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  1. This is a sample of some of my sig items, Collectible, Tradeable, WRITE SHOP ROBERT gamecards. Basically, you collect and trade them to match up a qualified set then you win a prize. there are more details in my profile.
  2. I've started a collect and trade game through my profile, my signature cards are everyday type items with a custom sticker on the back then laminated, they take a little work but cost just pennies each, I print the stickers on the comp e-mail me for more details
  3. when you take a 200 mile round trip starting at 11:30 pm to help a TB win a race
  4. Well I don't have a stuck pic while caching but just wanted to say keep an eye out for my TB "I wish I had a HUMVEE" number tgb444
  5. my best mathod when i cant get a solid read is to aproach the area in a straight line and then when i get near, i set the unit down in the same line, then i start looking, and go back to the unit if i need, by then it usually settles down
  6. well i hate to say it, but i too think this particular method sounds a bit complicated, im not even sure i understand the "RULES" to follow to log this CITO event as a find. it seems to me that if a bunch of people are willing to spend their time picking up trash, why bog them down and constrain them with
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