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  1. Forty-two. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  2. quote:Originally posted by Kyle S: I'd like to hear how many of you would be intersted in such a project. Count me in. By 'bagels' do you mean 'PBR?' all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  3. What are those road-report toll-free numbers to call again? i don't want to spend another night in oakridge again. no offense, but there's only so much fun i can have at the Break Time Tavern. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  4. oregone


    I've been working on it, but so far i can't figure out how the Chabs go with the Fabs. But i'm hoping that, any second now, Mila Jovavich is going to show up and give me a sexy hint. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  5. 1)Mary S Young State Park needs ivy removal. 2)Kyle at THPRD would probably dig it if we helped out that park up by the intersection of 217 and 26. You know--that one with all the weird metal disks strewn about. 3)My side of the esplanade is always in need of a little lovin'. 4)I could park my CRX in Makaio's cul-de-sac, invite all the pdx cachers over and tell them to bring paint. Then, the lot of us could paint the whole thing up like a nouveau hippie-mobile. After it dried, we could go from park to park removing graffitti and beer cans. That way, we could improve both the area parks AND my drab sun-bleached honda. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  6. Nehalem Dock and Wild in the City both require kayaks to be accessed. 2925 KINDA needs a boat, but only if you're a big fat wussy--as proven by the pictures of area cacher 'The Tungsten Jihad!.' Just don't be surprised if they sit for dozens or even hundreds of days without a find. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  7. sorry i missed you guys, but i had to go to the hockey game. party at my house saturday night? word on the street has it that slinger is offering phone book-ripping classes that evening... all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  8. ...i've got dibs on mitsuko. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  9. Thank y'all for noticing me in the newspaper. I know i'm a big geek. However, as many of you may know, a life-long dream of mine was finally fulfilled this morning: To have my picture in print between two of my idols--bill clinton and margie boule. and if anyone ever utters the words, 'the explosis factor' to me, i'm gonna throw whiskey bottles at them. (emoticon!) all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  10. My great-great-great grandparents moved to St. Paul, Oregon in 1851. We haven't gone far since. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  11. I was supposed to prove to lauren that i really could eat 50 eggs in an hour, but to h*** with that! Put me down for a strong maybe. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  12. Now THAT'S some bad luck. With your streak, i think i should ask you guys to start placing caches in places that i totally dislike. I have a few ex-girlfriend addresses that i've emailed you privately. (emoticon!) all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  13. She meant 'that's GROSS' as in 12 dozen. I was making that same joke last night to Laurencat when she asked what i was going to do for her for Valentines Day. I told her that it wasn't VD, but it was gross. (silence fell) Yeah, she didn't get it either. I gotta work on my delivery. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  14. It's the state's 144th birthday. alis volat propriis! all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  15. quote:Originally posted by Team JOYSON:Maybe we should all ... go out and find ... WITC??? Now THAT i gotta see! I drove by it yesterday and it's beginning to look more and more like a 5/5 with the rising waters. But i'd be happy to watch y'all go out there from the safety of the Ross Island bridge. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  16. quote:Originally posted by nmartin:Have the CD's started to return? I recently put out about 15 copies each of PGE and WITC, but they're pretty hard to keep track of. I try to put them in newish caches so portland-area cachers don't have to revisit old caches to get them. Since you're coming up from Salem to do IV, give me a few days notice and i'll put some CDs in there so you can do PGE on your way back south. I have a feeling that no one will be attempting WITC for a while, despite it having but three finders so far. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  17. quote:Originally posted by bubble_luscious: HAHAHAHA....oookk oregone I could disagree to that. I've been trying to come up with a non-offensive reply to that comment for the last 10 minutes, but i just can't. From Pandora's box to a late-night in Detroit, Oregon--nothing seems to be able to escape what leaky filter that may exist between my brain and my typing fingers. So here come the emoticons: all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  18. quote:Originally posted by soup:Cheerleapperatus? I don't think that i've ever given a more emphatic 'YES!' to anything in my life. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  19. oregone

    Need Help.

    quote:Originally posted by theZenny: And personally, I would think it would be strange for a guy to be part of cheerleading Maybe it's just a 28-year-old thing, but when you get to be my age and a high school senior asks for help, the first thing you think of is pom-poms, bloomers, two bottles of Boone's Strawberry Hill, and the folded-down backseat of a Subaru. My apologies in advance to any parents reading this. If you're serious about this project, you'll plead, beg, and bribe fractal to help you out. He's pretty much the master of the puzzle cache. Also, if he helps you, maybe he won't have time to put out another cache i can't figure out, since i'm still working on elegia2. If you need a place to actually hide it in the hillsboro/forest grove area, i think i can recommend a place that doesn't have one yet. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  20. Obviously, the problem isn't with well-thought out, creative, and unique LCs (Points of Interest is the new nomenclature, i believe) like Conde's Creations. If all who submitted LCs put as much effort and thought into it as Zzzoey has, then I'm sure we wouldn't be talking about it, and i wouldn't have such a problem with doing them. One of the main problems, as i understand it, is the rabid tenacity in which one who places a lame LC defends their idea when it is rejected. The VOLUNTEERS that approve caches can just cut and paste a form letter rejection when someone tries to hide one in Crater Lake National Park, but i'm betting that rejecting a lame LC can take days and dozens of email exchanges. I agree that logging a find on Conde's Creations--or any other good LCs (if there are any)--can be more difficult and rewarding than any number of useless I-5 rest-area caches and the like. Trying to take a good picture of ANYTHING in Oregon City should be worth two smiley faces, if you ask me! But i have a hard time accepting the fact that LCs really fall under the heading of 'geocaching.' Personally, I'm looking forward to the change--despite the fact that my 'found' count will be reduced from 670 to 666. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  21. I'm just waiting for the courage to ask Maps-r-us to expertly plan the whole deal like they did last year. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  22. oregone

    Need Help.

    Are you on the cheerleading squad, and are you 18 yet? Seriously though, the following caches should provide some inspiration: Maps to the stars homes demonhead flats elegia crouching puzzle hidden cache and, of course, the shameless plug for my instrumental version cache. This cache in Illinois seems like a good puzzle, but of course i've never tried it before. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  23. I found two today, so seven more and i've got an entire evening! I know where two more can be found, but i didn't want to be greedy... all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  24. PI IS EXACTLY 3!!!! all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  25. oregone

    And then...

    ...a certain famous geocacher that couldn't make it to this party recently informed me that the head klingon was on a local portland radio show the other day. And said klingon mentioned that 'even geocachers can come' on thursday nights. I guess that means that our nerdiness quotient has reached light speed, as it were. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
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