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  1. When I first read the title, not having heard of a moving cache, I thought it refered to a cache that is moved by the finders.


    Has there ever been a cache where the finder moves it to a new site and posts the new location when they post the find. That might be kind of neat. It could even have a theme. It would have to be in a place where there are many oppurtunities, like a park, and the cache could move along the trail. It could be where the finder moves it under the closest palmetto 500 feet ahead. The same finder could not find it a certain number of times in a row, say 3.


    It would be kind of fun cause you could sort of find a fresh cache on regular basis. Kids might find it fun.




    or maybe not. :angry:

  2. When I "find" a cache on my venture I can tell the unit I have found it and supposably it stores the day in a "calender" somewhere. I cannot seem to find that data. I mistakenly made one cache found and now cannot figure out which one that is. Plus I wanted to see a list of my found caches and thought there was a way to display those, and the date found, and can't figure that out.


    I guess it's a moot point since I am a premium member and soon to be paperless geocacher but the book says it does this and I want to know where it keeps that info.

  3. I had a older venture and had some problems with the screen going blank and stuff which affected geocaching (so I didn't stick with it long) and then saw an add for a low end garmin with the "high sensitivity" reciever. I didn't get that one but I did get the venture HC. I could not believe the difference the HC reciever made!!! I was losing signal in trees before, the new one not only maintains the signal in tree cover but also in the house!!!


    So I was going to just throw my old one away. Instead I called garmin and for a little over 70 bucks they said they would fix it. I opted for that and sent it off. About a week later I recieved a new venture (the non-HC model).


    I let my friend use it and it's nice to have as a back up model but I would rather have a geko with an HC reciever than a high end model with the older reciever.


    I went with the venture because it was the least expensive I found at the time and it came with the cable, which like someone else stated, is a few extra bucks. It's fine for me. I have ordered a palm m500 for paperless caching, I think that I will have a good combo when I get used to it. I don't care about the mapping features but it's important to some people. I would rather pay less and not have mapping than pay more and have poor mapping. I understand the garmin 60 has built in mapping, and more importantly you can store more waypoints. If I had it to do over I might take a longer look at the 60 but since I am getting a palm to go with my gps it's probably a moot point.


    I hope that was not too confusing, I'm tired.

  4. It's kind of a reflex or something to stand still or slow and look at the arrow. I have to keep reminding my friend to walk. She expected the gps to just point to a coordinate and stay that way and thought the gps unit was not working properly. Also, every now and then I get the random needle thing going on, where it will reverse direction, or something, only a moment. it's kind of hard to tell where it's really pointing when it does that. It only happens every now and then, I think it's a satillite phenomenoa.


    I walk and watch the distance and arrow. It will point to the same spot, more or less, until you get close then the needle floats all over. Are you using the map screen or the navigation screen? I have found that the map screen isn't very useful when you get close. I have a venture which does not have mapping, a mapping unit may be differant.


    I have noticed that many caches will not have exact coordinates. I don't know if it's because of the inherant error caused by differant units used on differant days or if it's purposeful.


    At any rate, once you get kind of close you must revert to "geosense" and look around for something out of place.


    Don't get too discouraged. I can barely find even the easy ones. Apparetly easy is a relative term. I try not to use the hints but I usually wind up using them anyway.


    As long as I find one every now and then I'm happy. It's like I go thorugh spells where I can't find anything.

  5. Is Palm Desktop by ACCESS 6.2 the update you speak of? It's all I could find when I googled palm desktop update for vista. the m500 was not on the list but there was a differant update for it. It didn't seem to update everything but I am not looking to recieve email and such, just geocache. I'm sure though I will use other features.

  6. I have vista ultimate and have had no problems whatsoever. I was using my old windoze 98 dell till the end of last year because of the vistaphobia. Now that I have it I wonder what all the fuss is about.


    That being said, I am considering a palm m500 with 4.1OS on it. I have looked at the palm website briefly to see if there was an update area but didn't see one, I didn't look that hard though.


    Will 4.1 do the trick? Should I consider one of the other older palms?

  7. I have seen the recommendations for the palm 500 and saw some on amazon. I was reading the reviews and they seemed good, when the unit first came out but the later ones were negative. Apparently there are screen problems but more improtantly cradle problems (or whatever it's called, I'm palm ignorant).


    So I want to get an older unit but I want it to work. Will I be able to connect it to my new laptop with the older cables? I also read about batteries not holding a charge. Do these things take special batteries or can I use AA's? I would think that an older unit would have a battery that is pretty much shot.


    I made a feeble attempt to locate info but decided I would get faster results posting here. I saw a refurbished unit and if I remember correctly a new one. Any info would be appreciated!

  8. I don't understand the appeal of trying to get as many caches as you can in a day. It takes me awhile to cheer for myself when I find one, take pics, sit and stare, read the logs, ect.


    Heck, it takes me several minutes just fussing with the stuff in my pack, I could never find 100 in a day.




    I will never run out of caches to find!

  9. OP - why didn't you just walk around to the other side of the tree? It looks like the ammo box was on the other side anyway.


    It had even more undergrowth, plus we had seen a couple of snakes already and although I am not snakephobic I am still careful in places like that. Plus there is the ticks and other bugs, which actually bother me more than other creep crawlies. The cache is located in a wetlands area and is underwater sometimes apparently according to some of the log entries. It's not that far away, we can go back at anytime.


    I'm just happy I saw the cache! I must not have good geosense cause I haven't been able to find some that should have been easy. We are going to the NC mountains (near asheville) this coming weekend so I've printed out some caches to look for while we are there. We have a travel coin to drop off too.

  10. I hope you meant that you recycled your old batteries. Rechargeables should never be thrown out in the trash.


    Er no, I threw them out.


    Oops :o

    In your defense (maybe): not all communities make recycling batteries easy. I've been saving my old batteries for about 3 years now, and my recycling ship has just come in, as my work place (a local campus of Penn State University) has just begun to accept batteries for recycling. Prior to that I had to hand them off to a friend who lives several hundred miles away in a large city that has a comprehensive recycling plan in place.

    Egnix is entirely right, though. One great thing about rechargeables is that they cut down the need for recycling substantially.


    So what do you think you achomplished in the grand scheme of things. Do you think everyone else saved their batteries, or do you think they just threw them in the trash.


    I'm not trying to argue or critasize, I have done the same thing myself in the past. I doubt it did the earth any good when everyone else is throwing them in the trash, which is, believe it or not, what radio shack told me to do with mine.


    My saving batteries did nothing but clutter my house and give me a false feeling of do-good. My 50-100 batteries was a drop in the bucket to the tons disposed of improperly.


    I'm not saying they should not be disposed of properly, I'm saying that places that sell such items, like cell phones, ect, should at least be able to tell customers what it means to dispose of something properly.


    [rant mode off]

  11. People would dispose of things in a proper manner if they new where to do it. I saved years of batteries once (alkaline ones) because the package says to dispose of them safely, or something like that. I called around to radio shack and other electrical places thinking they would take them - they didn't know what I was talking about.


    It's one thing to put on a box that something must be exposed of properly, it's another to make sure such a thing exists. Around here on earth day I heard they had a booth where you could dispose of batteries and the like - well what about the rest of the year. What about cell phone batteries.


    It's hard to take something seriously when the people making the claims don't seem to take it seriously.

  12. Dang, I just relooked at the origional pics, it does look like poison ivy! I guess it didn't get us cause we didn't touch anything, and I could take pics with my zoom.


    (I just got the camera on sale, I'm pleased with it so far)

  13. I don't think that was poison ivy, virginia creeper maybe. I don't think I react to it but my friend that was with me (the snake spotter) is, she looks out for that as well.


    We were thinking about moving it but decided against it, people get bit trying to move or kill poisoness snakes. There were probably more in the area just because of the conditions. I've walked down dirt roads in the fall and spring whenever the weather changes and have seen multiple rattlesnakes sunning themselves on the warm road. They get hit that way but what can ya do.


    Maybe I should post something on the cache log page just so people will know to look. I don't take my dogs to some places just cause of the snakes. They are beagles and even though they are on a leash they will attempt to trail about anything. They can't resist snooping under a rotting log or brushpile.

  14. If you didn't sign the log, you technically didn't find it; it's up to the owner of the cache for the final say, but generally you shouldn't log the smiley unless you signed the logbook- snake or not.


    Cool snake, if it's real.


    Oh well, I guess I'll go back another time. Maybe in the fall or when it's raining or something. It's not too far from where I live.

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