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  1. Thanks for the links. I found a folder that had maps in them. The were the .exe files for the maps. I "reinstalled" them, then was able to fix my card!
  2. I have a garmin vista hcx and venture hc. I just recieved the vista as a replacement for THE ONE THAT I LOST 2 WEEKS AGO!!!1!!1 I lost it while hunting!! Before I lost it I installed maps from gpsdepot.com. I have the nc, ga, and se one. All was well. Then while I was on a trip attempting to switch the maps in the venture (it doesn't hold much) I had some kind of glitch and mapsource said "my seusa map" had an error or something. I didn't have the web to research or reinstall the seusa maps like it wanted. When I got home I eventually figured out I could not use mapquest at all. It won't even start up because it doesn't like the maps or something. I don't know what it doesn't like actually. I didn't really need it till now, since both my gps's were configured for the area I needed. Well now I have a new gps, a shiny new vista, and I want to load those maps on it again. I uninstalled all the maps. Then mapquest didn't like the trip and waypoint manager. So I uninstalled that. It still thought there was bad maps and would not start. I uninstalled and reinstalled trip and waypoint manager from the CD, hoping I could start from scratch. It still will not work!!! it says there is a problem with the mapsource installation and to reinstall it again. I am hesitant to jump throught the hoops again without finding out if something else is going on. Is there a way to get mapsource to work again? Can I install the maps without it? I did not uninstall every bit of garmin software from my computer (communicator and updater) because they are working and I don't want to have a totally useless gps because I cannot comunicate with it. I don't understand, everything worked fine till november when I tried to update my venture.
  3. Download all the waypoints from the gps select only the one you want then choose "invert selection" delete.
  4. That's a pretty old list. I have several brands and there is no doubting the eneloops do hold their charge, and do work in the things I put them in. I have to top off my other brands if I want to use them as spares, and even then they only are fully charged for a short while.
  5. Yeah, don't ruin good batteries with a crappy charger, it's not worth it. I have both those chargers, I use a lot of batteries. I have found that the eleloops work just as well as the high cap ones, so I think I will get more of them. I also mainly use them for back-up. I use batteries in my headlamps and cameras too. I like to use my stuff the way it was meant to be used! So if I want to go on a night hike with my 130 lumen headlamp at full blast the entire time, I do it and bring spares! If I want to leave my gps on for the entire week I am gone I do that too! I heard about the new even longer lasting eneloops but cannot find them.
  6. here are some eneloop 2000's at thompsons. I may order these. I do not see the updated ones there, at least they don't say what that article said.
  7. I have had this happen as well. I cannot reliably duplicate the problem, it seems to have to do with timing, kind of like the other poster said. It seems like every unit has some kind of bug or another. My venture is awesome, but if I use it with "GPS off" selected, then try and turn it on using the option of turning it on, it will lock up and I have to take the batteries out to fix it. I have to turn it off, then back on if I use it in gps off mode.
  8. About the accuracy - if you had a missle, what differance would 3 or 4 hundred feet make anyway?
  9. I use both eneloops and some other brands. I have both the maha and lacrosse chargers. It's worth it to me because I use a lot of batteries, I use them in my headlamps and cameras in addition to my gps's. I started getting higher cap batteries because I also concluded my stuff might work better with those. Most of mine are sanyo 2700's. Truth be told they both seem to work the same so far, the only differance is if my spare batteries are going to be the 2700,s, I have to fill both my chargers up to top them off. I usually use the eneloops as spares. I will probably purchase more eneloops in the near future.
  10. The gpsdepot maps are pretty awesome. I have the se, the ga, and the nc one but the se one seems to be the most useful, with the streets and all.
  11. I have had a lot of trouble with both garmin communicator, and mapsource. For awhile, communicator was telling me I needed the latest version, which I had. Reinstalling it seemed to help but sometimes it seems like i have to install multiple times or something. It will work for long periods on end, then for no apparent reason, it will not "see" my gps. Then I have to jump through hoops. I don't remember exactly when I do to make it work again but I eventully do. Right now it's working. On vacation I needed mapsource to transfer maps to my venture. For some reason it decided, since I did not have the interweb, or my CD, to find fault with the maps I wanted to transfer, in spite of my transferring the maps just fine only days before. It's always something. I wish garmin was as successful in making software as some of the third parties.
  12. I back mine up. I use easygps instead of mapsource because unlike mapsource, easygps actually works consistantly. If you have a handheld gps, or any gps for that matter, it doesn't really make sense NOT to update it. Gps's aren't really a buy it and forget it item. Software, satillites, and data change, the unit needs to be updated to work properly, weather it shuts off or not.
  13. I got a vista that was factory refurbished for about 170 bucks, it has a shiney new warrenty and everything! I just happened to find one, I'm not sure how many there are out there. It might be worth a call to garmin. I got mine from an amazon store. I wouldn't have been able to tell it was not brand new if I had not been told.
  14. I had never noticed this phenomena until I got my vista. I was upset at first but now I realize it's just something with gps's. If you use them a lot you will get a feel for when the data is reliable, and when it should be verified.
  15. Another vote for easygps. At least it works, unlike mapsource.
  16. Here is an example of what I mean. You can't seem them very well but there are waypoints too. You can zoom in and out and move the map around on the website. I use windows snip-it to take a screen shot when I want a hard copy. opps, forgot to add the image.
  17. I don't know if it's what you want but gpsvisualizer.com will put your tracks and waypoints on satilite images, you can choose from several types of maps.
  18. Consider getting a factory refurbished model and save yourself some money. They come with the same warrenty, in a shiney new box, just like new. Make sure you get one with a high sensitivty reciever. Then learn how to use the features. A lot of folks get a gps but don't practice with it till they need it.
  19. It seems to have worked!!! yay!!!! I had to associate the gps files with a program so I choose easygps one time and gsak another time. I actaully like easy gps better but gsak is better for hints and stuff I think, that's why I saved it both ways. I think I'm on a roll!
  20. I get all other kinds of email from Groundspeak. And in the past when trying to use pocket queries I have managed to get an attachement sent eventually but could not open it, it was like there was nothing in the file if I recall correctly. It was so long ago though I forget exactly what went wrong at the time. Everytime I try to use it I run into another snag. Maybe I just don't understand how it works. I selected today, run once, so when am I going to know if it worked or not eta: oooo! ooo! I just got an email!!!! maybe it worked this time! Lets see!
  21. Here is the message I got when I tried to "run it once then delete"
  22. I submitted it and had not recieved an email, I choose today as the day for it to be generated. I have no mutually exclusive options. When I hit "submit information" all I can do is go to the link where the caches I want are, but they are not in a file, they are just pages of caches I can download a few at a time. But the fact that the caches I want are displayed - indicates I did it right, but I'm not getting a file to unzip. I don't really want an email a week, I want one file sent to me, or one link that I can download the file. I only go once a year, I only need it when I need it.
  23. I have defined my pocket query, hot springs NC. I go there on vacation about once a year, I do not need to get weekly updates. I am going tommorrow, I just want 500 caches near hot springs. so I select all the appropriate fields and I get . . . nothing. I selected today as the day of the week and still have gotten nothing. There is a link to the query, and I can hand select each of the 500 caches, (or select "all" on each page and save separatlly) but I can't get just one file sent to me one time, at the time of my choosing. I guess I will just be surprized if I get the file. I am a premium member for this feature and cannot get it to work. I haz the dum.
  24. I am fixing to go to the mountains and want to put a bunch of caches in my vista. I would rather not have them there when I am back. I am planning to back up the geocaches to a file, then delete all waypoints from my gps when I come back. I can then reload the ones that I want, and I will have the vacation ones saved for when I go back. Does that sound like a plan? I have a premium membership but have not been able to do the pocket query thing for some reason. It's been awhile since I have tried but if I recall correctlly, I was getting file errors.
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