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  1. I vote leave them. They may be listed on another caching website. Also, the few of us that have the coords to the old ones would be disappointed if they weren't there anymore. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  2. Clue No. 7 A tad too far one way and success will be denied. A stretch of 36 bounds the other side. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  3. Here's something else: One species of lily is called the camas lily. I seem to remember finding a few geocaches at Round Lake (another ring!) in Camas, Washington. There's also the Washington lily (lilium washingtonianum). None of this can be tied to the "perfect 10" and "sports" themes that were touched upon, though. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  4. quote: The lily was a beauty,but you can't relive that fun. This ring stretches outward. A compass reads 21. Stretching again: The 1985 movie "Legend" starring Tom Cruise and Tim Curry. Wasn't the girl's name Lily? And didn't she have a ring that she threw in the ocean or something, saying she'd marry whoever found it? And what about Saint Catherine of Siena from Catholic mythology? She's the patron saint of sexual temptation and fire prevention, you know. She's usually represented by lillies and rings. Okay, that one's probably a dead end. But how about this: All this talk about some lily and rings (or circles) reminded me of a certain pdxmarathon cache. Glacier Lily Circle is a street near summer lake park in tigard. Could that mean anything? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  5. I know i'm reaching here, but that part about the menaced prince is really bugging me. Keanu Reeves played a "prince hal" character in Gus Van Sant's "Your Own Private Idaho." That movie was based on Shakespeare's Henry IV (pt 1, i think). Much of the movie was filmed in the then-abandoned Governor Hotel, which is now, from the rubble, an historic building on 10th street. Standing there and taking a compass reading at 21 degrees leads you pretty much nowhere, though. And it has nothing to do with that basketball theory. Didn't Lily Wilde used to live in Portland? What's she up to these days? The 40-mile loop is indeed a ring. Any other rings in town? Ladd's Circle? The I5-I405 freeway makes a ring around downtown. 1977 NBA championship ring? Drexler Drive near the Rose Quarter used to be called Dribble Drive until about 3 years ago. The only place in portland that i can think of involving lillies is the flower store on NE Fargo; i think it's called "The Water Lily Garden." But i seem to remember an old tavern that used to be somewhere off Sandy Blvd called "The Lily Pad." I could be way off on that one, though. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  6. Maybe there was an old lily garden somewhere in town? Like where the rose quarter is now or something? And you head out at 21 degrees north from there? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  7. Menaced prince? Hamlet maybe? Menaced by his dad's ghost and general madness? If Hamlet were to "have his say," would he soliloquize about "to be or not to be?" i'm lost again. From the Rubble? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  8. quote:Originally posted by familyO'foxes:If Yurt "A" is not occupied by Geocachers, their gonna be in for a surprise! Yurt A is occupied by yours truly. Also, i just reserved it for friday night, instead of only saturday and sunday. I hate to sound like a gay Mr. T here, but i pity the fool that thinks they can out-interior-decorate me with their yurt. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  9. quote:Originally posted by dasein: Well, now I kinda hope you find it, but then we'd probably never hear the end of it. Say, since the event would be called 'oregone cash machine,' does that mean that you'll be providing the dollar bills for everyone? (You know...at Sassy's.) BTW Oregone, we're gonna go find Pisaster Disaster and 'PBL' this weekend and at least a dozen others in the area. Yup, if i find it, i'm asking for that $1000 in singles, and you're all invited. And yes, NO ONE would ever hear the end of it. Since you're heading up there, i have to give another plug for my favorite cache of all time, Half Moon Cache. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  10. quote: Men and women, do persist. That line is bothering me. I think it must mean something, because if it didn't, they could have wrote 'treasure hunters, do persist.' Navdog's right about the comma. The 'do' in that line is a command, not an observation. I'm pretty lost with this one. Maybe it is just fluff. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  11. At any rate, if i find the dadgum thing then y'all should get ready for the most opulent event-cache ever. It will be called the 'oregone cash machine' and it WILL involve Sassy's. Anyway, i just realized that Loll Wildwood (Arnold Creek) Park near Burlingame is exactly 10 acres. Kinda goes against my eastside theory, but it's something to consider, maybe. I would put a link to the cache that's hidden there, but i think it was a multi so i don't wanna give out any spoilers. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  12. I'm assuming it's a basketball clue, since the info 'dribbles.' Which makes me assume that it's on the east side of the river, since there's no basketball in vancouver or on the west side. Mt. Tabor and Laurelhurst both have basketball courts, i guess. Other than that, i got nuthin'. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  13. So, are they talking about the eastern or western conference? This clue sucks. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  14. quote:Originally posted by pdxmarathonman:maybe clue 1 has something to do with the parade route. Maybe. But in years past, the first day's clue has never meant anything except 'welcome to the hunt,' if i remember correctly. Also, i can't think of any parks along the (rose) parade route that are secluded enough to be safe from accidental finds. I'm trying to focus on the '10' part, but am having no luck. I was thinking along the lines of tenth largest park or tenth oldest park or something. I was also thinking about Beggar's Tick Natural Area, since it's right on milepost 10 of the springwater trail. Or mile 10 in the 40-mile loop. '10' also denotes perfection. Maybe there's a 'perfect park' around here somewheres. I don't know. Fire road 10 in forest park? I think I need another clue. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  15. quote:Originally posted by Trekks:The "fifteen" might just refer to the number of clues. In the article, it says there will be 15 clues. I think you're right. Also, i guess nadia comaneci got a perfect 10 in gymnastics at the 1976 olympics, right? Is that what that's referring to? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  16. Anyone else attempting this thing? It's kind of like a kiwimonster geocache, and you know it's hidden in a park you've been in before if you've been geocaching for a while. You can get an overview of the clues here. Clue #1 makes me think of main street park in gresham (sunrise is in the east, you know). Clue #2 has me stumped so far, but i think the operative word is 'fifteen.' Clue #3 makes me think of the B-H highway, because 'Bo' was in that movie '10.' Ideas? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  17. quote:Originally posted by travisl:(A bridge too far) has been out there since September 9, 2001, but I really have doubt that it's still there. I plan on trying to find it late this month. Yeah, that's why i was asking. Slinger and i found that one on saturday, and it was pretty cool finding such a seemingly neglected one--so i was wondering where any other older ones were. Kinda stupid for me to ask considering there's that 'porta-potty' one 20 miles south of my apartment. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  18. I'll be there from saturday morning to monday afternoon, i think. I couldn't get your page to work, soup, but i'm sure i can come up with something potlucky. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  19. So what OR/WA cache IS the oldest virgin now? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  20. quote:Originally posted by Zartimus: Couldn't you just put the cache IN the shooting range Oregone? Hehe. One of the reasons why i think it's a lame cache is because i didn't even know there was a shooting range nearby when i placed it. Of course, it's over a year old now so maybe my defense should be that i was just 'filling a hole in the map.' At any rate, i'm embarassed that my easiest cache is also my most found cache. Everyone that finds it must think that i go hiding that same cheap-*** tupperware in every park i run across. Also--to get back to the original topic of this thread--i guess i'd be pretty mad if someone posted a link to my caches just because they thought they were lame. When i was new, i placed the worst possible cache imaginable. Luckily, an experienced geocacher emailed me privately and told me--in polite terms--how to fix it. Then again, i guess that since i wasn't on the forums back then, if he brought it up here i would have never known that he was making fun of me. So maybe no harm done. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  21. This one is totally lame. I seriously wish someone would put it out of its misery and plunder the thing. Emoticon. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  22. quote:Originally posted by CoronaKid: Who's the hottie in the picture?! --CoronaKid Oh, she's just some random portland 24-year-old i've heard about. Look for that same shirt coming to a cafepress shop near you! all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  23. As you can tell by the picture, my new line of fashionable T-shirts is coming along quite well. thanks fractal! all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  24. Here is a list of available rental properties in Eugene. Keep in mind that if you choose something near the university, you'll pay about 20% more. Since Eugene has an excellent bus system, i'd choose something a little farther out, like this one or this one. Be careful who you go through, though. There's a bit of a housing crisis going on for u of o students right now. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  25. While cleaning out the inbox last night, i found this interesting correspondence from a famous sock-puppet: quote:Subject: Mitsuko contacting you from Geocaching.com Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 14:24:11 -0700 THIS IS AN AUTOMATED EMAIL MESSAGE FROM GEOCACHING.COM If you wish to email this person, visit your "my cache page" link on Geocaching.com and use the Email a player link. Please send any abuse complaints to contact@geocaching.com --------------------------------------------------- User Mitsuko has contacted you with the following message: Hi oregone, Some of our fellow forum folk mentioned that I would get a kick out of reading your logs. They were right. To reply to this user, visit the web page below or use 'Mitsuko' for the username and email them through your "my cache page." (You'll need to be logged in) http://www.geocaching.com/email/default.asp?U=Mitsuko I don't remember if i wrote back... all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
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