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  1. We have had 1 FTF and 100 finds without a Gpsr ..We plan on getting one for the hard finds but for now we are managing to find the smallest to the largest ones ..using maps, reading clues and logs... we have only been doing it for a month now and very addicted ... hagd all , oznkellie
  2. Today it was a great day for caching or sunbathing. My fiance and I chose to cache. The 3' coral snake she almost stepped on chose to sunbath, near the cache we were looking for. since the snake didnt move we wondred if perhaps it was a fake placed there by the owner of the cache to get a little excitement out of those looking for the cache, so I poked it with a stick carefully, til i realized it was real and then we got out of it's way til it left then i bravely or crazily, finished our seach for the cache. to tell it now it sounds funny but looking back on it I guess it was preaty crazy.
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