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  1. Congrats Ralph! I've been along on one or two of those caches and had a great time ... well, almost every time. I'm still working through your professional caches that you've placed. You sure know what caching is all about! Thank you so much for your time and enthusiasm. I hope you continue to place more caches and to allow me to tag along on some more (especially the really hard math ones, although I'm not so sure about the Coupar Angus ones.)
  2. I'm all for Plan A since (a year later) I am once again dateless and if my former cache partners are up for another repeat performance (I promise to stop at more Timmy's for you TT) then I'm in for sure! I'm still laughing about TT local knowledge of certain landmarks and Flick's ideas of .... well all sorts of things!
  3. Man-o-man that's one frosty temp up there Murfster! We were up on Orangeville today and were suprised by the amount of snow that we encountered at the caches. It was up over my knees (enough short jokes peoples... I can hear you snickering from here). Decided to go with it and made snow angels at one cache and slid down a hill on another. Can't beat it, join it!
  4. You could start at the GC.com page that displays the latest media reports: Geocaching in the News Good luck on your Ph. D.
  5. Thanks Res and everyone for your wonderful comments. I certainly never dreamed that I would reach this number at all, let alone so quickly. I didn't do this alone - Res2100, Nozzletime, Algonquin Bound, TrimblesTrek, capjap & Buttons and Beaux and were the biggest contributors to those numbers by allowing me to tag along. There are many others but the list would get too long - you know who you are, and thanks! Thanks to all those cachers out there who placed the caches - both here in Ontario and in PEI and down in the U.S.A. (Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York). I've got some favourites and some that I hope to forget I am sure that Res2100 and Nozzletime need not fear that I will catch up to them. I really do need to get a life/job as TT has suggested though, that will slow me down I guess. Thanks again!
  6. As Planemaker mentioned, if you are coming up to Ontario, we have a applet on the OGA site where you can submit the name of a town and it will give you the coordinates along with a map and a link to local geocaches on GC.com. OGA Town Search Page We have monthly get togethers in the "Golden Horseshoe" area (Toronto to Niagara) so let us know if this fits the criteria and we can fill you in on any events.
  7. I agree Barnie! Sometimes you have to sit and wait and hope the cache disappears all on it's own. The ones I planned never to visit have gone from my 'nearest' so no worries anymore. There are a few further out there that I have to delete from each PQ when I get a query from that big city to the East.
  8. I know the confusion... I was struggling with this earlier today. It's a CacheMate change - choose Option/ "List Options" and "Extra Info" - and pick Waypoints from the drop down box. That should solve your problem I hope.
  9. Sorry BQ, I got a FTF on the one in Mud Lake... you snooze you lose! That makes 3 FTF's in less than 24hrs! Wow.
  10. Just wondering about limiting the number of tickets that one person could pick up. That way one person couldn't 'hijack' the whole event. Obviously this would be on an honest based system. "Can you pick me up 12 tickets while you're there?" could be a problem in some ways.... and then the "Why didn't you pick me up a ticket while you were there?" Just my first thoughts.
  11. Welcome aboard Cache Agent! Sounds like you can hold your own against this crowd. Glad to see some X chromosome in here. To all - despite the fact that Cache Agent wears pink and has great legs there is no other similarity between us (she's probably a bit taller). I am NOT CA (or CouparAngus either) and je ne parle pas francais. Annie
  12. I was reading the logs on this one: algoma4 - GC1685 and it sounds pretty good - Terrain 2.5 and a 1/2 km walk. Oh, and while you're there, could you rescue a poor TB that is up there ? I don't think Flamingos really like cold weather. Thanks!
  13. Hi Peoples, We are in the process of setting up an Ontario Geocaching Association - OGA You can check us out here: OGA Homepage I tried to figure out which region Barrie is in, but I don't see anything on the City of Barrie page. We don't have anthing on the OGA site that matches that area... or Huronia. It would be great to have someone represent your area in our group! If you are interested, please contact myself or Blue Quasar and please join us in our weekly Wed. night chats online at : Golden Horseshoe Page We'd love to have you down for our picnic in September too! GHAGAFAP III - Third Time Lucky Annie
  14. Hmmm okay. Try to keep it down below 500 words though.. okay? I've got Hard Oiler scribbling now and I hope to see the pile of pages on my desk soon. I'm working on the questions for Res and Nozzletime. Anyone else is sure welcome to submit! I'll try to twist some wrists on Saturday at the pub night. edited for clarification.
  15. Oh I know.. this is my second unit. The first one that I bought back in April went in for repairs and then got lost between Canada and the US. They replaced it with a brand new unit (7 1/2 weeks later). Now I'm back on board again. I'll have to go back and figure out all the settings I used to have.. track up, true north, turn off compass until I'm going x speed, set the compass to 'Bearing Pointer' rather than "Course Pointer" ...etc. Maybe a new topic for 'what are your custom settings for the 60cs' would be an idea!
  16. It was a year ago now that I remember you showing me that GPS at the first pubnight in Burlington. Wow.. how time flies! I just got my note to renew my GC.com membership so I know it's a year now. I finally got a new 60CS (only after "Going Hormonal" on the fellow in Quebec!) It's a long story but I got it! After 7 weeks. Now back to Uber-caching!!! The repair place is up near Wiarton (a gorgeous resort in SW Ontario) You could come down this way in September for GHAGAFAP III - Third Time Lucky
  17. BQ has asked that the OGA Newsletter comes out by Labour Day (how fitting!). Okay all you budding writers, NOW is the time to send in your submission and be part of the launch of "Cache-ON!" the hottest Geocaching Newsletter that Ontario has ever seen! I'd like to put a deadline of Aug. 20th for submissions. I look forward to seeing all your names in print! Thanks in advance for your help. Please send submissions to : amazonanniecacher@hotmail.com with Subject : OGA Newsletter. Thanks all and I look forward to reading your submissions. Now to do my part and interview Res2100 and Nozzletime.... now were were those questions? Annie
  18. Euchre ? Count me in! I've even got a few decks of cards in the truck from caches! I'm off work at 10:30am on Friday (at the latest) so if anyone wants to head up early I'm up for some caching on the way. The 407 will cut at least 1/2 hr off your trip (from Burlington to 400) and 75% off the stress factor of Toronto BUT the cost of the toll is a factor for some. As far as the ferry goes for Manitoulin - book now. Even in the off season it's full as I can attest from past experience. Drove up, couldn't cross and couldn't find a place to stay closer than Wiarton that night. Did manage to do the cache in Tobermory though.
  19. Hi C-A, I've got a spare.. my old trusty Magellan Sportrak Map which I've been using in the meantime. Me without a GPS? Heck, I'd rent one of Nozzletime's 5 or 6 that he has if I had to! The unit went from Radioworld (who did their best) to a place in Quebec. They held onto it for a month and then sent it to Oklahoma (Garmin) but Purolator lost it. Believe me, when that unit comes in I'll be taking a microscope to it before accepting it. Don't want to end up like the fellow who sent his in for repair and it fell apart the day he got it back. <shudder> By Pub Night I'll have the new one.. and wouldn't you know it, it's right down the street so I don't even need it to get there! Go figure.
  20. Just talked with the Canadian repair place... my GPS got lost in transit. A new one is on the way. I'll be able to pick it up in Toronto next week. Hope it doesn't get lost ! Is it next week yet?
  21. Hmmm.. should have spent $200 on a Venture rather than $580 on a 60CS. I won't go into all the gory details (unless you ask) but my unit was sent away 6 1/2 weeks ago and I am still waiting for it to be fixed. Right now it is in limbo - somewhere between Canada and the US. It hasn't even been looked at yet by Garmin (the Canadian place took a month to figure out they couldn't fix it). I have been on the phone with the Canadian repair place and Garmin... back and forth. I am a reasonably calm person (okay let the laughter begin) but this has me so hot under the collar.... I'm not a casual cacher and I want my GPS back. NOW. Congrats Swifteroo. I'm glad you had such great service. I'm still waiting for the accessories that I ordered and paid for in April too, by the way! I just hope that my situation is "one of a kind" and that I had the misfortune to get caught up in a bad time period. I hope my caching luck doesn't follow suit. I've heard nothing but praise for Garmin in the past (one of the reasons I bought it). I hope I can sing their praises in the future.
  22. I went out to do maintenance on a cache I placed the last week of April. I was on my bike and rode in along the trail... leaving the GPS in the truck. (heck, I knew were the cache was and I went there 4 times already). I rode and rode... hmm... was it this far in? Kept going and then finally turned around. I slooooowly rode back along the trail to a part that kind of looked familiar and walked in to the cache. Man-oh-man can the surroundings change in just a few months! A pond that was there in April is gone. The vegetation has grown up so much that the rock formations were gone or at least quite well camo'd by the surrounding vegetation.
  23. I have to say that I feel sorry for you Team MJDJ . It is obvious that you are isolated and do not have the assistance of local cachers like we do here. Our group supports one another in hiding and seeking caches and even suggest sites for one another if they are outside our area. Found BBQ (GCK2R6) I had a cache held up for a few weeks pending approval. I my attitude was "Hmmm... what can I do to help the local approver and make his/her life easier?" I cannot imagine how they have time to cache while facing a huge list of caches that are waiting to go online. I have to brag that we have the greatest group of people here that go out of their way to work together and make caching an enjoyable experience that I am proud to call my 'addiction of choice'. TrimblesTrek & Purple Fever have said it better than I can and Coupar Angus...your silence speak volumes!
  24. Google Translate will give you a rough idea of what that means.
  25. Just a note - when adding HTML to a cache page, those of us with Cachemate end up having to decrypt the pages when viewing it on our PDA. Out in the field it can sometimes cause problems when trying to read the instructions. I've almost given up on a cache 'cause the < and the > mix in with the rest. Luckily I use HTML at work so I can figure it out.
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