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  1. The 'first finder' thing, to me, is still kind of important, although not as important as it used to be. Firstly, i'm reminded of the days when your 'nearest caches' page included caches that were thirty-some miles away. Two years ago, a new cache within said distance meant that you were in your car and on your way--klamath falls style--to wherever your gps led you. But nowadays, there are still three reasons (probably more) to gloat about being first: 1) You live in Beaverton/Hillsboro. There are at least a dozen people checking the page hourly, so there's a certain amount of bragging rights involved. 2) The cache-placer has hidden a special first-finder prize (i.e. a geonap coin or something). 3) The cache hasn't been found in over three months since it had been placed. There's a certain legendary status attached to anything that sits for a few months without any attention. I like being first to a cache, even if it's a lame one. And i tend to mention it in both my online log and the physical logbook. If you think about it in the whole scheme of things, i guess it is pretty stupid, but it makes me happy for some reason. Finding 'A Bridge Too Far' first with slinger was pretty cool because it was over a year old, and finding that one out in gresham first last month was also pretty cool because i got to take a neat flashlight in eschange for a couple of CDs. But i would get pretty annoyed if someone went off about being a first-finder in their log, as if they had discovered the moon. Do you have an example, chubby forest monkey? Cuz if you want me to make sure they have a little 'accident,' then i will. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  2. Here's a place that looks pretty cheap. It's pretty far from campus, but there's a bike path most of the way there. This place is huge for the money, but i'd get pretty sick of riding my bike down 18th every day. It would be pretty sweet and easy for bus commutes though. This looks like a nice affordable close-in house. It's affordable, and the neighborhood is on the upswing. This house seems okay. Problem with this one is that they don't accept pets. It would be a total downhill ride TO school, and a total uphill ride FROM school. Here's a duplex that would be an easy bike ride to school, but it's kinda close to the railyard for my taste. Cheap, though. AVOID section 8 properties, even if you qualify. Nothing against poor people, but let's be honest here: You don't need to be tripping over a Wal-Mart tricycle on your way down the stairs. In my previous post, i sorta inferred that springfield isn't cool. That wasn't my intention, exclusively. Many places in springfield are actually quite tolerable, especially if you take into account that you can't even smoke in bars in eugene anymore, thanks to whoever is responsible for that law--be they gun-toting conservatives or homosexual liberals. Either way, there are some good springfield spots just over the bridge past glenwood. Take a left on Mill and go up about 6 or 7 blocks. Eugene/Springfield has the lucky distinction of having more bike bridges than car bridges over their various forks of rivers. So no matter where you live, you can feel comfortable in knowing that you have an easy commute. And i'm standing by my original stance: Bring the eugene cachers tequila. With any luck, you can break their arm and they'll still go all weekend. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  3. Is there a show at the Crystal tomorrow? Is it Everclear? I'd like to bite at least one more jewish girl's butt before i succumb to adulthood. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  4. Projected high temp for Wednesday: 99. Are you sure we can't move this thing to Cassidy's? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  5. quote:Originally posted by Team Tired Feet:Does anyone have suggestions on where to look for nice clean apartments in a safe area of town? Near campus would be nice, since I'm attending grad school this fall, but not entirely necessary. Stay away from the campus area if you're a grad student. West University, in my opinion, is strictly for out-of-state freshmen that don't mind paying 20-35% above market for living space. The same goes for anything near Autzen. All of those early- to mid-nineties apartment 'communities' are for sorority girls and japanese exchange students (not that i have anything wrong with either of those two categories. Right, planned parenthood?). I moved out of eugene in '99, so this advice may be a little outdated, but I think that the best way to find affordable housing in eugene can be summed up in these easy-to-follow instructions: 1)Go to that bus-plaza thing on Olive or Willamette street. 2)Choose a bus at random. 3)Get on said bus. 4)After it starts moving, start your stopwatch. 5)After exactly seven minutes passes, get off the bus. 6a)If you find yourself in Springfield, start over. 6b)If you're still in Eugene, look around. Now is the best time to look for an apartment in Eugene, because the students are still using their trust-fund money to learn how to kite-board. Three weeks from now, you're screwed. Stay away from anything that is offering a 'special.' For example, if someplace is offering a month of free rent, turn your tail and head elsewhere, because there must be a REASON why they have to offer you such a seemingly irresitable concession. A good deal turns into a nightmare within 15 days if you have to sit on the toilet a certain way without falling through the floor. By wary of anything managed by Spyglass Property Management. Although I personally have never rented from them, I know that were at least two websites dedicated to their lack of, um, attention when i finally escaped from that town. That cute little two-bedroom place on West 18th and Cityview? I don't think so. There's probably a reason that they still have the avacado fridge. The best deal in town--when i left, anyway--was in Whittaker. If you can overlook that adult shop on 7th, then you can find a sweet deal that isn't too far from campus. And you should totally hang out with the eugene cachers. Most especially, you should feed them a lot of tequila, because the flaming marshmallows will follow. With hilarious results! all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  6. Westycrew, Am i really the rouge of oregon? because if i am, then i'm settin' up my own booth at estee lauder. My true dream (i call it a dream instead of a goal for legal purposes) is to have legions of teenage girls screaming my name, clutching their dog-eared copies of Teen Beat magazine--adorned with my smirking face on the cover--to their under-developed chests. In another alternative reality, i'd be that tall guy from Hanson, but with less rhythm. But i shall be the rouge of oregon! You might as well give up your GPS now, because as soon as sarah moves in (she's cute, but her platinum blonde hair spells trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with C and that stands for a certain cunning move i've been known to pull at times), I'm forgetting about makeup tips and moving easterly--through gresham and sandy, through the unbearable summer tourist traffic, past the call of that weird dairy queen in zigzag, and straight to the bliss. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  7. Okay, this is serious now, because i just pulled out my Wal-mart 69-cent notebook turned-day-planner: MON JUL 28 8am Northpac deliver fridge BC211 Paperwork & Transfer for BC305 10am Home Inspection @ Bristol House $290 10:30 Oil Tank locate @ Bristol $100 11am soil/sewer Bristol $80 check on stopwork order 1334 Hawthorne check on stopwork order 1620 Hawthorne Rent Roll/bank/princeton Resched sarah WAR105 Call Trashmasters re Pickup dates Cancel clean BC312 Cancel carpets BC312 K&C to paint BC111/211 LYN 112 cabinets to Miller prime ceiling/closet BC111 2pm m/o LYN 210 3:30 Jeff&Jess 4pm Show WAR B Danielle Call PacNW re Cancel C-top BC211 sched carpet BC111 Tue sched carpet BC211 Thu sched carpet BC311 Thu 5pm m/i WAR105 Just added: 5:45pm GO find Boulder Bliss and reap the benefits ie PBR, defy others. 9pm Revel in glory, PBR 11:30pm hit on relatively attractive girl at Tennessee Red's, shudder 11:45pm apologize to lauren, PBR all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  8. quote:Originally posted by WestyCrew:We will toast the first finder with our finest can of PBR. Nothing compares 2 B ing first finder [prince)], especially when PBR is involved. July/August is my busy season for non-caching stuff, but I will try. Is your finest can of PBR actually IN the cache? Because that would help. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  9. quote:Originally posted by Spzzmoose: Is that a conan reference soapy boy??? 'fraid so. early arnold is a lot like current soapy boy in that neither of them speak english very well. In the case of arnold, he can be forgiven for his austrianness. In the case of soapy boy, i chalk up his lack of coherent sentences to beer and lather. Foam, if you will. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  10. quote:Originally posted by GeoNap:Makes me wonder who placed that sucker? Yeah, the irony of the whole thing is that i placed it with my old garmin etrex. [and emoticon sayeth: let there be light!] all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  11. I'm pretty sure my current avatar doesn't conjure up the respect and the whole "lamentations of their women" image i wish to convey. If you'd like to make up your own image for a mildly pornographic hiking stick, i'd pretty much be all for it. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  12. If the location thing is still undecided, may i suggest the Netarts Spit? Sure, it's relatively inaccessible by most standards, but at least no one would try to bust us for the bonfire. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  13. Yeah, that one was on the top of my list before navdog came up with that new avatar. That thing looks like it had a reverse Keystone Light. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  14. I'm not sure if there's a law against it, but a wednesday night spike crew camping outing would be pretty sweet out there on the island. There's a pristine (nettle-free) beach on the west side of the island, complete with a big stack of pre-cut cedar rounds for firewood. Totally impractical, but fun to think about. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  15. There's also this thread. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  16. Nice link; I see that Meditation Point is on there! That place is actually kinda famous, because it's the only timothy lake campground that you can't drive right up to. I once met two REALLY hot twenty-year-old girls in black one-piece swimsuits that had carted two full coolers of ill-gotten Busch Light up there. Unfortunately, their boyfriends finally showed up. It's not such a great place on hot weekends, though, because people will boat-camp there--bringing their kids and their portable TVs and jerry-rigged gas grills. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  17. The short answer: Girlfriend. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  18. From 'Oregon Geographic Names' by Lewis A. McArthur: quote:According to A.J. Briem, long time USFS district ranger, a group of miners from Portland staked a claim and built a cabin at the forks of Portland Creek northwest of Sinker Mountain. They were known as the 'Portland Outfit' and thus gave their name to the creek. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  19. I thought this was a dorky thread, too. When i finally clicked on the link, i saw 'Where's the fractal?' I typed in 'oregone' a few times, but they were boring. But i did get: Life's pretty straight without soapy-boy. How true is that? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  20. I tried going to the Valley of the Giants BGC (i think it was 9/00), but was turned away about 6 miles out by the security detail hired by a logging outfit. If there still is logging up there, it's probably best to go during the weekends or when the fire danger is extreme to avoid the log trucks and said overzealous security. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  21. Sluggo, you really should come to Klingon Karaoke sometime. It sounds like it would be your cat's pajamas. quote:Originally posted by Sluggo: Here goes: If you (your screen name and/or avitar) were needing work tomorrow, how would you advertise yourself on the Geocaching.com "Northwest" Forum? My avitar is good at livening up any night in a moderately-priced motel room. The only payment he asks is that the recipient be an attractive girl under 25, and a sixer of microbrew. I bet you can't find a better deal if you're ever staying at the Lincoln Sands or the Sea Hag Inn in Lincoln City, Oregon. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  22. quote:Originally posted by fractal: Oregone: Good times these last 365 days, and I think that sharing the knowing glance at the Rogue was the peak… Either that, or OREGONE RULEZZ! Hey fractal, i don't think that i'd be over-exaggerating when i say that geocaching itself should be celebrating your two-year anniversary. The Contact Cache, The Game, and Elegia should pretty much put you in the geocaching.com hall of fame. But you're right: The best parts have been the people. From the human sudial to the calamari, from the the CEO to the Dairy Queen sign to the hippie bar to the fountain-peeing to that understanding half-glance at the Rogue, you've made an indelible mark--on me and the geocaching community [idahogirl-)]. I haven't been doing this as long as you have, but i can honestly say that you're the reason i get the words 'geocaching' and 'cassidys' mixed up as often as i do. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  23. quote:Originally posted by Navdog:Yeah, I thought for sure there would be some eager beaver down there this last weekend. I was almost said eager beaver, but a random fever and an even randomer unexplained electrical problem in the CRX prevented it. Both of which could have been prevented had a certain photo-taking cacher made it down there first. [props)] all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  24. quote:Originally posted by Uplink:...but because he does such a good job of documenting places. That reminds me, how come my pics never look that good? But you're right, Uplink. This is Navdog's baby. I really REALLY wanna go check this out Saturday afternoon, but it would be better to wait for Navdog to post one of those crazy photo-collages he so rocks at. Heck, that guy can make Woodburn look photogenic. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  25. Unless I'm too hungover, I think I'll head down there This Saturday. I saw that special when it came out and have wondered about it ever since. I remember seeing that special map, but i never thought y'all would figure out where it is. Craziness. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
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