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  1. You assume correctly. Thanks for that intel. I guess they're just not that interested or are otherwise engaged. I'll stick with not being creepy, then.
  2. I noticed no unusual activity at my caches during either of the summer souvenir activities. Most cachers actually living in this area are fairly new, so I'm guessing they do not receive notices of promotions. I've thought about messaging some local new cachers that have found my caches about an upcoming promo, but how creepy would that be?
  3. Hey, thanks for that tip! Good to know as I vacillate between Mystery or Multi ....
  4. Our world is populated by humans, with all their attendant foibles. Not in my immediate area, but nearby, there are some caches that are on commercial property. On more than one awkward occasion, it was clear they knew nothing of the placements. It makes me think that some folks view "private property" as only that belonging to private citizens, rather than also including businesses in their requests for permission. When caching in that area, unless the cache description explicitly states that permission was granted, I'm very careful to scrutinize the lay of the land before proceeding ... and most often give it a miss, especially if placed by certain COs. Besides cachers failing to attain explicit permission for whatever reasons, there are muggles that may well overextend their claims to properties. Case in point: I had just taken a photo of the clue included in the first stage of a multi [located in another state], placed on the shoulder of a quiet road in the country. As I prepared to return it to a structure clearly located on the road's shoulder (DOT property), a redneck in her monster truck veered in from the road, pulled in behind me, rolled down her window, and quite hostilely informed me that I was on her property and insisted I be gone immediately ... then sat there, essentially blocking me in yet making it clear she intended to make sure I left. Okay .... Rather than argue the point of property lines, I decided that whether or not she had the right, she definitely felt her 'space' was threatened by my presence and was ready to defend it. I finally had to ask if she expected me to jump the curb, or would she be moving to unblock my egress? Exasperated, she did move - spitting gravel - about 50 feet up the adjacent drive and stopped at her mailbox. I moved on [with Stage 1 still in hand!] to the first convenient place and worked out the puzzle, figuring I'd give it a while for her to relax her vigil. (As it turns out, that place I pulled in happened to be 4 feet from the final - ha - thank you muggle! (And it was definitely on public property with blanket permission.)) About an hour later, I cruised back by. The coast was clear, so I replaced Stage 1 - while stopped in the road (again, a quiet country lane) - then sped away. To their credit, the COs did move that stage as soon as I let them know about the incident. In another, more caching-friendly town nearby, I had a cache in hand, walking back to my car to sign, when the nearby property owner arrived in his car and politely asked that I remove it - now. Although it wasn't on their property (as he acknowledged without my pointing it out), it made him uncomfortable. Explaining the hobby to him didn't change his attitude. Feeling that it wouldn't show geocaching in a good light, and could alienate muggles from tolerating placements, to argue the point of right-of-way and property lines with adjacent owners, I acquiesced without further ado, informing the CO and posting about the removal in my NA log. So yes, it would be nice, but I'm not so sure that's a realistic expectation, given the nature of the [human] beast.
  5. Same thing happened to me. I recognized the first few words in the email waiting in my inbox.
  6. Give them your proposed coordinates, rather than ask for theirs. Excellent!
  7. In our area, it's customary for FTF to send an immediate online FTF log as a courtesy to others who may be headed there to find it first. Not a full and lengthy log, just a Write Note, "FTF at 0910," with the actual Found log to follow later. This practice may also help in a situation like yours. I have seen others call themselves FTL, First to Log, knowing they didn't find it first but were the first to post an online log. You've shown that you were the first to sign the log, and others who sign it later will see that, too. You know, they know, everybody knows that you were FTF. Expecting the other fellow to change the wording of his log may not be realistic. Don't let that tarnish the memory your first FTF. Make up a FTF dance and do it. Fist pump!
  8. To OP, for eyeballing the map purposes, you can also enter your coordinates in google maps. Right-click on the point, and choose (the last entry) 'measure distance'. Click on anywhere else, and it will show you, in both ft and m, how far it is.
  9. Even then, gracious words are uttered upon departure. I'll alter it, then, exchanging 'belch' for 'fart', given it starts with the letter offered in my log.
  10. Thank you for stating this. It must be overwhelming/frustrating for some one who is new or even a seasoned cacher who just doesn't excel at mystery caches to be instructed to go figure all of them out.
  11. If you're wanting to use the geocaching.com map - either the search or the browse map - look for the distance indicator. It will show both m/km and ft/mi, and that will change as you zoom in and out. Rather than use your thumb, use these distance indicators as your initial guide to eyeball a location on the map. Then, if it's looking pretty good, you really will need to get coordinates and follow the rest of the fine advice already stated, above.
  12. Like leaving the dinner table with nothing more than a belch.
  13. I always head to Cruise Critic to research before and after booking a cruise. Absolutely love it. I hope it remains as uncensored and useful after the merger. I'll mull over whether to add to the roll call since we usually are with a group already. Thanks!
  14. Start your paragraph with <p> immediately before the text of that paragraph, and end with </p> as the last thing in that paragraph. Another paragraph ... another set of <p> and </p>
  15. Bryce ... Oooohhh! She's definitely rockin that same kid next door vibe. Yeah, I'm loving this series.
  16. True. Even though it sounds as if you're getting credited for your find on the proper day, it would be reassuring to know that it's all good, rather than worry for a week that it might not be.
  17. It may be that folks in your area don't visit the Forums. Perhaps you could contact a CO or two whose local caches you've enjoyed and - after letting them know how much you liked their caches - tell them you're new & ask them about your caching community. You can go to the web page of one of your favorite caches you've found and at the top, just below the cache title, next to the CO name, there's a place to click, "Message this owner". Worth a shot, no?
  18. Then, I hope it's not the usual - which is quite possible, because they really didn't give a start/end TIME in the faq as they normally do, and the end time especially is very open-ended.
  19. While I understand that it's never safe to assume anything, usually the souvenir challenges begin and end at noon UTC.
  20. I don't like the enormous nothing-about-the-cache logs, either, but ... What the "F" ? Very efficient log.
  21. [dramatic stripping of merit badge]
  22. I did attend an event, after which the CO escorted a gaggle of the uninitiated through a Where I GO cache in her hometown. It was a my first of that cache type, and a milestone at 400 finds. A gentleman amongst the gaggle, from way out in Seattle, also reached a milestone with this cache. It was his 56,100th. Wow. Only 55,700 to catch up!
  23. Thank you for providing an important additional "in-house" perspective on this topic.
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