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  1. After five years this topic is still alive and well........................ quoting Mr. Hanky...... "Howwwddddyyyyyy-hhhiiiiiii"
  2. Maybe the names of the offending jeep theives :) could be posted here on the forums and we could all mass mail them to shame them into putting the jeeps back into circulation as they were intended to be. At the very least, maybe they would get tired of being harassed about it and quit altogether. After all, their activities of hoarding are ruining the game for the rest of us who play by the rules.
  3. I am thinking the challenge has become one of even finding the jeeps. They get swiped and disappear from existence usually right off the start. There are numerous caches in my area that show them listed on the cache page but there is no sign of the actual jeep anywhere in the cache. Makes me think that there are trolls hiding near caches just waiting for a jeep to show up so they can steal it. The trolls really take a lot of the fun out of the game.
  4. I think the time for being nice is long past......it's time to get out the baseball bats and break some legs. They are grown adults well aware of what they are doing. Pain is all they will understand.
  5. One bit of advice I offer is be sure to add a fuse to your wiring to protect your GPs unit. Any parts store can probably fix you up with all the necessary stuff.
  6. what an absolute jerk........sounds more like a cache-terrorist than cache police
  7. I realize gas prices here have been relatively low for quite a while now compared to a lot of other places in the world, but please explain to me how Mobil/Exxon can post a 10 billion dollar profit report for for the last quarters earnings and yet they tell us they aren't in control of the prices???? Thats 10,000,000,000.00 in the last 3 months............ Don't get me wrong , I understand a company has to make a profit to stay alive. I just think maybe they are a bit TOO profitable......... at whose expense???? Us poor saps that are barely scraping by because folks are cutting back spending because the gas pump is sucking such a HUGE chunk of their monthly income. I sure haven't seen my prices be able to increase like gas prices......
  8. I just don't see how they have the time and money to do that many. I think the imporant thing is my having fun with it and just not getting worried about my numbers. I look for quality caches more now as they become further away from home for me. Especially at these gas prices. I am in it more for the history and sightseeing than just chasing every cache listed.
  9. To each their own , I understand that. Like I said before, I was just surprised someone willing to go after that many had never gotten the itch to place a few of their own. I don't think it should be a requirement to place a cache. There are some I am sure should never be allowed to place one. I guess I just figured everyone in the game for any period of time would want to place their own out.
  10. I appreciate the feedback on this. I just wondered if it is pretty common. I am always interested in where folks that find my caches are from, so that is why I check their profile info out. It just surprised me that someone would find so many but have never placed one themselves. It took me a while to place my first cache and it had some flaws. time and experience have taught me how to make it better. I always try to make mine a scenic spot or unusual landmark , I hate the lame ones and don't want to place anything that won't be of interest to folks. There are a couple guys in our area that have placed way more than I could ever dream of putting out and I appreciate their efforts, so I am doing what I can to add to the hunts in the area.
  11. I know this has probably been covered before but I wanted to know how common it is for someone to find caches but never hide ANY of their own. I recently did a fairly complicated multi and made the mistake of logging a travel bug and a geo-coin that I had picked up into the cache before it was officially approved , so all my coordinates we visible on the page for the reviewer to check and confirm. The cache had been posted on the website on an evening and the next morning I got a notice that it had already been found. That was fast I thought. Then it occured to me that the geo-coin is how the cacher could have found the coordinates. No biggie. It was my fault for logging the coin in before the cache was listed. Out of curiosity about the early-bird, I was looking at the profile and when I saw his cache history , I was surprised to see that the found category was almost 300 and the number of caches placed was..............zero. Does that happen quite a bit? A cacher will find 'em but never place any?
  12. I really just use the numbers for my own record. I could really care less about other folks stats. I enjoy the game for the exercise, getting to see new locations and just plain ol' fun. I do like the numbers in that it allows me to keep track easier of what I have done. I have no problem with keeping them.
  13. Check out this thread. I think you will find many great camo hide ideas. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=62421 It has given me a bunch of ideas
  14. Thanks for the support. I did e-mail the holder and he said he meant to take with him on a trip to Texas and he left at home in his vehicle. He said he will be moving it on soon. Man, missing for years then re-appearing..... that is a surprise. Guess I will have to be more patient. What is considered a reasonable time for a bug being held before you contact the holder?
  15. I just wondered what you folks thought. Is my bug a goner? I think I may have made a mistake by using a silver coin. Here is the link to her http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=126472 If she is a goner I will be disappointed. Takes the fun out of placing a bug.
  16. I just did 2 new micros today that were extremely easy. They seemed so easy to me at least. One was in a stop sign and the other was at a cemetary in one of those metal hideaway flowerpots next to a headstone of the family member of the cache hider.
  17. Your concerns are understandable. I think everyone realizes that things may look odd to an outsider but I'm not going to let the terrorists win. If we don't get out and live a normal life (if you can call geocachers normal....) then the terrorists have won. This still is a free country and not a police state so just do your thing (as long as it's legal) and enjoy life. It's short enough the way it is.
  18. I have 2 magellan units, a sport trak and a meridian, and I have a neoprene case for each one that works great. They have belt clips so I don't always have to have them in hand. I feel it is a worthy investment. They both still look like new and we have used them quite a lot. I think you can't go wrong if you use them.
  19. My 11 year old daughter goes along with me and she is not excited by McToys, she perfers little rings,bracelets,neckalces,or small stffed animals. I have a preference for signature items or other stuff I can use. I am starting to leave old silver coins as trade. They can be bought reasonably and are a fun to find item. I think as long as folks trade even or trade up thats great. McToys(in new condition) are ok for the kids, but a good cross section of items will make it fun for everyone
  20. I know this may sound a bit unfriendly (not intending it to be), but I really don't have any interest in how many finds/placed the most caches/hiked the longest trail/ etc etc etc....another cacher has. I am doing it for the fun I can have from it, the places I get to see, the stories I get to hear and tell , the caches I place and so on.... Things always get less interesting to me when it has to be made into a recognition or any kind of a competition. It's just a fun hobby to me so I really don't see the need to get worked up over the numbers. Just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions, "Opinions are like ***holes, everybody has one and they all stink"
  21. I need to re-phrase that I think I would find it hard to believe even a minute number would be out to vandalize things.
  22. I have been using a Gold now for about a year and am quite happy with it. I bought it to use when my daughter adopted my sport trak pro. It does everything I need it to, and it does get a good signal even under heavy tree cover. I am not a power user like some other cachers, I try to keep my hunts simple and as low tech as possible to avoid technological headaches.
  23. I forgot to add that I don't see a problem with photos as long as they are just showing a person at a cache site or as part of their hunt.
  24. It's too bad that the SC lady is making such a fuss about all those people showing up in her state spending money there while they enjoy a little caching. It never ceases to amaze me what some politicians will do. But is it really geocaching that is at fault here? I think most all are responsible folks that respect others property. I would have to believe a minute number of cachers , if any at all are out to vandalize things. There are other groups ( gangs for instance ) that do far more damage to private and public property than any GC'r would.
  25. It does make for some amusing conversation. I didn't figure they just fell from the sky El Diablo. Just thought it was a comical idea.
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