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  1. Congratulations, GrievousAngel, on find #2000 on March 8th at Paddle Me on Camano Island!
  2. I love this idea. We have four people in our family and each person has their own account and we all have slightly different find totals. This idea would be perfect for us and it would help clean up the cache log pages a bit too.
  3. It is fun, isn't it? We recently started caching with our 2 year old and 4 year old and we all love it. My two year old cried the whole way home from Home Depot yesterday because we weren't going caching. "more treasure, more treasure!" That is the refrain I hear from him these days!
  4. We're new at this too and having a great time. Make sure you're looking at EASY caches to start with. Maybe 1 star difficulty and 1-2 star terrain. Also, I would avoid the micro category for a little while--some of those are teeny tiny and although the standard micro hides will become easier with time, until you get used to them, they're tricky for newbies. Have fun! My two children love treasure hunting!
  5. I just bought some similar to these at the Target dollar spot. They're dinosaur ones--a ten pack for $1. They also had Strawberry Shortcake ones, but I passed on those because they were scented.
  6. I'm Sarah / MamaOdy and recently started geocaching with my two young children (ages 2 and 4) and, occasionally, with my husband. Currently I have no geocoins although I've been eyeing some on eBay that I just love! As for how my username came to be--well, the first part is self-explanatory and the second part is Ody...yes, I'm a "minivan mama" and drive an Odyssey. So we drive around in our Ody-mobile to get to caches.
  7. North Creek Trail in the Mill Creek area (Snohomish County) has a bunch of caches. GrievousAngel has a NCT bookmark list of them. I haven't hunted for them myself, but I'm looking forward to doing them with my small children in tow. Clear Creek Trail in the Silverdale area (Kitsap County) has a number of caches too.
  8. Adorable coin. My 4 year old cacher will LOVE this!
  9. Terrific! Thanks for the ideas! I'm excited to try this out with the children.
  10. I have two small children (ages 2 and 4) and want geocaching to be a great activity for the whole family. I've been looking at the caches in North Kitsap and there are a good number! I'd appreciate some recommendations for good ones for a young family to start with--I want the children to be involved and excited about this. I have a feeling that nano caches would not be very exciting for them. Thank you so much for your advice!
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