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  1. When I go from DRAFTS the heart icon (add cache to favorites) is not available behind "Loglength:" and in front of "Report a Problem". There is also NO exclamation mark in front of "report a problem" When I click on "Log Geocache" from any listing there is a heart in between "loglenght" and "report a problem" to give that cache a favorite point. 1: I don't know if this is gc little helper related? 2: I have enough favorite points to give a way. 3: installed: v0.10.12
  2. Is this a bug or something new? I have multiple premium accounts and have several PQ's standing and waiting on those accounts. Now in GSAK (thus: thru the API), I see those PQ's waiting for me. Yet on the website there is nothing; no created PQ's (that should be there), and no PQ's ready for download (which, according to the API should be there)? Strangest thing: when logging in to the main account I use, I see PQ's created AND pq's waiting for download both on website AND in GSAK. Is geocaching.com logging IP's now and restricting multi-account users or have I stumbled upon a very strange bug?
  3. Actually: nothing would happen. The next cacher comes along, picks up the tracakble and logs it as found in a cache. Sometimes I wish ALL CO's would mark ALL TB's missing. Have a fresh start. The promise from HQ was that tb's without logs for a year would be automatically deleted. How hard can it be? Even when run once per month this would clean out at least 30% of trackables. TB owners don't care (I have send hundreds(!) of messages), cache owners don't care (I have made hundreds(!) of write notes), Groundspeak don't care. TB's merely seem like an extra way to create extra revenue for Groundspeak. They keep selling them, and they know 60% will disappear within the first year. It looks like they are too chicken to admit the entire TB thing is a hoax. I have spend a ton of money on trackables ( like -> http://wiki.ssoca.eu/NOVW.NL_personal_GeoToken ) and Groundspeak takes half of that money for the codes. SO: I pay for codes, Groundspeak should give me some more control over how tb's are disappearing from the site. I hate Groundspeak for not allowing finders to mark my trackables missing. Lets assume there are 5 finders: A, B, C, D and E. C marks my tb missing, so I know I have to ask A and B for more information. And for all I care "we" make a list with cachers who "loose" tb's very, very often. When C marks my TB missing, D can still retrieve it is the missing-log was in error. Where is the problem??!!
  4. And, as wit _all_ things Groundspeaks sais they will implememnt, it is *not* working. https://coord.info/TB65MNW & https://coord.info/TB2K61K have not had any notes / logs / movemnets or whatever, and it is STILL in the online inventory for this cache. I am seriously considering an action group that will start posting needs archived logs on the caches that have TB's in them that are MISSING!!! Its the most frustrtaing part of the entire game!!!
  5. It is nonsense! Why does the offer end april-23 instead of running for a full year? I am getting more and more annoyed by Groundspeak
  6. Read the logs on the TB's. There are TB's without logs since 2012. IN the cache. Now, call me crazy, but I have a hunch those TB's are "poof".
  7. Is it? In my book "maintaining a cache" means the CO is responsible (!) to upkeep his/her cache physically (logbook / waterproofing / ...) as well as online (remove bogus logs / keep the trackable inventory accurate / ...) . If a CO fails to upkeep any of those two requirements, the cache should be removed from the map.
  8. There has been a debate going on for a few years (!) already. People tend to think that when a TB can be marked missing by a geocacher other than tb-owner of cache-owner, the amount of stolen TB's will rise enormously. I don;t agree with above statement.
  9. One thing remains unclear: "The trackable has not been logged (for example, 'Discovered') in more than one year" Does that also mean that if a "write note" is made, the TB will remain in the inventory? In other words, is a write note a log? If so, I can not even notify the TB-owner of the disappearance of his trackable. It would mean, as soon as I write a note to the owner, the year starts "again".
  10. I am too lame to read thru 9 pages of posts, but "in the old days" when Groundspeak tried to listen to the community they had some sort of forum where users could hand out points to the best idea. The number 1 idea was the A.P.I.. The number 2 (or 3) thing "everybody" wanted to have implemented was a way for _users_ to delete trackables from a cache inventory. And never did we hear anything again. I have made thousands (!) of logs asking CO's to clean out their inventory, and tb-owners to remove their tb from a cache. Nobody cares. Really nobody. I have resorted to making needs archived logs for non-maintenance. Nobody cares. Nothing happens. And it s*cks badly. I like the tb part of the game, but its impossible to play that part of the game. Example: https://coord.info/GCK25B (gc hq). 145 trackables... Seriously? I have requested an archival of that specific cache. Nothing happened. Not even a (non-) polite reply. Nothing. Groundspeak does not care about the users; they are in the game for the money. Period.
  11. Lol, make them bleed. Give yourself a giftcard (non renewing) and gift yourself the gift of non re-occurring premium membership
  12. I will do some fortune telling now. In a year (maybe a year and 2 months), after everybody has forgotten they gave out an automatic membership, Groundspeak will raise their prices. I am fore-telling 40 dollar a year (sorry: 39.99). And only very, very, very few people will cancel the automated credit card subscription. Groundspeak is anticipating a whole lot of boohaa on a price raise and they are trying it this way. Because "they will not notice anyways". Lets be reasonable. There is no reason anybody can think of that will make Groundspeak _need_ an automatic year subscription. Whether they send an email telling me they are going to take money out of my card, or they send me an email telling me I need to send money from my card... the cost is exactly the same.
  13. jup. Plenty of "tricks" available. I am just mad that Groundspeak is hoping people will forget to cancel the premium membership and just will "let it roll". Thats how gyms make their money. Paying members that don;t show up. I mean, does Groundspeak really desperately need money that much? If so a price raise would me more fair than a rip-your-customers scheme.
  14. What a load of c*. "Customers, who needs 'm?"
  15. jup. Even better, when gifting yourself a membership from another account, you will not even pay tax
  16. I know, but it should not be that way. In the Netherlands we have just had some new laws implemented auto-reoccurring payments are forbidden because businesses are counting om people forgetting to cancel. Apart from the fact its "not nice" for Groundspeak to implement this, I expect them to obey laws of countries the are selling to... Thats why I pay tax on my subscription, right.....................................
  17. I don;t like it. Seriously I don't like it. It looks like a scam to me, hoping people will pay and forget
  18. Huh? Something is very, very wrong here. I am going to buy another year of premium, and I am _forced_ to buy a auto-renewal subscription. I want one year, and decide after a year what to do next. No auto renewal nonsense.
  19. I _only_ knew "hog trial" (ia, not ai...)and it is completely impossible to locate it: I expect a search to find me a name if I give it a search frase. I mentioned the gc code only to point out the cache I am looking for is a real cache. In gc search it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a cache if you only know the name. I mean "hog trial" and the first hit is "Kanona cemetery"??!! Are you kidding me? No hog, no trial. Nothing vaguely resembling my search. Even on the listing of that cache there is no mention of "hog" or "trial". The search is giving out random results. Only if I dig deep, deep, deep into the bowels of the search I am able to find a cache. And that is plain stupid. When I type "pietjepuk", the least I should get is any/all cache names that contain "pietjepuk" in their title. Whether that cache is in the Netherlands or on Greenland. Nothing more, nothing less. If the results are 10000 caches, than, and only than, should I be asked to start filtering. I do not want, nor should I need, to get into filers, and states and search circles and whatever. The search is bad. Unless you are a computer wizz that understands filters on top of filters on results that have been filtered. Yes.
  20. And why am I _always_ brought back to a search parameter of 16km??!! I am paying for 3 milion geocaches, not those that are 16km away!!! + when I https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#newwindow=1&q=site:geocaching.com+%22-+the+hog+trial%22 I get 2160 results, including 2100 logs ::(
  21. I mean, how on EARTH am I going to find "001-The Hog Trial" cache using the search "provided" by Groundspeak I get 21 results: Geocache Name Distance Favorites Size Difficulty Terrain Last Found Placed On Kanona Cemetery Traditional | GC2FXGV by JJTally 5.4km NE 1 Regular 1.5 1.5 01/30/2016 09/28/2010 The Dukes of Decatur Traditional | GC2YA5A by JJTally 5.5km NW 0 Micro 1.5 2.5 11/26/2015 06/15/2011 Just North of the Tornado Traditional | GCVEM6 by shirsch 6.6km NW 1 Regular 2.0 1.5 12/08/2015 04/15/2006 Sappa Park Traditional | GC207YA by JJTally 6.7km NW 0 Micro 1.5 1.5 10/05/2015 10/24/2009 North & Central KS Cemetery Series - Oberlin Traditional | GC59T24 by jaqman07 7.5km NW 0 Micro 2.0 1.5 10/17/2015 07/28/2014 Baseball Fields Traditional | GC2FVVY by JJTally 7.7km NW 0 Micro 1.5 1.5 09/28/2015 09/27/2010 Last Indian Raid Monument Mystery | GC1RKBP by JJTally 7.7km NW 6 Micro 3.5 1.5 09/02/2015 05/20/2009 Oberlin City Park Traditional | GC2FVVR by JJTally 7.8km NW 0 Micro 1.5 1.5 09/28/2015 09/27/2010 Last Indian Raid on Kansas Soil Traditional | GCV725 by DC KS History Buffs 8km NW 5 Regular 1.5 1.0 09/27/2015 04/02/2006 Welcome to Oberlin Traditional | GC2F08K by bordonifamily 8.1km W 6 Micro 2.0 1.0 10/09/2015 09/11/2010 I'm on my way Home Sweet Home Traditional | GC2FTDB by Phil & Verla from OZ 8.2km SW 1 Small 1.0 1.5 01/06/2016 10/02/2010 Centennial Park Traditional | GC2FVVK by JJTally 8.3km NW 0 Regular 2.0 1.5 10/01/2015 09/27/2010 Downtown Oberlin History Mystery | GC2FW5G by JJTally 8.3km NW 5 Regular 3.0 1.0 09/02/2015 09/27/2010 Highway 83 Travelbug Hotel Traditional | GC2FREK by JJTally 8.3km NW 0 Regular 2.5 1.5 09/17/2015 09/26/2010 Manhattan misses our Talley Traditional | GC5E2TP by Semmels123 9km NW 0 Regular 1.5 2.5 10/05/2015 09/20/2014 Gateway Traditional | GC2FRF0 by JJTally 9.1km NW 1 Regular 1.5 1.5 12/29/2015 09/26/2010 Oberlin Municipal Airport Traditional | GC2FRF2 by JJTally 9.3km NW 0 Micro 1.0 1.0 10/18/2015 09/26/2010 Big Timber Cemetery Traditional | GC2FXJK by JJTally 9.7km E 0 Regular 1.5 1.5 01/18/2016 09/28/2010 Vallonia Cemetery Traditional | GC2FXGP by JJTally 11.3km N 0 Regular 1.5 1.5 09/27/2015 09/28/2010 Jackson Cemetery Traditional | GC2FXJ0 by JJTally 12.8km S 0 Micro 1.5 1.5 03/18/2015 09/28/2010 Penn Cemetery Traditional | GC2FW82 by JJTally NONE of these are even vaguely close to what I am looking for!!! I am looking for GC44GQH!!! This search is S.T.U.P.I.D. !!!!! and non functioning!!!! I want a search taht works!!!!
  22. Another pointer GS does not care about trackables; it used to be so that if I had a TB in my inventopry I could mark it missing (lost). this is no more. I now have to have MY OWN cache, log a note, drop the TB, and only than can I mark the TB missing. This is stupid. People who do not have their own cache can no longer mark a tb as missing. even when it is in their inventory. !!! PLEASE, stop breaking things and start fixing things !!!
  23. @larryc43230: you nailed the problem description. Partly the solution is coming by its self; half of the non-excisting PQ's are gone now... I'll see tomorrow what happens
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