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  1. Well, here in Japan, most caches speak a little English. I don't think I've seen a cache listing yet that isn't posted in both Japanese and English. That's a lot more courtesy that's shown than say, in Germany. Anyway, there's nothing to stop people from posting in their native language as well. These forums seem to accept character packs.
  2. I second that, Adium. It seems that just in Japan we have 1500+ caches and counting, and Greece, which only has 400+ has its own forum. Seems like we could at least get one for the whole of Asia.
  3. This post is old, so I don't know if the "home coordinates" feature existed when this was posted. In your profile, there's an option to set "home coordinates". You can then search for caches near your home, and they will show up ranked by distance. Also, if you go to a cache's page and click on the bottom map (not the top map), you can see the cache's immediate area, which you can then enlarge and scroll around the country. That's how I see all the caches in my area by map rather than list.
  4. aneles

    A Spanish in Japan

    Hi, sorry nobody answered you sooner! Ya ido en vacaciones? Tokio, Kyoto, y Kamakura son interesante para caching. Buen viaje!
  5. Tosy-さん, Thank you very much! That's very helpful. I'll try it now. I enjoy your caches~~ ありがとうございます。
  6. Hi Japan Geocachers! I'd like to add Japanese to a cache that I own. When I type in the Japanese on my computer, it looks fine. But when I submit the edited listing, it looks like ?????? Do you know if I have to do something special to get it to work? I'd like to practice my Japanese and make my cache more accessible for those who only speak Japanese. よろしくお願いします。 -selena- update: I think I fixed it! I had to switch the encoding in my "view" option to EUC. Thank you!
  7. Thanks to everyone who responded! I picked up a simple little Magellan on ebay. I've been able to input coordinates and managed to find 14 caches while on Guam last week. I haven't figured out mapping capabilities or interconnectivity yet, but caching has been pretty fun so far! I appreciate your help~~
  8. I'm also a brand new newbie. I would like to start geocaching, but have the same questions as the OP. Any Japan users... what units do you use? Where did you buy? I checked Tokyu Hands, Yodobashi camera, and a bicycle store with no luck. I DID find some units at AutoBacs (the car parts store) but they didn't seem to have anything similar to what I see on ebay. I also have a MacBook. I can read some Japanese but would prefer English. Also, my mobile phone has a navi, but I'm not sure how to use it. Anyone out there successfully using EZ NaviWalk to geocache? Thanks in advance...
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