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  1. I threw this out on our forum but thought I should put it in here also. I was wondering if anyone had any interest in starting up a softball team of Geocachers. I would love to play although I am not looking to coach or manage. Ya know I do realize that by suggesting the idea it makes you defacto manager but I really have no ambition other to play. My life is busy enough with my union, starting a business and trying to lose weight by playing some softball. I have still after a year and a half to hit 100 Caches. Anyway am I barking up the wrong tree?
  2. I just found Both COORDS to sanrufts and camel680s event. Now I hope I can make it.
  3. So I was at my sons baseball game when I realize there is a cach nerby GC19AZ0. (iPhone rules!) Didnt have to much time to check it out but did spend about fifteen minuites looking, any one want to give me a hint on warhrs' hide? I could not find it and will be back for another game this friday.
  4. Man, everyone is being very witty. I am developing a complex now about my silly posts.
  5. I was with Greg on the steelers post, always having to look at it. But this was toooooo funny!
  6. WOW bill, where was that picture taken? You didnt happen to feed oh i dont know, 5000 people right before this did you? just kidding bill it is a really nice picture.
  7. Sounds like my family would be up for this type of gathering. No one here has a february bday though. Count on us in either May, June, october, or November. May is the big 40 for me so I would really like to host that month.
  8. So these puzzles have never worked for me. Every one I know would see things in them but me. Any hint you could give me to move forward on this without ruining it?
  9. Yes I see it and yes it is right down the street (kinda) But I am not biting
  10. I really enjoyed watermark GCHHX5. lil smokey and I went out first thing this morning. nice find
  11. I sure hope geo bandits has a sense of humar
  12. I wouldnt mind getting one from you. Do you know how much they are.
  13. And I always thought ninja was the fasted man in the west
  14. I was able to get a good friend of mine and sometimes co worker to come caching with me, we meet SBJunky at a site and co FTF with him. I really liked him and thought he was a nice guy. But who would of known my friend Brandon who goes by "lil smokie" would come up with 3 FTF on his first outing? I had an astounishing 6 FTF's. What a day
  15. Hey guys, I have wanted to post here for some time now. I think I have finally figured it out. I have known about caching for a couple of years now but only started actively caching earlier last year. I have been talking to BOGA, and am looking forward to meeting more cachers in the Modesto area. So happy belated New Years! David, aka DJFRANCIS
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