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    86? Thanks for the cointest!
  2. Email Sent: 10-26-10 Name Received: 11-2-10 Card Sent: Card Received: Now the research begins
  3. What a great idea for a cointest drneal!!!!!! My cat Nikos is definitely my best animal friend. He seems to be a combination of cat, dog and human He loves to play fetch with his gray mouse (gray only) and drink water out of the faucet. He is also my alarm clock in the morning if I fall back to sleep. He is partial to gray and pink.-here are some pictures of my sweet boy When he was little he loved being carried around in Leah's doll basket- Then he got bigger and he didn't fit as well Here he is in Leah's drawer (notice the pink?)- I swear this is true-I took this picture Thanksgiving day last year after he had eaten a lot of turkey- He also knows which stocking is his I could go on and on, but I don't want to take up too much space-thank you again for cointest, I can't wait to read the posts! Editing to add the favorite memory-I guess I got carried away and forgot to add that LOL! My favorite memory is the day we let him out of his cage after he was all healed from being hit by a car. I LOVED seeing him running around the house again!
  4. I would like a set as well, maybe two
  5. Laval K-9 only for you will I end my mission hiatus This sounds like fun, thank you for hosting it! Email Sent: 10-26-10 Name Received: Card Sent: Card Received:
  6. MEOW is right I am definitely going to have to break down and get a few of these!
  7. I am very sorry that I didn't see that comment or I wouldn't have posted any pictures. To me, the compliment for receiving a coin from someone else is posting pictures and so I do that especially thorough for mystery coins. It's a very generous gift and I try to say THANK YOU as much as possible........ Shari of burgessfour
  8. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I was SO excited to see this mailer today Thank you SO much mystery coin giver for such a fun and well done coin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Editing out all pictures and the coin number..................
  9. I checked my letter and I am #005; a true believer here
  10. We don't do much night caching but I do love that design!
  11. cache agent? Yep, thats it! Your turn
  12. Yay, I got one!!!! I didn't know that they were that rare either.... Okay, here is my attempt at drawing; don't laugh too hard folks
  13. Sushi Geocoin? Editing to remove huge photo
  14. I know, I can't wait to see mine too!!!!!!!
  15. I recieved a mysterious letter from Mr. Gray today I believe
  16. I got three awesome, SCARY, clowns on Saturday from River Cacher. They are very nice and have a great glow!!! Thanks Mike
  17. Got mine yesterday and love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially the AE, thanks Mike!!!! They have such a nice glow and of course I love the cats
  18. Yes, Kate has returned with a vengence! I am lucky to still have my life after finding her mystery coin But the coin is so amazing it was worth the risk
  19. An awesome Mystery Coin came today as a complete surprise! Thank you Kate (The Bell Witch) for visiting me
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