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  1. I am using mapquest that came with my ventura. When I got MY NEW LAPTOP!!!! it had vista on it so I had to go to the garmin site and download a driver, fix, something, and it works fine now. Oh, by the way I LOVE VISTA. But I think I am alone on that. So far it has worked fine for me. I got my last computer 11 years ago, windows 98. I upgraded to vista ultimate. I also got a nice video card and 4 gigs of ram. And an amd dual processor. I don't know if it matters, that's what I have though and I can use the aero feature which is awesome! Yeah a lot of it is in the presentation but I like the razzel dazzel, plus it's easer to surf and navigate.
  2. I remember seeing that first ammo can under a palmetto in some leaves! I still get the same thrill!
  3. I use map until I get close. Then I switch to the navigation screen, the one with the arrow on the compass which I have set to bearing. I watch where the arrow is pointing as the distance gets closer and try to see what is there. You can't walk right up on the exact coordinate but you can observe how the arrow implies the same spot a differant distances. Usually there is an obvious landmark, a tree or something, that the needle points to as you circle it. Then it's a matter of looking around and using "geosense" which I don't always seem to have.
  4. Hmmmm, it doesn't seem to be doing it today.
  5. I found this thread by searching for "large fonts" because although the other sites I go to have an option for large fonts I cannot find it here. I just got a new laptop with a wide screen, the fonts are tiny and I have lots of room to make them larger. People get large screens so they can look at large words. Has anyone answered the origional posters question? I'll try that zoom thing but it looks like you just typed in a larger font.
  6. My venture seemed to be working fine till the other evening when I was looking for a cache. I was on the navigation screen, bearing pointer, and every now and then the needle would turn, sometimes in the opposite direction. Tonight I took it out with my older venture. The older one's compass stayed steady and so did the needle. On the newer, higher sensitivy one, there was some drifting, or frequent updating or something. At first I thought it was the needle but then realized it was the compass. the needle was on the same place on the compase but the compass would move some. I didn't notice any major drifts, well maybe one but I had put the older one away by that time. I haven't done any software updates, didn't need to it was already updated according to the garmin site. Do the high sensitivy ones drift more? I still manage to find caches. The other night it was just wierd, I really had to watch the needle to figure out which direction it really was pointing to. If I remember correctly in this case it was only the pointer.
  7. I got a cheap charger with batteries and wondered why they did not perform well in my things. Then I got a lacross and tried various batteries I've read about here. You might not like your charger so much when it ruins your batteries. Fast charging = bad. I cringe now when I see those chargers in the stores. For a little more you can get the lacrosse charger and keep on using rechargable batteries. I use batteries in more than my gps, I am a led headlamp junkie so there's that, plus we have frequent long electrical outages so I like to be prepared for that. My gps and camera use AA's and drain them pretty fast. I was surprized at being able to use my new better batteries in my headlamps, they work great! I don't have to worry about my gps dying, I have charged spares with me always. I can turn on that screen backlight to my hearts content! I use eneloops, sanyo 2700's and the lacrosse ones that came with my charger. I was going to order more sanyo 2700's but maybe I will try the maha ones. I keep the eneloops as backups since they will stay charged for a long time.
  8. Defecating on something you know people are going to touch?!?!11eleventy! Not funny in the least. More like a sign of a sick mind.
  9. Thanks! I just got these so that must be the case. I always use the slowest charging rate, I didn't get nice batteries only to ruin them by charging them too fast. I'll keep an eye on them. I am going to order a few more batteries and didn't know weather to go with more eneloops or the 2700. I think I will go with the 2700's and take the eneloops for backup.
  10. I have a lacross 900 charger and got the mac daddy 2700 batteries but when I ran them through the "test" function on my charger they only got up to like 1500 or something. How can I get them fully charged?!?
  11. Crap, for some reason I thought we were talking about ventures. No wonder I can't find how to edit mine.
  12. I have an older B&W one adn I don't see how to change it in the first place much less edit it.
  13. I got curious and did a search, here are some links I found: garmin vista quirks vista compatability I have a laptop with vista on the way that's why I was concerned. I've found some other links for other vista issues. Not everyone has problems with it, I'm hoping to be one of them. I got extra memory, faster processor, and better video card in hopes that will help, I heard it would. I guess I'll see.
  14. No, don't tell me that! I am beginning to detest this Vista! I was afraid that might be the problem. If you find out how he did the work around, please let me know, I would really appreciate it! Thanks tag for updates
  15. I have a venture but had not noticed that with mine. I do have a differant issue though, when I am using it in gps off mode and turn the satillites on it seems to lock up. I might call garmin about it. Do you have battery saver on? I have heard that will cause certain issues.
  16. I like to carry lots of stuff I guess but don't always take the same stuff, for example, if it's just around town then I don't need the extra socks. But I always have: GPS phone camera spare batteries flashlight my cache log swag wipes and paper towels multitool water gloves I don't always take a gun but I have a permit to carry and I didn't get it to leave the gun at home all the time. I have never been searched or otherwise detained so I don't worry about it. There have been times when I was glad I had my gun.
  17. I think that's me now. What is wrong with your knee?
  18. I was fooled by one of those fake tree stumps as well! There were other logs and stumps around so it didn't occur to me that one of them would be fake. Then there was one of those turnie things recently as well. It was like a fake electrical conduit attached to an electric thingie. THat was brilliant.
  19. I lacrosse 900 battery charger and 4 or so good rechargeable batteries like the hybids or sanyo eneloops and you will never have to buy batteries again.
  20. When I got my first gps years ago, a garmin venture, I tried rechargables and got very poor perfomance out of them. The brand was "extreme" and I had the matching "extreme" charger. Then, through this site, I learned about lacrosse 900 chargers and eneloop batteries. I use these things in my headlamps, camera, and gps and they work great! I also use the sanyo 2700's and the lacrosse rechargeables that came with the charger. I think those quick chargers just ruin batteries. The lacrosse I have will let you choose how to charge them, will refresh ones that have gotten a memory, and some other things as well. I'm glad I found out about this cause it's going to save me a lot of money, mostly for headlamp batteries as I use mine daily. I got mine from http://www.thomasdistributing.com/
  21. Why would one not want waas enabled? Isn't it supposed to make it more accurate?
  22. I have a venture and if I am using gps off then choose to turn the satillites on it will kind of lock up. Sometimes it will just take a long time to respond again. Also, there was a couple of instances where I had it hooked up to the computer and unplugged it and I let it turn itself off. Then when I turned it back on it locked up at some point, I can't remember exactly what happened cause I have been avoiding doing it again but I had to take the batteries out to get it to respond again. I don't know if that's any help because they are not the same model but I thought I would mention it just the same.
  23. I have a few camelbaks, I just got the alpine explorer for geocaching (and long day hikes). I love my traiblazer, the AE is a little larger.
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