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  1. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=2578662
  2. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=2578546
  3. Umm...Yeah...I never imagined that it would be 5 whole years before I got these 100 coins activated and traveling. It's been a long hard road to get here but I am finally getting this done. I don't really want to go into great detail on all the things that have gotten in the way of this, but I'm happy to be getting these moving. I no longer have 100 of the original yellow versions so these will be a mix of the special versions, mostly Green and Orange. At this point I'm planning to drop them all into an event in Seattle in August. They should spread out quickly from there. Keep a watch here for links to the coins as I edit the Missions
  4. Well...I was only Half as late in sending my two packages as I was in handing out the assignments... Number one, Package Mailed, 02-02-12 Package Received..... Number two, Package Mailed, 02-02-12 Package Received.....
  5. Mmm...I guess I missed the part about these being 2 inches!! They are amazing!!
  6. Either way, the coin should be advertised under it's proper name. Looks like it says TN or Bust and a date...was that a GW coin?
  7. Hmmm...perhaps there might be a way that a transfer of ownership could come with the option to assign a new TB number, protecting all the old logs...giving the new TB numbera clean slate and leave the logs assigned to the old TB number. That's something that would have to go into the feature suggestions though.
  8. What's the rush? Isn't anticipation part of the fun of collecting? I agree. with all the time, care, and planning that goes into each minting, 1-7 days delay in delivery is hardly an issue. Of course, I spend weeks waiting on Postcards from all over, so my opinion is a little off.
  9. Whew...clicked Confirm Payment just as the last note was being sung in the National Anthem...Now I can tune in to the game. Thanks!!
  10. So close! Actually I guess that works now that I googled it. I was shooting for Ibex...they must share some dna Now, the next mystery (ok not so much) is that the icons on the front of the coin spell something, once decoded. either ICON or COIN? ....could be NOIC or ONIC though I suppose! I think it's actually COINZ
  11. So close! Actually I guess that works now that I googled it. I was shooting for Ibex...they must share some dna Now, the next mystery (ok not so much) is that the icons on the front of the coin spell something, once decoded. hAHA
  12. As far as I know it has not been shared. I'm going to keep it to myself, but I won't stop anyone else from sharing it(the public number of course). someone could always sort through the Trackables I own to find it too...
  13. All assignments have been sent. Thank you all for joining the fun. If you cannot find your assignment, please get in touch with me writeshoprobert@hotmail.com
  14. Everyone who signed up has been sent a confirmation note. I'll be mixing up the names now and sending assignments tonight. Thanks for your patience. I appologize for holding this ball so long. I really hope that the delay does not hinder anyone.
  15. Ugh...everything I touch for the past two years gets behind schedule...completely my fault. I am working on this right now. everyone will have their assignments tonight. I hope that most of you have already chosen some gift items that are of a wide enough interest, since almost everything is gone from the stores by now. It looks like we have a small field this year...12 entries and two from me.
  16. Time's up. I'll be sending emails to those who have signed up, going over the requirements, and later to send your assignment. Thanks everyone. A small field, but should still be fun.
  17. Took me a minute too...No L = Noel This was a big surprise to me, since I haven't done very much in Coining for quite a while, and I've really dropped the ball on a few things too. I was delighted to get this surprise in the mail. It has a special place unted the desktop tree that my roomates gave me!! Thank you so much, and Merry Christmas!!
  18. Once again it's time to do the Christmas Clearance and Regifting Mission!! This one has been a lot of fun in the past, and since I'm settled into a new place to live I think I can handle hosting it once again... Here we go... By now we all should be familiar with the concept, but I'll run through it anyway. The Christmas Clearance and Regifting Mission is a chance to have some fun raiding the After Christmas Clearance Sales in search of that perfectly appropriate, strangely inappropriate, or just plain ridiculous gift for someone special(or random, as the cards may fall). If you sign up for this mission, you will receive a random name of one of the other participants and you will need to send them at least ONE Trackable(unactivated) Geocoin, as well as something you score in the After Christmas Clearance Sales(or something you received as a gift, and are passing along Example...Haha, anyone need a 2XL Men's Blue Polo Shirt?) The Clearance/Regifting item should have about the same value as a Geocoin($5-$12) as a starting point. If you choose to send additional items, that's up to you. I cannot take special assignment requests, and this is an INTERNATIONAL MISSION. If you are unable or unwilling to ship your package to anywhere on the globe, please do not sign up. What you will need to send... 1. At least ONE Trackable(unactivated) Geocoin. 2. At least ONE additional Gift from the Christmas Clearance Sales or a Regift(in the $5-$12 range). 3. Whatever other fun you can come up with. Information I need when you sign up... 1. Your prefered Email address 2. Your Geocaching name 3. Your Shipping name 4. Your COMPLETE Mailing address 5. Your Age and Gender(as specific as you want your sender to consider) Any questions can be posted in this thread, and if you have requests about what to receive(allergies Etc.), you can discuss that here too, not in your sign up email. Please contact me through my Geocaching Profile to sign up. Here's the timeline... Sign up by December 25 Assignments sent by January 1 Send your package by January 31 After you sign up, please keep your status updated in this thread MM/DD...Signed up MM/DD...Received assignment MM/DD...Package shipped MM/DD...Received Package Other random rules... You may request up to TWO assignments for each person on your team, Please do NOT send anything that cannot be discussed/displayed in these forums, Consider the climate where your shipment is going when you choose your gifts.
  19. Wow...if that's true, I wish I would have known about it when I had my Look Twice Coins made
  20. sounds like fun. I've done a few similar things over the years. Have patience and you will get some updates eventually.
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