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  1. If you use GSAK to handle all the data from you PQs, it is easy to find the oldest caches. Just click on the column for "Placed." :P

    I'm on a Mac. I'll look into the Mac GC apps, see if I can do similar.

    TC isn't the answer for what has happened to GC.com, but around here, those caches are challenging and fun, and sometimes while heading for one, you'll find a Geocache as well. :laughing:

    Thanks. I've posted to my local forum looking for a sponsor. If nothing else, it'll get me hooked up with some local cachers, which can't be a bad thing.

  2. I did some research on the oldest caches in this area. When they were first placed, back in 2000 and 2001, they were found fairly frequently, even though there weren't very many cachers then.


    In recent years, some of these outstanding caches had few "Found it" logs. It was almost as if they didn't exist, since there were so many other caches, of different types, to look for. I think many newer cachers, who found their first cache in the landscaping of a mini-mall just down the street from their house, think that is what caching is all about. Many of these newer cachers go on to place caches just like the first ones they found . . . :laughing:


    I have several caches located in awesome hiking areas here. Now is the time to make those hikes, while the weather is perfect for hiking. Unfortunately, my caches remain just about as lonely now as they were during the heat of the summer . . . :P


    Any suggestions on how I could dig up the classic caches in my area?


    EDIT: terracaching.com? Is that part of the answer? Feel like sponsoring me?

  3. It all depends on who you listen to......


    Thanks, Brian. I've only been out twice, nabbed 7 finds, and I already know I'm a traditionalist.


    My first time out I went on a trail I've hiked dozens of times and had that "Wow, I didn't know this was here" moment. It was just a tree a bit off the trail, but it's a nice shady spot to beat the heat here in southern california. That's what excites me. The next day I took in a stunning view and didn't find the cache. I'll be sure to go back and get a find on that cache, but the view and the hike were all well worth it.

  4. Just got my 400t on Friday and like it a lot but have a concern with the battery meter.


    I found my battery meter to be very flaky even with the 2.40 update. I have yet to get more than 5-6 hours out of a fresh set of alkalines and when the battery meter goes into the red I can shut off the unit and then turn it back on again to find the battery meter at 2 or 3 bars and then it continues to run although the battery meter will soon begin to drop. What is everyone getting on their Colorado's in terms of battery life? Should I return this one?


    Have you told it which type of batteries you're using?


    Setup>System>Battery Type

  5. I just upgraded to the Colorado 400t, and I'm prepping for my first cache run this weekend. I made a pocket query and loaded it, and it seems great, but I do have this one cache I found where the description is garbled.


    Is this some expected behavior this neocacher doesn't understand? Is there something I can do about it? Or do I simply have to wait for Garmin to update the firmware again (I ran webupdater yesterday, before I loaded the query, BTW).



  6. Sure, you can include a link in your log to a cache page or travel bug page. People would need to follow your link to view the image offsite.


    You can also use an image hosted offsite to display as part of a cache description for a cache that you own.


    You can also use an image hosted offsite to display within a post to the Groundspeak Forums.


    Right. But you can't embed offsite images anywhere but on the forums?

  7. It could be I'm missing something (I'm a complete n00b), but I'd love to be able to link images from my smugmug account instead of having to upload them to Groundspeak. Is it possible to link instead of upload?

  8. For me, I have learned the work arounds needed for the Colorado to function better than my 60cs so I am ahead of the game already.


    I'm a complete n00b, not even started yet. I just sold my eTrex Vista and have a Colorado coming on friday, going out on my first geocache run this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it. Sounds like a blast.


    Anyway, CC, I'm wondering if you could help a n00b out by sharing a bit about how you set up your Colorado, so maybe I can avoid some of the pain as I learn.

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