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  1. Thank you & good luck with any new adventures!! Take care!
  2. Does anyone know of something we could do to get these codes? I don't suppose there was a generic activation code for any of these coins? Thanks, Lori aka ScottieScouts
  3. Do you still have any of your 2009 polished nickel left? And any of your 2008? Really love the designs. As someone already mentioned - very clever with the 2009 dropping in the 2008. I'd like the polished nickel in both if you have them. I'm not sure how you want the request. Thanks, Lori aka ScottieScouts
  4. All versions are sold out. Will you be re-minting any of these beautiful coins? Thanks!
  5. Do you still have any sets for sale? Please let me know. I LOVE these! Thanks, Lori Please reply back to ldshurte@woh.rr.com or ldshurte@mvh.org
  6. I would like to buy your Green and Yellow Cache (Kansas) bronze coin. What info do you need to send me a PayPal invoice or what's your account that I can send payment to? - ScottieScouts
  7. Hmmm. I've only raised one of these (he liked rose leaves). I named him "Roy". I'm glad it wasn't a snake or something worse.
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