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  1. I wish I was able to get to this forum yesterday, I have not been able to pull it up till tonight. I've been messing with maps for a few hours now and am fixin' to quit but I'll try that tommorrow.


    I tried to delete sections of track but the line just reattaches itself to the next track. It's wierd. I tried to divide it too but it didn't work. I'll try again tommorrow and post some pics of what I am getting.


    Still though, what I am able to do is pretty useful. A prettier one might be prettier but a trail in the woods is a trail in the woods. I have waypointed usefull info like tracks and deer crossings but too many waypoints clutters the track.

  2. Wow!! You're awesome! I didn't have a clue how to do anything useful with that program!


    I did find a program on the web that will do it, I did this one:



    I tried to make a clean map by turning the track log off when I was backtracking, but instead I have those long straight lines which I think are connected points when I turned track log back on. I wish I could edit the track. It's still useful though. I am making smaller tracks now, I just save when I am done with that path. I think I can merge them, I can't remember where I saw that ability but one of the programs merges.


    I tried to do a search on map making software but all I could find was stuff for navigation units. The area I am in is flat and no roads so that was useless for me.

  3. The club is not very develped and most of the roads are no more than trails. I saw where someone made a "map" of their huntclub on google earth but for some reason I cannot do it. I have 2 tracts saved and a bunch of waypoints. I just want to superimpose the tract on google earth. Or the waypoints. I used one of my gps programs to kind of make out a map but if I could superimpose it on google earth it would be much better.


    What would this do that whatever it is I have does not. Could I merge tracts or only select part of them? does anyone know how I can simply add several waypoints on google earth?

  4. I can't imagine dropping that kind of money on a Kindle and using it for caching, unless I left it in the car at every stop. Way too easy to damage it in places where your handheld GPS would bounce right back.


    For the same money or less, you could get a brand-new 100% paperless GPS (Garmin OR/CO or DeLorme PN-series) which is ruggedized and the only thing you might miss is "what changed about this cache since I left the house?"


    In my case I am getting the kindle for doing kindle things, but if it can be uitilized for geocaching I will use it for that as well. I have a gps, a basic one. But cache sheets on the kindle would be pretty useful for me. It could fit in my pack with my other stuff. Or when I am out of town and don't have the interweb. I could store some sheets on the kindle.

  5. I am about to get a kindle DX and wonder if I can store the cache sheets on it. My attempt at paperless caching with an old palm was a failure.


    I will be getting the kindle whether it does this or not but I want to be utilize it as much as I can seeing as how much it costs. Since I have had no luck with the palm, my current method is to print the pages. Storing them on the kindle would be a step up, although a small one.


    And I can use a map funtion too?

  6. I had a rino that did not work to my satisfaction and when I sent it back I said if it was ok with them I would rather have a handheld the same value, which was the venture. They sent me a venture.


    It started turning off intermittently and I didn't call garmin back till this year when I got a new venture HC. I was going to throw the old one away but called garmin and they said for 73 bucks they would fix it.


    I sent them the unit and check and in about a week had a new venture (the same model I sent in) and it has worked fine ever since.


    I think they have very good customer service.

  7. I had heard that people like P-38's, I know I do. I put one in a little bag along with a printout of the history and what it is. I have a pic on it so when it's folded you can see it through the bag. Here is a pic.




    You can see some of the other stuff I leave. Of course what I think is cool might not be what everyone else thinks is cool. I pass the toys and stuff and go for useful gadgets like p-38's, carabiners, stuff like that. My favorite thing is a sig item. I found a cool wooden sig geocoin at one, I really like that and would like to have some of my own. I usually leave a sig card at any cache weahter I take anything or not.


    I rarely take things, only sig items. The keychain notebooks sound very useful to have for when a cache log is full and you want to help maintain the cache.

  8. I got a venture for a reasonable price, it includes the usb cable. The local sporting goods store had the etrex on sale but did not include the cable. I did a search and found that the price of the etrex including the cable would be as much or more as the venture HC (on sale).


    It doesn't have anything but a base map but I like it a lot. I had an older one without the HC antenna, reciever, whatever, and the new one has made a world of difference.


    I'm not really a power cacher though, I enjoy it when I do it but I am happy just to get a couple a week. I origionally got a gps for marking spots for hiking and hunting and a basic model met my needs just fine.

  9. We got a nuvi 200 for driving after borrowing a friends for a trip to the mountains. I love it! I know it's the cheapest one but it's worked very well and does everything we need.


    I didn't know you could use it for paperless caching. How does that work? I am not having much luck with my palm m500.

  10. I used another computer to hotsync my p500 to install cachemate. I plan on using a card reader and SD card to import the data but am not having any luck. I had enough trouble generating a PQ but I finally managed.


    Now I have exported the file. It has made it so it will download into my palm the next time I hotsync which hopefully will be never, I would like to use my own computer. So I transfered the file to my SD card, them plugged it into the palm. It can only see the one waypoint I downloaded to it earlier as a test.


    Does the data have to be in a certain folder on the SD disk? How can I fix it to see all this data in my palm. I have read about all these folks using m500 palms for thier paperless caching but it's been more effort than I thought. I am getting closer to sucess though. I have read some of the links but I can't find anything that helps with putting the data on a SD card.


    Thanks in advance.

  11. Thanks for the tips! I had not downloaded gsak yet, I was hoping to do it all with one program, or at least something. I still do not fully understand the hoops to jump through but I suppose once I get started it will become clear. I am having enough problems trying to get my new/old palm to run. Mostly me, I've never used one.


    I'm sure you have not heard the last of me. <_<

  12. I think I do not have all the programs I need. I do not think cachenav is on my palm and can't find cmconvert.



    I'm starting to think paperless caching is more trouble than it's worth. <_<


    I am not giving up though.

  13. AAAAAAHHHH!!!! I must have done somethign right cause when I previewed them I saw caches! Yeah!


    But it was not in my email. I checked all then downloaded. I put the points on my SD card but it must be the wrong format cause they only show up one at a time on my palm and I cannot sort, plus I cannot see any info but the GC number!


    I wish I knew someone who did paperless caching who could show me the ropes in person.

  14. Ok, I finally got to where I see cachemate on my palm! Yeah!!!!


    So I tried to do a pockey query and have not suceeded yet. So I went to a cache page and downloaded a cache, drug it to the palm folder on the SD card, and it showed up on my palm. Yeah!


    But it doesn't have much info, not even the coordinates. I guess it's the wrong format. apparently you have to use the pocket cache format or something.


    At least I'm getting closer!

  15. I rebooted a million times and reloaded the software in various orders.


    The time it asked for a password was probably the time I came the closest. I don't have a username for my palm. I typed in my team name at one point but cannot find it at the moment. Anyhoo, I tried using that as the user name and it didn't like that either.


    I downloaded the driver from the cd I got (I got it from someone on ebay that repairs and refurbishes palms, it looks brand spanking new). The CD was made by him and has the origional palm cd software on it, plus the new 4.1 version. I also have the link to palm where you can download the vista version. It is my understanding that the vista version is a fix to be used in addtion to the driver, not a driver in and of itself.


    Windows recognizes the new hardware and attempts to find the driver in it's directory of drivers. Then it asks for other options but the only option I can select is going to the web which of course it doesn't work (the web works but it can't find a driver there)


    If the palm shuts off while windose is fiddling around windows quits looking for it, it just gives up.


    I'm going to give it another try, I will post the results.

  16. I downloaded the update for vista from the palm site but I still cannot sync. It keeps looking for a driver. I have the original files on a CD but it doesn't seem to like them. At one point it wanted a username.


    Did I do somethign in the wrong order? I know other members here use the m500 with vista so I know it can be done.



  17. Usually there is an obvious spot near where the gps is pointing. For instance, if the gps is pointing to a bare area on the ground and there is a tree or clump of bushes nearby it's probably not on the ground.


    Then look for somethign out of place. I was looking for a cache today that was like I descibed above, it pointed to a bare area, there was a tree nearby though, a large oak covered with vines.


    So then I looked all around the bottom of the tree for a buried container, nothing. Looked at the branches that was hanging down for something attached to the overhanging branch, nothing.


    then I walked around the tree just trying to see something out of place. The tree was covered in a tangle of vines and sticks. One stick was covered with vines but it did not look like a vine, it looked like a thick stick. So I asked myself how a stick got wedged behind the vines. I poked at it and it moved, and I got a glimpse of the little jar and pencil that was embedded in the branch!!!





  18. I have not personally tested them in elements but the dollar store/dollar tree type places have containers very simular to the snap models that you see. There are a couple differant types, some close easier than others. They have the gasket as well.


    some folks use ammo cans. They have them here at the local surplus store.

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