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  1. Well, all i mean that it seems unnecessary to me to include in every reply the pics. And indeed it can take a lot of 'scrolltime' to get to the new unread messages. Hotlinking is not such a good idea i think. I see many forums with 'image deleted' signs, so you don't get to see anything at all. My idea just be short with reply's . That increases readability a lot. (and 100 lines of quote and 1 word of reply doesn't help either) Hehe, or is it because i'm also from the bbs era ?
  2. Btw, maybe not the place to put it but ; Why does almost every reply contain all the previous pictures and stuff. It takes up a lot of space, and its no 'fun' seeing the same picture 15 times with only 1 or 2 lines of reply. Isn't it usual to leave the pic's (and large pieces of unrelated text) out when replying ? With it, it makes it very 'messy' to read.
  3. I had a very big laugh today reading all those jokes.
  4. Hi. Well from GPS cellphones, I can understand that it knows your position. OnStar doesn't say anything to me. (I'm from Europe) (Or it has to be a device against carjacking/theft or something.) I Just want to know if a normal GPS device (like used for Geocaching) traces/sends your location 'back'. As I understand it, its used as a receiver for the Satelite signals. No need for a signal back than.
  5. Thats too bad. If its on a Sd memory card (or other) you can try using a card reader and a computer. But when in the field, I guess thats no option.
  6. When on a sd memory card or something try a 'recovery' program. But you MUST not try to place anything else on it , or you disrupt the index that is still there as long as it's untouched. Sometimes those programs (very small) can recover for exsample your deleted pictures on a camera memory card. (sorry for my bad english, its' not my native language)
  7. Hi Being 'newbee' here..... I have a maybe silly question. Someone told me that when you use a GPS device, 'they' (gps signal providers/gouverment) can track your position. As far as I know is GPS only a receiver. So they can't see where you are when you'r using it. OR AM I WRONG ????? Please be serieus with your answers, this question is not a joke.
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