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  1. In an attempt to get this back on topic...


    My favourite caches I have discovered lately are near water. It could be a lake or a stream but even a lame cache gets raised a notch if it's near water.


    I love the "Tour of..." caches which I look for when going to a new town. They give me an idea of what the town/area is all about (history, industry etc.). We did a great one down in Ohio last year while waiting for the event to start and I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the background of the town. I've done a few in Ontario (Ingersol and Port Burwell come to mind) and they were good introductions to the town that showed me the highlights of the area.


    I enjoy puzzles as long as math isn't involved. I prefer Multi's over Traditionals but often there's math involved in the multi so that's often a challenge.


    After spending an afternoon in Florida doing 105 urban micro caches on a cache run I was so glad to get back to Canada to a good hike in the woods. No offence to the Floridians but I do enjoy our caches (despite the hills).

  2. I was at Geo-Woodstock III when the White Jeep contest was launched. It seems that there were a few states that were left out of the last contest (Florida being one of them where GWIII was held). Each of the participants were given a White Jeep TB to circulate and so I know that at least 5 of 'em made it across the border. :P


    There will be a few circulating in SW Ontario in the near future.

  3. which one is in Laval and does anyone have their address and phone number?


    Hi Shawn and/or Holly,


    Here is the contact info:

    Raytech Electronique Inc.

    1451, Boul. Des Laurentides

    Vimont, Laval, Quebec

    H7M 2Y3

    Tel: (450) 975-1015



    Good luck!! Maybe it's time for a 60C? :o



  4. We've started preparing for the invasion. Are you staying with Keystone?


    We have a 3 room tent and so we will be booking a tent site on the south side. I'll let you know the details soon. Don't want to use up all of Keystone's electricity with the flamingo neon lights and other stuff we are bringing. :rolleyes:

  5. Okay, it looks like we've got the Broad Squad on invasion mode. Expect 3 crazy Canuck women sometime on Friday. Not sure about the accomodations yet. Thanks for the invite, it will be good to see you again Keystone, after GW3 last week. I hope Shawn and Holly can join us!

  6. The castle you are talking about is called "Casa Loma". You can see some pictures from the castle on this TB page:


    Joe and Karyn TB


    I grew up in Toronto but I never visited the the place (other than a prom night but that's another story) until quite recently. Other than the bus loads of kids that were there, it was a great place!


    Casa Loma for more info.


    Unfortunately there isn't a cache nearby. Have fun with your visit! Say hello to the Flamingos in the Zoo for me.

  7. 2005 Midwest GeoBash - Flamingo Invasion !?!?!?


    Yikes! How can you tempt me like that? Don't know you my obsession ? (well, one of them). <sigh> Now to find somebody to drag along.


    If I can drive close to 2,000 km to Florida for GW3 <_< then a short 410 km to your event shouldn't be too bad.

  8. An overseas question: Is there the slightest chance some of those TB:s will make it over to Europe (preferably Sweden) before they vanish off the face of the Earth? Anyone planning a journey? I'm a sucker for icons!


    There was a couple from Sweden at GW3 - Bo & Elisabeth and if they grabbed a Jeep TB then maybe they will circulate it back home.


    In case anyone asks, there will at least 3 in Ontario (maybe more if the other 2 teams grabbed one).

  9. As far as I remember, the only other person to have completed the series in one day was Nozzletime.


    Ah, but how many people have voluntarily done the whole thing TWICE. Wrap me up in a straight jacket and sign me away for a while. Just give me a certificate! :unsure:


    Great series and worth doing twice... (although my muscles sure didn't agree with me!)

  10. I have just got off the phone with OGA-Admin (who does not have internet access at this time). They were concerned about the interaction and I have read them the subsequent posts. OGA-Admin says thank you for the clarification, they mis-interpreted the post.

  11. How can OGA representatives actually believe that the spectre of Parks Canada maybe allowing a "few" caches to exist in the parks in a year (more likely a few years) be a positive outcome? I think you guys are deluding yourselves.


    I guess it's a matter of "you had to be there" on this issue. After our discussion with the park officials we felt that they heard what we had to say and were open to our discussion of the validity of caching in their parks. They have their way of doing things and sure, we may not agree with the way they decided to erase the board and start clean, but they have not slammed the door on us and refused to listen. Yet. I am hoping that the discussion here will remain on an even keel and we can show Park officials that we are mature individuals that are willing to cooperate with them.


    And why isn't OGA actively involving other caching associations in other provinces? Who gave OGA the mandate to "negotiate" for the rest of the country?


    As stated, this was a last minute meeting and we were not given much time to prepare. We went up to Ottawa and met with Parks Canada on short notice and made I feel that the presentations made by the executive were professional and I hope reflected the geocaching community as a whole. Was my time, effort and expenses wasted ? I hope not.


    Personally, I can see Parks Canada's concerns. Far too many cachers don't give a hoot about the environment, and many cache sites I've visited look like a herd of caribou have run over them.


    Thank you. You have certainly help our cause immensely. The cache sites around Ontario are for the most part in great shape and the surroundings are respected. If there is any environmental impact, we are pretty well self monitoring and tend to report these to each other through the OGA representatives. That's why we are here - to prevent this sort of activity and to help each other to preserve what we hope is a fun family sport.


    If Parks Canada are using B.C. as an example then I can understand their concerns. I am sorry that your cache sites are in such disrepair. It would break my heart to see something like that and I would probably call for a ban myself. Sounds like you might want to organize and educate your fellow cachers. Read the Geocaching site - "The cache owner will assume all responsibility of their cache listings. " - that includes what is happening around it. You are defeating our attempts by not following the GC.com guidelines. I hope B.C. is an isolated case. I have not heard anything of this nature from other provinces. Please don't make our efforts go down the drain.

  12. I don't know if the public are still allowed to be in the parks but I cannot see the State putting up gates everywhere. Probably it is more likely that the public can use the sites at their own risk, and that would be posted.


    I have been caching in NY State parks. They seemed to have spent quite a bit of $$ putting up HUGE signs saying Keep out, trespassers will be prosecuted, enter at your own risk etc, etc. When we drove up there were lots of cars going in and out of the park. We stopped a local resident and they said "Oh sure, go on in. If the Sheriff drives by, just wave at him, he will smile and wave back!" (the Sheriff's office was located in the park). I've never seen a busier park and that was with lots of snow on the ground. Nope, no gates but lots of activity.

  13. Well, my experiences were with Raytec and I can't say that they were pleasant. I don't know that there is an answer to this problem other than pressuring Garmin to change service depots.


    I suggest RadioWorld in Toronto. Very professional people there, and I highly recommend them. They have been campaigning to have themselves deemed a registered Garmin service depot but have so far been unsuccessful.

  14. I can't believe the milestones everyone is reaching ... and most of them accomplished over the winter. Now that's Ubercaching!


    Congrats to Nozzletime on reaching your2,000th cache ! No half measures there. 1473 Traditional caches alone. Wow, that's a heck of a lot of hiking and driving. One vehicle worn out so far but Smudge seems to keep on going.


    Congrats to Algonquin Bound on your 800th cache. Considering your problems this winter with your back, I'm impressed. Hope things heal up so you can get out some more this spring and summer!


    Watch out for B&B - they're right around the corner - soon to be 1000!

  15. Recently I was out with Algonquin Bound doing some cache maintenance on the Bruce Almighty series and we came across an area that had been logged. The cache that was in the base of a tree was left in the (now) stump and covered by branches. It was obvious that the tree cutters had found the cache and had carefully placed it back and cover it up!


    In another cache close to home, was a note by a surveyor who had found the cache while working in the field.


    It's great to learn of these potential new geocachers and that they can leave the caches for the rest of us.

  16. Way to go Dex! Welcome to the club. I've got the tiara waiting for you, I've been waiting to pass it on.


    Actually, I think I was #4 to reach that goal and I think Tylor was #3? I see I've finally passed Tylor (for the time being).


    Thanks for all your caches Dex, you've done a good job of finding all the places around here that I want to place one! :(

  17. Oh the woes of repair! My first Garmin 60CS refused to turn back on so I sent it (through Radio World where I bought it) to the Quebec facility. I was told the turn around was 4-6 weeks.


    After about 8 weeks I called Quebec and raised hell. They had sent it off to the US after about 6 weeks and hadn't followed up or anything. They didn't want to send just one so they were waiting for a bunch to send for repair. AARRRGGG :rolleyes:


    I phoned Garmin US and raised more hell. I talked with quite a few people there and in the end they said talk to Canada since it was orginally sent there. <sigh>


    I phoned Quebec again.... Long story short, it turned out the unit was lost in transit by the courier and so they aurthorized RadioWorld to replace the unit.


    If it's a new unit and you have the original packaging you may be able to return to the store you purchased it and have them exchange the unit.


    Here is another discussion about the experiences that other Canadians have experienced.


    E-trex Rubber Seal


    Good luck and keep on top of those guys in Quebec. If you are not happy, complain to Garmin in the US. They need to know that we are not being serviced properly up here. (there have been many complaints about the Quebec faciltiy). I wrote Garmin a letter at the end of the whole experience letting them know. Maybe we can get the repair facility moved to Ontario - like RadioWorld! Those guys are fabulous, believe me.

  18. Hi Sheriff,

    If you have a Garmin then you can download NRoute which uses the MapSource maps. It will give you turn by turn instructions while driving.


    If you have a Magellan, then I would suggest Streets & Trips by Microsoft. You need a serial port (or USB and converter) and a GPS that has NMEA.


    I have used both while out caching. I usually use the NRoute (or "Matilda" as she has been nicknamed).


    If you really want to get fancy, check out this forum discussion:

    Creating Ms S&T Maps, Custom, Automated pushpins from GSAK db


    I've tried it out and it's great.

  19. Wow, thanks PDOP for pointing this out! Xangxa has done a great job.


    I've been learning the macros for GSAK and I am thrilled with the results. (Thanks Clyde) Now when I get a phone call I can click and get out the door with a fresh batch of info faster than I can get my boots on!


    I have MS S&T but haven't used it much in the past - other than trying to refine a route that we might take. This certainly has put the program back up on my list of necessary software for the laptop in the car.

  20. Yay BQ!! Glad you finally met your milestone and I am honoured that I could witness the event.


    Your high quality of cache placements shows your dedication to the sport. I have heard rumours of your new set of caches and I am anxious for the snow to go so you can place them! <whine> Will it ever end? </whine>


    Congrats on your milestone and I look forward to doing some more caching with the (now) "Clued-In Gang". :rolleyes:

  21. Welcome to this crazy world of Geocaching! You won't find a better bunch of people than the group around here. Everyone is very helpful and ready to get you going.


    I have dealt with RadioWorld in Toronto too. They carry all if not most of the available GPS units and are very knowledgeable about them. I bought my first unit - a Magellean Sportrak Map and my second one, a Garmin 60CS there.


    With regards to the 60CS - I would go for the 60C rather than the CS if I had my choice. The extra compass and barometer suck up the batteries quickly and I usually keep the compass turned off. Having to recalculate the compass after each battery change is a pain. Just my .02 worth!


    Hope to see you out at one of our events.

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