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  1. Sure, and I don't understand your question. You ask how to refresh/ reactivate your caches. Umm ... my answer would be "go refresh them." Why is that an issue? Are you no longer in the area where the caches are placed? Are you asking how to take care of your caches? Are you asking how to remove maintenance icons from them? Are you asking how to unarchive them? Really unsure how to help; therefore, unsure if I can.
  2. Wow. That's quite disappointing. Maybe ... I dunno, "filter what you read with your common sense while awaiting your ability to recognize which contributors give sage advice"? Just sayin' that's more harsh than accurate, from my experience ... solely.
  3. I have parents who are still married! Mom & Dad: My [snow] skiing buddies, they laughed when I pulled out my GPSr and waymarked our starting point and trail turns. They smiled gratefully when we actually got back to waymark 1. ? A couple of years later, they called me up to see if I might like to join them on a new hobby they picked up called Geocaching. "Pick me up!" Much more fun than just making sure we made it back to civilization before freezing to death! I do have a couple of cousins, several times removed, from that ski club, but their participation is sporadic, at best. I may or may not have several illegitimate children, depending on maternity tests, after sowing some wild oats by holding a Geocaching 101 community event.
  4. Just dropped to D - ! I'm going to hide my report card. SHHHH!
  5. Yeah. Guilty. I'm from the Deep South, and you know what our motto is: Why say in 20 words what you can say in 200? ? I prefer to lead the description reader from the general story to the specifics of the cache finding, with a definite break in the prose to signify important stuff coming up. So I get an F on that "put the cache info first" part. But honestly, it just doesn't seem to flow as well with the cache specifics FIRST, and then the story. The article was a good wake up call, for the most part, for me. Although I think it depends on the type of cache, too. I may not WANT to tell what they're going to experience until they get there. Overall, I reckon I'd score a D ... being saved from a total failure only by the inclusion of photos. CO Summer School awaits me. ?
  6. I completely understand the reasoning for wanting that as a CO. Frankly, I wouldn't use it ... mainly because when I start building a cache I create a folder on my computer with the cache name, and all my notes, photos, etc. go in there. I prefer to keep it local, rather than having to access the internet, thus the cache page, in order to work on it. When it's ready, or I need to do tweaking, it's quite easy for me to cut and paste. On the other hand, I do most of my GC.com access from a desktop, so don't know if your idea gives added benefit for working strictly from a phone, for example. If you don't have a PC, I wonder if creating a Dropbox [or whatever cloud storage] folder similarly would fulfill that need you describe?
  7. Maybe I'm just not experienced enough to have seen much of this type of activity, but it seems a rather unusual situation, one that an individual, targeted response would better handle, rather than a blanket change to how the system handles specific log types. From reading it, I gather that the cacher mentioned in the OP seems to be up to more - far worse - than just getting unearned Smileys. I went back to check and, sure enough, I have committed this infraction (deleted adoption note), though for far less nefarious reasons. All the logs about NA, trying to adopt out, adoption tool not working, PLUS the final adoption note seemed like extraneous clutter - Log litter, if you will - for future cachers trying to get a sense of past experiences or glean a clue from past logs. (I did leave [original CO's name + "adopted by" me] as the CO listed, though.) Perhaps it was a misjudgement on my part, but I really don't think it degraded the integrity of the cache.
  8. As @cerberus1 points out, yes you could. Whether that's good for the longevity of the TB is another question ... that I would have to agree also, probably not. Not only is it likely to get lost among, or accidentally attached to, the swag in a cache as he points out, there is no way to communicate to the finder what its purpose, its "mission" is. Attaching something might also give a visual cue to help folks who found the cache where it's supposed to be remember that they did see it (should you ever try to track it down.) But if it doesn't matter whether it rides along with the same cacher, Visiting caches for years, or completely goes off-grid, then sure; go ahead. I've found a few unaccompanied TBs and treated them just I would have if they'd had something attached. If you haven't already, you might want to take a quick look at the second pinned item in this forum:Snoogans' Tb Longevity Clinic
  9. I wonder if you might have edited the log? I don't use Cachly, but another not-the-official app will automatically Visit all the TBs in your inventory with every log ... including if you edit the same log.
  10. It's interesting to see what was obviously an ALR before, and whether subsequent cachers still follow through with it. There's one in which all logs were required to "whine" about the find ... in x words or less. Funny logs!
  11. Seriously doubt it. Even you describe it as " ... a kind of system-enabled ALR".
  12. Sorry! Copied from your response; didn't notice it attributed incorrectly.
  13. Not sure about the *care* part, but yes: TBs physically accompany me, frequently posing for photos nearby.
  14. Several good suggestions and insights. Haven't seen mention of good camouflage. I mean more than a handful of leaves, here. Get a tube of good construction adhesive and go to town! In addition to camouflage & tether, I explicitly ask that no photos of host (and sometimes location) be posted.
  15. I did make it past the Clue level, and was trying to reconcile finding 50 caches and not caching out my home area. Suddenly remembered a 48-puzzle geoart that came out in January that I'd already done solved. About 70 miles from me, I'd thought of maybe swinging by there on my way to the Deep South. Checked it out: Of the first 18, only 2 are non-jewels, so a minor track-back of a couple of miles to grab those for the last level. Then smooth sailing, just find and log the rest. Grab a couple more on the way home, and done. Yessss. Locked and loaded and heading south! ?
  16. Well, I must say, you were eloquent in your disgust! I had a similarly disgusting experience - admittedly not that bad! - and did record it in my log as warning that summertime was not the best time to attempt it ... unless you were great at holding your breath! So really, great logs are as much about communicating with the CO as they are about communicating with the cachers yet to visit.
  17. I saw that! ☺️ And agree 100%: It *is* important! Not only for future caches, but for that cache, as well.
  18. Should we ever cross paths, we shall take photos with "real" cameras!
  19. This is a classic!!!!! <-refer to barefootjeff's post ?
  20. Lady Penelope Carrington is featured in many of my logs about certain caches. It puts an amusing spin (I hope) on an otherwise usually rather mundane cache; helps me write my story from another angle.
  21. That was one of my first thoughts when I heard about folks doing hundreds in a day: How do they remember them all; how do they log them? As a CO *and* as a cacher reading logs, those looooong logs with nothing to say about the cache really are annoying.
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