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  1. Hmmmm murfster, you obviously don't know about TT's luck do you!
  2. I just want my GPS back! I sent in my new Garmin in June - over a month ago. I was told turn around time was 4-6 weeks or more (the tech guy at the store said probably more). I called yesterday. They had sent it to Quebec (I'm in Canada) to be repaired and Quebec sent it to the USA. Another 2 weeks in the US and then it has to go through customs and all to get back to me. In the meantime, I ordered and paid for the Auto package (mount, map, power cable) in APRIL and I'm still waiting for that, as are others. Am I satisfied? No... Am I put out? Yes! I'm sure mine is just a unique situation (the power button gave up - haven't seen others complain about it). I'm just frustrated 'cause I've become so dependent upon the GPS that being without it is like swimming in a vast ocean without a lifejacket. (I am severely directionally-challenged as well as vertically challenged).
  3. I've done the drive a few times (I lived in Banff for 4 years ...waaaaay back in the good 'ol days - the '70's). I hope there are lots through the prairies to break up the drive - I sure could have used them. Of course I was driving alone at the time. Congrats on your marriage and I hope you find some part of the old town that is left. <sniff> Have a soak in the Sulpher Springs for me!
  4. Hmmmm Res2100 better read that one. Puts a whole new twist on his 'Bouncy Bunny' Series
  5. Same weekend as GHAGAFAP III - Third Time Lucky - GCJKQZ Rats, thought I'd make it to the next Go and Get Em!
  6. Oh BQ... you're just asking for it with this comment! Some of us 50 and over are pretty hardy. Completed my first Terrain 5 just a while back (although the final was scooped up for me mainly 'cause I didn't feel like retrieving it and my fellow cacher did). I agree though - geocaching for me is - take me to a place that I can Ooooo and Ahhhh over the scenery. It's not about placing an almost inaccessible cache and seeing who is daring enough to go for it. Those just make me angry. They are often in places that I would never want to go back to again. I love to read the posts that say "I've lived here all my life and didn't know this little gem of a park was here! I'll be back for a second visit very soon." I hate reading "I wandered through trash and broken glass for 1/2 hr looking for the cache and finally found it. I'm now trying to get rid of the stinging nettles and hawthorns that I picked up on the way. The vet bill was atrocious due to the broken glass." Wow factor isn't difficulty for me, it's the scenery. Just the humble opinion of a 50+ oldster.
  7. Hi Dennis, Yes, there are lots of caches in the Niagara area! I've been down there probably 7 or 8 times and I still have a week's worth (or more). You described Award of "Merritt" as "disappointing". It is rated 1/1 and describes exactly what you are getting into - a smooth paved path. I am not sure what you are expecting to find with a cache. Each one is unique in its own way. (By the way, just a suggestion... but describing the exact location of the cache in your log kind of gives it away for the next person - if you want to do that, I suggest you "decrypt" that portion of your log.) If you are looking for a good long hike then I suggest Deer Bait (don't let the 1/1 fool you) and GHMCMC Stage 1: Long Hills if you ask me! , You Are Logged In and Battle of Short Hills - they're all in the same general area. (Have I done them? Not yet). One of my all time favourite 'multi's' is 1812 on the Niagara Parkway Tour: Part 1 and I'm looking forward to doing Part 2. The 'gorge' ones (on both sides of the river) are great. Try A DEVIL OF A HIKE by mrmom, mrsmom and goo.
  8. Hmmm next pub night's already posted: Raise 'em Up in Waterdown and it's outside the time allotted. Sorry! Anyone else game?
  9. If there's a cache event, I'll be there! Count me in for sure. Hopefully my Garmin will be back in working order by then! - Annie
  10. Not around here - I checked. Fellow said he hadn't seen Fugawi in a long time. Did you know Fugawi has Bruce Trail maps? Bruce Trail Maps on Fugawi They're a bit out of date though according to the "map guy" I talk to at Raspberry House today. The new Bruce Trail maps are out by the way! Edition 23.
  11. Yikes, I live between the two places... I know there are lots of deer and rabbits around here this year, more than usual. My cat was trying to take on something last night - I think it was a racoon. I used to live in Banff many, many years ago and one night I was coming home from town and there was a bear sitting on my back stoop. Had to walk ALL the way around to the front to get in. Many of the bears in town were 'garbage bears' - ones that they kept flying out to the back country but they kept returning 'cause they knew where they could get a cheap and easy meal. Silly bear didn't know I was a starving local who ate out for the most part.
  12. Amazon Annie

    Map It

    The "Map It" symbol is on the upper right corner when you are viewing a list of local caches. Unfortunately it doesn't really work in Canada. In the US I found it invaluable while caching down there! Here's hoping that whatever the glitch is that is holding up the map for Canada gets solved. IN the meantime, it's pretty much useless.
  13. Hmmmm kinda clashes but what the heck. Good suggestion!
  14. Just had to send my new 60CS in for repair (power button doesn't work at all). I took it back to the place I purchased it and the fellow said "Maybe 4-8 weeks". He said that the turn-around in repairs is not great. I'll keep you informed!
  15. A puzzle cache just NW of here: The Talented Mr. Bean has to be one of my all time favourite caches. There's more there than meets the eye too, according to the cache owner.
  16. Well, I just got back from Toronto (RadioWorld) and the unit is definately in need of repair. The tech fellow said that he couldn't even reset it. Didn't have my original box and accessories with me so no trade. Bad news - 4 to 8 weeks (if I'm lucky) for repair! The tech fellow said that he had just complained to Garmin last week about their turn around time. Maybe my Automobile package will be in at the same time (ordered in April). Grrrrr Luckily I have my Sportrak Map and so I could cache on the way home. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Guess I got a bad switch or something.
  17. I have been volunteered to start up a newsletter for our OGA group (as Secretary - a glorified title that means "everything that BQ doesn't want to do" ... hmmm wait, I have the same position with TT & GHGAFAP III !) To get this off the ground, I'd like to hear any ideas, suggestions, comments as to what you would like to see in the newsletter (don't worry if you post something I won't automagically assume that you're volunteering to contribute). I've received a few article ideas (and I'm hoping the people will post them here). I could write an article on how NOT to place a cache and the importance of having someone test your multi first, right TT?
  18. I think I will start a new subject about the Newsletter.. some of these comments are just too good to lose at the end of this thread.
  19. Depends on which letters you're lookin' at TT! (or in this case numbers).
  20. I can't believe the number of caches that have been coming out lately! Wow, and you have a day job too Cache-Tech? My heart-felt thanks go out to you and Cache-Advance (never had the pleasure of any interaction, but thanks anyway) for all your hard work. I've worked with volunteers over the years and I know the motivation can drop to a low point sometimes. You are a very valuable part of our lives and I just want to say BRAVO to you for all your time spent approving rather than caching! I don't know how you do it!
  21. We've got a list of contacts : OGA Contacts I have been asked to work on a newsletter for the OGA so I am looking for submissions. Today's Cacher has some neat stuff so maybe we could start it off with some favourite caches? I enjoy reading logs of some of our local people who always manage to find the wrong side of the river and turn it into an adventure that would make Frodo (Lord of The Rings Hobbit guy for those of you who don't do movies) look like a wimp.
  22. I've had this unit since April. It's not like it's a brand new unit and I don't know what I'm doing. It's my 2nd gps. I've found over a 100 caches since I got it. Maybe it's worn out? Yes... I realize that. Sorry I was being a smart-aleck when I posted the "Hold, release" comment.
  23. Yes, I hold the button down. (Hold, release... Hold, hold, release... Hold, hold, hold... release... restrain myself from throwing it across the room.... no release.) It's worked fine in the past (for the most part) and I'm not doing anything different.
  24. I have had occasional troubles turning my unit since I got the 60CS but figured it was just me. Today it would not turn off no matter what I did. I was forced to pull the batteries out and now the dratted thing won't turn on at all. I can feel the 'click' of the button but nothing happens. I have tried 3 different sets of batteries and no go. Before you suggest it, yes... the batteries are in the right way.
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