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  1. I had 39 PQs, the limit is not 40 exactly? But if I have deleted one PQ, then I've created Route PQ with no problem. Thanks! But why I can have only 39 PQs insted of 40?
  2. No, it isn't working now Always I get " An Error Has Occurred - Your request has resulted in an error. " message when submitting PQ from route.
  3. Hello, my friend has just created a new account, but can't validate email address. I think, it's because she has "ň" in her nick. She can login without problems, but when she tries to enter validation code (from email) it will fail. When is she logged on validation page, username is still needed for validation. Any suggestion how to validate with this char? Thanks.
  4. You need to be realistic about what you want to search for while in that city. You're not going to look for all (for example) 3,000 caches in that area. Filter your PQs to only return traditional caches with a difficulty <3 and a terrain <2.5. When traveling in a new area, I'm unlikely to have the desire or time to search for anything more complex than that, so there is no need to even download them. Besides, most GPS's can only hold 500 to 1,000 caches at a time anyways. I only want to search all 2500 results with 1 query. Yes, from that all I will find cca. 5-10, but I don't know exactly where I will be there next day. Yes, I can divide in 5 queries, with different origin, difficulty etc, but it takes a lot of time, and the results must overlap to be sure that I have all. This I've done for my home location, but can't do every time for every place where I go next day or (sometimes) in few hours. It's worthless restriction, which I can't realize, in these days, when computers' performance is very high My GPS can hold 10000 waypoints, so there is no problem.
  5. Before 2 days I bought the PM account. Filtering in pocket queries is very good, but 500 results are not enough for me. If I go to any large city and want to download all caches in there, I have to create more queries with small differences (e.g. in date, difficulty, etc). This takes much time, and the results are not reliable. I'd prefer to make just 1 query with more results per day, than 5 queries with insufficient results. Please, think about allowing more results in 1 query, in database is no big time difference when the limit is higher. Thanks.
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