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  1. Nikos somehow knew which stocking was for him last year Yep, another vote for the kitties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Another day, another vote for the Felines Nikos and Cherry relaxing after a day of playing..............
  3. Oh how fun! I added it to my watchlist; thank you so much for letting me play!
  4. Our rescue kitty Cherry Pie in her basket
  5. A vote for the cats here! Nikos after Thanksgiving dinner last year
  6. Congratulations Nikos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Fun cointest, thanks! My precious baby boy Nikos...........
  8. Email Sent: 10-26-10 Name Received: 11-2-10 Card Sent: 12-3-20 Card Received: 12-3-10 I had mailed my mission off and ran a couple of errands after work and what to my wondering eyes should appear (in my mailbox)? Gifts galore from Maine Family so dear! Okay, I'm not much of a poet but I thought I would give it a shot Wowie; all that chocolate! And look at that sweet card Pathtags!!!!!!!!!!! They came in a beautiful velvet bag..... I wonder what's in the card????? PAX!!!!!! I don't have one of those and he's even cuter than I imagined-Thank you SO much Maine Family, what a wonderful and thoughtful gift it all is
  9. Wow, it just keeps getting better! I'm glad I got my reservation in already
  10. Something I tell my kids - "The First Rule of Holes; When You're In One Quit Digging". Thanks for the fun cointest!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yesterday I went out to check my mailbox and I looked up and saw lights in the sky The next thing I knew I had coin #005 and it's mystery device in my hands! Thank you Mr. Gray and yes, I do believe!
  12. Looking towards the skies for signs of alien presence
  13. Doesn't it take you back to be a child on Christmas morning? This is a GORGEOUS coin!
  14. Congrats GoldBugGirl and thank you for the cointest drneal!!!!
  15. I can't wait to see a pic of this coin!!!!!!
  16. Maybe a little replica of what E.T. used to phone home Thank you for all the fun and intrigue Mr. Gray!
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