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  1. My husband and I have an agreement. I let him go hunting and he lets me go geocaching. Works out nicely. (He doesn't get my obsession)
  2. Whoa people! First of all I want to apologize for starting this thread I wasn't thinking it was going to cause all this commotion. That's why I deleted the link yesterday! Anyway I tried to protect the innocent as my article didn't have any specific information in it. It was pretty general so that people wouldn't be able to figure anything out. The purpose to this thread (after I read all the other threads about similiar happenings that are posted first) was to make people aware that when finding a cache to be careful and stealthful. The cache owner did everything that was necessary to place this cache. Marking it clearly and getting permission. We have a very good person in this area to make sure that caching goes smoothly and the correct people are aware of our game. I am very glad that the authorities take caution in the public's saftey. They must do what they have to to protect us.
  3. Oh I would rather have it safe than sorry. We always have to be respectful though just so we can keep our sport going and make sure to cache in trash out!
  4. I would have to nominate pure evil in Franklin, TN .. The cache owner can't even find it at times. Like yesterday.. We had about 25 people looking including the cache owner and we didn't find it. We'll ok there were about 5 people looking and 20 people saying maybe it was over there a little bit farther
  5. haven't been on the forums for awhile and wanted to explain myself. Most of the time we have either called the cache owner and had known for sure it wasn't there or someone that had found it before was with me at them time and confirmed it wasn't there. Oh also about the item 20' high on a light pole in plain site? Easy if you use a little creativity. Getting it back up was tough though.
  6. Oh my I am guilty. I've done this a couple of times. Mostly when we knew for sure it wasn't there and missing and we replaced it. A couple of times when the owner said go ahead a log it. I've never logged when that I knew was there and didn't find it. I'll log those as no finds. Ok guess I'm changing my ways. You've convinced me. Unless I sign the paper it's a no find.
  7. I don' t even read the signtures. That works to.
  8. Here's mine. I just got it today and can't wait to take it out this weekend. It's a survival staff and has everything you would ever need in it. Whoo hoo I'm so excited.
  9. How about getting a PDA? I got mine really cheap and it's been a life saver in more ways than one. Also if it's that big of a deal why would the approvers let it slide that it's not categorized correctly?
  10. I must say talk about service! I ordered it on the 20th and got it on the 23rd. I'm very impressed!!!!!!! Anyway took it out on my caching expedition today and got ooos and ahhhs from Rippietoe who now wants one. I loved it. I stuck everything I needed in it and it was fabulous! No heavy backpacks to carry. No trying to stuff everything into my hip pack and it wore very well when we stopped at subway for lunch. Thank you very much! FerretFinder
  11. Hello.. I just wanted to let you know I ordered a Black FatBoy today and paid via paypal.. I'll let you know what I think about it when I get it.
  12. Oh gosh come to Nashville and do some of the JoGPS caches. I find myself frequently having to go back several times to find caches. *he's very evil*
  13. oooohhh I have to reply to this one. I took my husband with me ONCE. I had just started caching and I was still a little bit to far from the cache and was standing by some brush contemplating. He looked at me and said "I am not going in there" That is ridiculous. There could be snakes or something. (We live in TN with poisonous ones) We did find the cache after driving around the brush but he wasn't as enthused about it as I was. And he's supposed to be the outdoorsy one. Go Figure. Needless to say I do most of my caching alone now.
  14. I don't know if this has been stated yet as I skimmed through everything. I don't think plastic travel bugs are a bad idea as long as they are very sturdy and imprinted. If they are just printed the printing could come off with normal wear. And make sure it's a plastic that doesn't become brittle over time. That could be a problem. (like a bucket I use for planting is now so brittle I can't move it)
  15. I just got my PDA yesterday and was planning using Spinner and Plucker but it took to long and I wasn't in the mood to figure it out. So I bought Cachemate for $7.00 and 5 minutes later I was on my way. I think I'll stick with this.
  16. I tried downloading plucker today and it has a .gz extension on it which confuses my system. I tried installing it and I'm getting all sorts of errors on the install. I guess it's a no go.
  17. at least they don't trash it. It looks like the pirates rehide the cache contents after awhile. In fact looking at their site it looks like they encourage leaving something for the kiddies so they dont' cry. I hope they are honest about it and it's just another part of the game for other people I guess. It could be interesting if someone worked with them when the cache was pirated. It could make an intersting story. I'm not saying any of the pirates antics are a good idea but it's better than someone stealing the cache altogether. I think they do need to leave information on how to find your cache contents if they are going to take it though so someone can go find it. Just my thought.
  18. I'm hopefully going to be getting my PDA in the next couple of days but have a question. I'm running Mac OSX. I do have access to my husbands PC but wanted to know this question. You can run plucker on a Mac and I see you can run spinner from the web. Can I do it that way? I've searched the forms and everyone says you need virtual PC or can't do it. I haven't seen anyone discuss this way. Am I misintrepting something? Thanks!
  19. I'm originally from Wisconsin and now live in Tennessee. You know it's interesting that hunters can trample over everything every year but they can't have people looking for stuff. I'm glad they are working with you all though. Cherri
  20. Wow I feel like I'm not worthy around all you people. I work in the Country Music Industry and don't have a title because they keep throwing to many different things at me. Website Manager, executive assistant, Broadcast studio engineer, accounts payable, and the give it to her she can to it person.
  21. congrats! Did you find all of those in Nashville? I wouldn't be suprised. Looking at the map it looks like it's saturated. I'll be busy for awile just doing the nashville caches. I can't wait!
  22. sorry about the multiple posts. I was using my mac and getting a wierd non post message so I thought it didn't take. Now I know it does.
  23. Thanks I just got a little confused with all the posts I've been reading.
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