is on the rim The Finger Lakes are a chain of 10 lakes in NY that I spent my entire life going to until I moved to CA. I've been all over the USA and no place has ever wowed me as much as the Finger Lakes, and my folks place up there was always one of my favorite places to go. There's a lot of stuff in this coin. The map has a star on it depicting the location of the oldest cache east of the Mississippi and on the reverse there's grapes to represent the wine making business that the Finger Lakes are known for (one of the top 5 wine producing regions in the world, I've read). There's also a nod to the Native American presence that gave the names to all the lakes. The plane is the very one flown by Glenn H. Curtiss over Keuka lake when he became the father of flight (oh so much debate around this one!). The statues on the bottom commemorate the first meeting of three women who would become fundamental in the establishment of women's rights, one of which was Susan B. Anthony, who held conventions in Seneca Falls. And most importantly the closest boat coming through the canal is the Stroller, the tour boat on Seneca Lake that my father (Team Proline) captains on some weekends! The coins are $12 which includes shipping (add a dollar for overseas) and are being sold 1 per person/house hold. I have 30 left and they'll go to the first 30 replies in this thread from members who haven't bought one already that request one. That will make it easy for everyone to see how many are still available. I'll contact you with payment details. No checks please.
  19. Why not ask if they'll ship it the slowest, cheapest way possible? It's not like the coins, I doubt you're chomping at the bit to have the dies right this moment.
  20. I don't think anyone is afraid of being flamed, it's the fact that criticism is frowned upon and would make no difference at all anyway. I know that's why I don't usually bother.
  21. My biggest problem with geocoins anymore is the influx of simply ugly, unoriginal and non-caching related coins. The most obvious solution is for people to actually speak their mind, but few do, despite the fact that I know I'm not alone in my shock of what can pass for a geocoin these days. Many people on this forum have very thin skin and the concept of saying something nice or saying nothing at all is embraced to what I think is an unhealthy extent. People with something negative to say about a geocoin are flamed for having an opinion. *Awaits his own flaming for this post*
  22. This is what, the fourth or fifth badge coin like this?
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