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  1. Over-saturation of crossing? But really, that sucks; I'm sorry. Without *any* logs at all, perhaps there's hope. As a doc once said to me, "Never believe there's not hope, until proven otherwise."
  2. Name changed to include [MISSING] at the end. And locked (with Write Note, how to contact to log). Shucks.
  3. It did get retrieved (not just discovered). Woot, woot!
  4. Ready to roll out bright and early tomorrow for some weekend caching. No matter how hot it gets, I'm set. Thanks, guys!
  5. Wow, that's some work, there! I already wanna give a FP.
  6. I guess the voice recorder might make me look like a spy ... or Secret Service. Definitely not anti-muggle.
  7. That would work. Hadn't thought of the anti-muggle angle; bonus! I'll check Amazon - thanks.
  8. Often, it's simply paying attention to the details that make the difference in whether it blends or not. For example, the bird feeder? Consider printing and laminating a copy of a bunch of birdseed to insert where the clear plastic is, making it appear to be used for its intended purpose.
  9. I actually used this technique when heading to a 48 cache series - thanks. Only problem was that it was so hot, I dripped sweat all over it and smeared some of the notes! I think maybe next time, I'll use a voice-activated recorder, like a Dictaphone recorder or something. There's a local cacher who will not consider going paperless; keeps hard-copy notes like you. He's always the 1st go-to for PAFs.
  10. I might have to alter the Mission message, then. Although that can't be done on the attached Mission Tag, since it's way over there. Hm.
  11. I'd think that anything that looks like it belongs there should do the trick. I have a ball, about 6" diameter, that unscrews to open & access the container. Sprayed (and sealed) the exterior with cement texture paint to match the cement birdbath where it stands, placed on a pedestal, in the middle. Logs note that they walked past it many times before zeroing in on it.
  12. Yikes! And thanks - crossing my fingers, then.
  13. Fascinating. I'd never heard of this series before - thanks!
  14. I received notification that my TB was dropped at a Mega in northern Scotland. The event was held last weekend (Aug 10), and there are still many trackables left to be logged out of the event. I understand it may take some time to sort out all those trackables, but is there a "usual" time frame? "Stimpy" TB8A509
  15. Didn't really think about it until logging caches I happened to run across while shopping in a nearby city. There was nothing special about #100 (a LPC) ... except the title: "On the way to 2 million"! Thought it auspicious. Since then, I've tried to make the next 100 milestones fun or something I've never tried before. Just for me.
  16. Agreed! There were very detailed instructions on how to take the webcam photo, mentioning a particular statue, which means to me that it is a WEBCAM photo that's required. The rest, saying that the photo could be taken with any statue, I interpreted as allowing for the fact that the cam does get moved from time to time (so it would be aimed differently) ... not that the use of the webcam was not necessary. While I didn't take that to mean that a photo could be taken with any camera, not the webcam (what would be the point of that?), there was a very recent log that interpreted the additional information just like the OP. I wonder if that one will also be deleted.
  17. After reading this topic, I checked mine. Since I don't have so many to compare, I can say that there was one discrepancy between the email and the stats page. When I was looking at types of caches found in my profile's list of found geocache types - not stats page - I noticed one not listed in the other: NGS Benchmarks. Could that be where the stats were pulled from - the Profile->All Geocaches Found?
  18. Thank you for this insider's view of the caches in question. It really does shed some light on what is being referred to, and what may just being assumed by many because of the nature of publication.
  19. You may already know this, but you don't need the MATM to log your finds. If she logged her finds with the app - the ones not credited to her - you might want to post your concern in the App forums, as well.
  20. Agreed. When I earlier read your comment about a geoart probably being a power trail, I felt you were using a paint brush a bit too large; however, that may just be your experience, admittedly much greater than mine. After finding a couple of points of a nearby geoart and then looking at the many remaining points' logs, it looked like it was going to be exactly that (a power trail), so I quit. But I just did one a bit further out that covered a lovely pastoral circuit of about 15 miles, with varied containers and hides: definitely not a power trail, I do consider it a series. I don't think anybody would have considered the [now retired] Virginia Star a power trail. I can't speak to whether its replacement is or not, as I've not researched it.
  21. I can't say for the global community. In our area, the T4 multi would be better - and far more appreciated - than the power trail.
  22. Yes, quite a bit more varied. Lots of trads might be good training ground for beginners, I think, but not so much for those that would want variety. Perhaps I need to work on that. (I'm not smart enough to create challenging puzzles, but the others may be do-able.) Fortunately, I don't have too far to go (50ish miles) to get both the variety and terrain missing in our area. The kicker there is that those T5s tend to be rated as such because watercraft ($$) is needed...only a couple are "swimmable". M'Lady Penelope runs naked in the streets of Australia, eh? Good to know - filing that away for future reference. And indeed, the P&G part is the point ... the souvenir challenges tend to sink the good ship Utopia2. Sort of like the OP, I'm not hoping for any PTs in my area, but a bunch of P&Gs somewhere else, nearby, would be handy on those occasions.
  23. OK. I usually stick around the southEASTern side (Dale County) when visiting the homestead, but if I wander westward, I'll give a shout here, on this thread. Happy hunting!
  24. Do you mean hints for the cache itself? On The App? I just tried on the Android version of The App, and the cache hint popped right up.
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